Hello, everyone, I'm Baby Blion! Nice to meet you! I am currently coming up with ideas for my newest story, Samhainophobia. It's going to be, of course, during the Halloween Season.

Main Characters:

Name: Matthew

Age: 10

Appearance: Short Brown hair; Brown teddy bear eyes

Personality: A bit socially awkward, very logical, likes building things, a little dorky

Phobia: Thanatophobia (The fear of death)


Name: Aubrie

Age: 11

Appearance: Long, dark brown curls; tan skin; very dark brown eyes

Personality: Bubbly, hyper, violent, overly affectionate, sly

Phobia: Achluophobia (the fear of darkness)


Name: Griffin

Age: 11

Appearance: Long black hair; pale skin; grey eyes

Personality: quiet, keeps to himself, haughty, incisive

Phobia: Hemophobia (the fear of blood)


I'm going to add more characters with phobias. If anyone wants their OC in it, PM me with the information. I want them to be Halloween related, so like spiders and snakes would be good phobias. Or even the fear of being choked or swallowed…. There's a lot out there! Lemme know!