The corridor walls were long, endlessly long; solidifying and becoming strong and solid from the thin, fragile mist.

The dark was utterly and unconditionally black. Blacker than the darkest of nights when no stars shine.

Footsteps echoed as sharp clacks and dull thuds,
and strutting.

One pair of feet crept,
quietly ,
and suspiciously near the edge of the walls.

A couple pairs of feet moved fast,
breathlessly racing towards their end.

Some feet didn't move they stayed rooted to their spots like they had been and would be.

Most feet marched with a rhythmic step,
ever ambling to the light, to the end, down the long worn path we all must travel.

A/N: This was a freaky dream that I had. Even though some people *ahem* think free verse is sloppy, I happen to like it because I feel that it fits me best.