Wherever you go there is trouble

It was a beautiful night. I was alone in my room, thinking of the good day I had spent out with my best friend, Kaito, that morning. He was twenty-seven years old. We were the best friends ever. There were no secrets between us. We met at school when we were 4 years old. Unfortunately he had never come to my place and neither had I. After thinking for a while, I went downstairs. But when I reached downstairs, my dad stopped me right away and asked to speak with me alone….

A disgusting and horrible surprise was awaiting me. He told me that there was a young man who had just come home but who went out some minutes ago for a walk.

"And then?" I asked.

There was a minute of silence….

"This man is going to be your future husband-"answered my dad.

"What! But what are you-"

"I'm sorry but your mum wanted that you get marry with someone that she'd like and… I had no choice!"

"No! It can't be! It can't be! You're kidding! Yes, you are just lying!-"

"I'm sorry….but I never lied to you….I did not have the choice…"

"No! You had the choice!"

I could not prevent tears flowing down my cheeks. It was an arranged marriage! It was an arranged marriage between two families! A marriage which was without love!

"This can't be! This can't be true!" I cried.

But my dad did not answer and just bent down his head. Seeing this, I rushed out of the house before my dad could continue this conversation. I rushed out as far as my legs could take me from home. I did not realize where my legs would take me to….

As I became tired running, I stopped and took a look around me. I was in the forest. That forest was next to my house and I was usually not allowed to go in. The worst of all was I did not have my mobile phone with me to call Kaito for some help and even if I had my mobile phone I would not have phoned my parents if I was unable to reach Kaito. So I walked back to see if I could come back home safe and sound because my dad told me that it was rather dangerous to walk in there. I walked for a long time, that is for one hour at least. I was lost. But I continued to walk as I had still some hope to get back home. But as I was walking in the forest, I heard something moving in front of me. But I did not take care about this and continued to walk. I thought it was just a trick of my imagination, when face to me was a….There…there was a wild bear as enormous and as high as giants described in the fiction books face to me. How frightened I was! I pondered that it was already a good thing that I did not move and that I stayed there still and calm. But the bear started to wave its huge paws and at that moment controlling myself was impossible.

So I screamed and rushed away as fast as I could. I heard behind me a rushing and wild bear groaning. As I rushed, I stumbled and fell. I did not have time and energy to be back on my foot again. "It is time for death now. Life finishes cruelly," I pondered as I closed my eyes. But suddenly I felt someone taking my hand and holding me tightly.

"Get up quickly!" told the voice.

"I can't!" I cried.

Without losing a second the unknown person but with a familiar voice, took me in his arms. I was still too tired to open my eyes….

"Wake up!" said someone.

I opened my eyes and saw…Kaito! I told him, while kidding at the same time, that he owed me some explanation. He then explained that he tricked the bear with a sweet that he had in his pocket. Then he asked me to accompany him to someone else's house. I did not decline his offer because I had no choice as I was lost. He seemed to be very sad, upset and serious. But I did not tell him anything until we reached the place he was talking about earlier. Once there I thought I was hallucinating….

What a surprise! I was back home. How happy I was!...But unfortunately it was not the case of Kaito and I was wondering for what reason he came to my place. "So I think you are going now. Thank you for accompanying-". But I stopped him and told him that this was my home. I also added what happened to me hours ago when I was at home. This time he smiled and I was sad, because of that marriage where I did not know who was going to be my husband. I was just hoping that my "husband" would be someone who I'd like because with my mum it was sure that I would not succeed in convincing her because she would be stubborn and won't listen to me.

As we entered the house, my dad cried:

"Shizuka! Kaito! I have the impression that you've already met each other," and he then added,

"Kaito…future son-in-law. What an honour! Come in! Come in!...Shizuka?"

I was still and without voice. Kaito smiled at me. At that moment, I understood what had happened and in return to that sweet smile, I smiled to my future husband, Kaito Hiro.