It's hard for female wolves to fall in love with their mates. Male wolves are over protective, demanding, and just plain stubborn. A female likes to have space, freedom, and things done their way. The two personalities clash.

This clash between the male and female tend to make the she-wolf lose sight on why her mate is the way he is. When a male finds his mate, it's almost impossible for him to act any other way because they feel it will keep the mate safe from harm. But the female doesn't see any of that. She becomes angry and annoyed at everything her other half does. She becomes evil and tries to hurt her mate by sleeping around. And due to pride, the male counter acts by doing the same. Before they know it, they have killed each other with emotional pain.

Now this hasn't happened for a while. Over the years, females have become shallow and love sick. They no longer care about their freedom or individuality. As long as they have a mate, they are happy. They no longer focus on what it means to be a wolf, but focus on who their mate could be. They have lowered themselves to sleeping with random males to see if they are suppose to be mates and become sad when they are not. The males are happy though. They no longer have to endure what their ancestors did and could sleep with as many wolves as the can before they find their mates. This had lead to arrogant males.

But out of all the wolves in the world, I have to be different. I'm not shallow or love crazy. I don't care who my mate is. In fact, I rather not have one. Freedom is my best friend and if I couldn't have a mate and it, then I prefer a loveless life.

A/N: My friend better be happy that I posted this for her. Just for her.