Her lighted amber eyes
shone gracefully under the moonlight:
Her shoes of a different color each night
and dresses of the rich.
She dances like a ballerina
who has been injured and afraid
to fall to the fear again.
The suitcase she carries all over;
no place to stay tonight,
her lover- what lover?
She cursed his name under
her red lipstick stained, coated
with revenge so bittersweet tasting.
Her stolen innocence,
no, it wasn't of any importance.
She just didn't want
that jerk to have his way.
That the smiles of her despair
turns to smirks in moonlit shiver.
Silver, gold, bronze glitter:
all over the place, they shall shine-
in crimson red of their bonds.

The rich, young lady
in red-patterned overall-
sworn to her heart
that the actions of her dagger
controlled by her very intentions
wasn't one that she'll regret
upon thinking about it, and she,
with red lipstick,
stabbed the already-stained dagger through
a heart blinded by revenge.

it's the taste of metal
under your tongue.