Darla Jay unpacked her shopping and leaned against the counter. She had so much still to do but she was starving and a cereal bar just wasn't going to do it this time. Darla got out a loaf of bread, some butter and a tin of devilled ham. She smiled at the little cartoon devil on the front of the tin as she opened it. The telephone rang in the hallway. As Darla turned her finger slipped and she cut herself on the lid of the tin.

"Fucking Hell!" she snapped, shaking her hand. Drops of blood flew in all directions, a few landed on the devilled ham in the freshly opened tin. The phone continued to ring but Darla didn't hear it anymore, her eyes were riveted to the canned ham where a very strange thing was happening.

The meat was pulsing as if a finger were pushing up through the middle. Darla stepped closer and bent over so she was level with the counter top. The top of the meat suddenly burst and thousands of tiny creatures flooded over the rim of the tin. At first Darla didn't believe what she was seeing but blinking her eyes didn't change anything.

The little things were devils, just like the cartoon on the tin.

"Swearing's a sin" they chanted. Almost as one, they threw themselves from the counter and covered Darla before she even had time to scream. Their tiny pitchforks were driven home and it was over in seconds. Darla was left on the kitchen floor, covered in what looked like thousands and thousands of pin pricks. The devils simply evaporated when the jog was done, back to wherever they came from.