The next morning, Dru couldn't bring herself to do any work. Even Trude stayed home, Jeremy only left once he had extracted a promise from both of them to keep the house locked up and not speak to any strangers. Dru stayed in bed until after twelve at which her stomach lodged a protest and she dragged herself down to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and spotted a can of devilled ham in the far corner, her mind immediately turned to Wesley as she carried it over to the counter and took out the opener.

Dru briefly wondered why someone had put a tin in the fridge before turning her thoughts to Wesley. She had liked him; he was a nice guy who was just painfully shy. Dru had actually decided that she would give him till the end of the week and then ask him out herself. Her hand slipped a long cut began to bleed on her palm; Dru hissed and dropped the can of ham. The meat flew across the floor as Dru jumped around, shaking her hand and turning the ait blue with her language.

"Fuck a duck you bastard thing! Dammit to blood gutting, bowel spewing Hell!" Dru stopped when she heard a strange noise from behind her, she turned and gasped. Running towards her on the floor were thousands of tiny devils, they even had pitchforks and horns just like the one on the devilled ham tin.

"Swearing's a sin!" they screamed. Dru turned to run it was too late, her body felt as if it were on fire. Tiny pinpricks of pain grew until she felt like she was being carved into pieces with a rusty bread knife. But just as suddenly as it had begun then it stopped. Dru gasped for breath and wiped the tears from her eyes, her body burned but it was much more bearable now. She lifted her head and spotted Trude kneeling on the floor in the centre of the kitchen. She was also breathing hard and had her hand clamped over a Bible, it took a moment to realize that the book was sitting on top of the devilled ham tin.

"I found my Bible" whispered Trude. Dru resisted the urge to laugh; she didn't know if she'd be able to stop. Trude slid across the floor and they clung to each other, neither one wanting to take their eyes from the can of ham.

"I guess we know what happened to Wesley" said Dru in a soft voice.

"And that woman from a few doors down" replied Trude. They struggled to their feet and approached the can.

"What do we do?" whispered Dru. Trude shook her head. Neither of them could imagine anyone that would believe them. Dru tugged on Trude's arm and pointed at the kitchen window. A large truck was trundling past the house. On the side was a picture of a laughing cartoon devil and the slogan declared it to be devilishly good!

"I think it's already too late" she whispered. They slipped to the floor and sobbed in each other's arms.