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The creaking of the front door was barely heard over the snarls and breaking furniture as two powerful men collide. The noise is almost deafening to Nova's ears as she witnesses a stranger fly partially through the wall, cracking the post inside. Plaster breaks away as he lunges toward Kyle. As Nova runs between them the dark-haired man moves through the air. Raising her hands quickly she holds her palms out as if to surrender. Her palms tingle as the air moves to her command as the man is held in place. Several feet off the ground. It takes less then a second for the shock to register on his face before a mixture of anger and indignation, mainly anger.

Once sure of her grasp Nova looks to Kyle with her eyebrow raised. There were cuts along his eyebrow and lip with blood running down his chin. Even as she watched they began to heal. Lifting her eyes to Kyle's she asks. "Will we be continuing this in a more civilized manor... maybe in the Dark Room?" The Dark Room is an underground bunker reserved for rouges, blood-mad wolves, and interrogations.

She felt more then heard Thomas' sharp inhale nearby. Those in the hallway with them mutter nervously and are soon joined by those peering over the second floor railings. As if one mind they all turn to Kyle for his reply. "That won't be necessary dear," the look in his eyes unreadable, "you can release Alpha Donovan now."

The shock is almost palpable as it ripples through the house. It takes a moment for Nova to release the man as ordered due to the severity of her actions consuming her thoughts. Closing her eyes briefly she releases her hold, allowing the Alpha to drop fluidly to his feet. The thud of his boots striking the linoleum snaps her eyes open.

"My apologies Mr. Donovan for my interference. Although considering the circumstances you can understand my actions." Nova speaks formally to hopefully mask her uncertainty. By jumping into their fight she had unknowingly challenged the visiting alpha for a position in his pack. Something she never would have done intentionally especially seeing that not only was she not a member of Kyle's pack, but because she wasn't one of them.

His eyes are striking as Nova finds herself caught in their scrutiny. Donovan's bright blue orbs contain what appear to be golden suns surrounding his dark pupils. When it comes to heterocromia in humans the trait is a rare but beautiful oddity. Among the wolves it symbolizes an inherited trait passed along the Original's bloodline. Nova feels herself paling at the realization and instinctively steps back. Bad idea.

Donovan slams her body against the wall pinning his hips against hers trapping her. His hands are on either side of her head as her feet hang in the air. As her feet leave the ground she squeaks in protest as her body is man-handled. Eyes wide with anxiety she waits for his next move. She doesn't wait long before he begins inching his face closer to hers, his eyes never wavering. At the last moment right before his lips would touch hers he turns his head, placing his sharp teeth against her neck. He presses somewhat gently over her artery without breaking her sensitive flesh, then releases her.

Not before inhaling her sent and committing it to memory.

Nova maintains eye contact as she's released and waits patiently for him to move away. Donovan stares her down and as the seconds slowly tick by she begins to understand his motive. But mainly his reaction. It was a warning. He had figured out that she was one of the strongest "members" of Kyle's pack. Obviously not by strength but by ability.

In his mind, by subduing her it would put the rest of the pack on edge. If he could subdue her so easily then the others wouldn't really stand a chance. Well, the alpha and betas would.

She hadn't been fighting back though. Pushing against the wall she steps toward him, making him think she was going to push past him. After he crossed his massive arms over his chest she gathered her strength and walked through him. The sensation is odd as she transitions her body into a solid-like gas, her body maintaining its original shape while becoming fluid enough for her current task.

Turning into smoke and moving around him would have been a lot easier. Unfortunately, it would look like she was running with her tail between her legs. So to speak. Nova felt Donovan's body stiffen as he felt her body moving through his and her growled softly until she was clear of him once more. His mystical eyes burn as she walks through the small crowd in the entryway. Catching Thom's proud smile before passing through the archway into the living room she winks.

Sitting on the cushioned window bench that faces the front she waits. Knowing that the others would follow shortly.