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That summer: chapter 1

I made my way to the old, paint peeled door, wiping my forehead from the intencity of the sun's vibrant rays. In my hand there was a small folded piece of paper with instructions for our new babysitter. My other sweaty palm held my sister's with my complaining brother on her other side. Nervously, I knocked on the door. I hated meeting new sitters. There always seemed to be fluttering moths in my stomach because of my anxiety. I guess, now that I think of it, that happens with every new person I meet.

Waiting patiently, I chose to ring the door bell after a while. I then heard a very muffled voice from inside yell something inaudible to my ears. The sound still made me jump a little. I looked at my siblings and saw by their expressions the only thing they yearned for was the cool air from the AC and the comfortable feeling of the soft cushions on the couch. I wanted exactly the same.

Finally, the door creaked open and I saw a tall, pudgey woman emerge. She looked exhausted- the face all our sitters wore. Dark bags under their eyes and unpleasant frowns. Ofcource I have to take into consideration that all were in their 50s or retirement years. She stared down at each of us and the moment reminded me oddly of a lioness observing her prey.

I shifted a little, uneasily, and tightened my grip on my sister's hand. Then, abruptly, she motioned us all to come in. Not in words, but preferably to her by just waving her hand and turning to walk back to her seat in the living room. My brother followed instantly allowing himself to plop down on the longest couch. I lead my tiny sister in, closing the screen door behind me. I took my seat next to her uncomfortably.

We all sat there until her soaps had ended. I never paid attention to them. When they did, she finally seemed to notice the paper clutched tightly in my hand. She then looked at all of us again, but this time there was a tenderness behind it. This made me relax a bit.

"So, what's your names? You," she pointed towards me, sending my stomach fluttery again, "tell me yours first."

I gulped and fidgeted my fingers. I really hoped she didn't notice. Adults always seemed angry when I did this. I spoke softly, almost a whisper.

"Clara." That's all I managed.

She looked at me for one long moment, then shifted her gaze to my brother.

"How 'bout you sweetheart?"

Without hesitation, my brother spoke.

"My name is Matt."

He would have said a lot more- like how Matt is short for Matthew- but I could tell he was tired. He should be. We got up at five and it was seven now. I could almost feel my eyelids start to droop. The cool air felt really nice.

Then without being asked, my sister energetically gave her name.

"Hi! I'm Lilly. I really like your house. It was hot outside today, right sissy? It was so hot that-that we were all sweating and the birdies outside didn't want to fly. Your house is cold- not like outside. What's your name?"

She was very talkative for a four year old. The sitter just chuckled.

"Anita. Now, what's this paper you got there for?"

Lilly answered quickly.

"Oh, mommy said it's for you and she also said that it's a list for us and that to follow the rules that it says."

Anita took the paper from my hands as my sister spoke. She peered at it briefly. There was only five things listed. All basic since we had no allergies or symptoms of any kind.

She then set it on her lap and gazed at us. I tried to conceal myself a little by pushing my windblown hair across my face.

"Well"- she started gently- "Looks like we're gonna have some fun this summer."

At the time, her words meant nothing. Babysitters just sat us in front of the TV each day. Loads of fun, sure. What I didn't know was that what she said would ultimately be true.

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