Tuesday June 21, 2011

The weight and fear that is felt is horrify

The way my heart beats fast

And starts to rush out of control it makes it worse

I panic

And I'm breathless from the fear

I'm trying to breathe

But my tears are falling too fast

And I'm gasping for a breath

Pain grips my chest

And it's so consuming

So mind numbing

The world is falling out of focus

My panic is rising

And it's scaring me

And I know I should breathe

But I can't

It's like my heart is giving out on me

And it's starting to slow

I'm panicking

And I'm so scared

I feel as if I'm dying

As if the world is falling apart

And I'm so fucking confused

As I lose my balance

As I fall

I'm scared

I'm breathless

I'm panicking