Sent from up above,

I am here to replace

the evil serpent who

has made you to feel

unworthy, on top of

the world. Sent from

above, I am here to

repent on behalf of

the evil serpent who

never gave into the

power of love. I am

a dove flying above

your head. I wait in

silence for an opportunity

to lead your life back

into the right direction.

I am a dove flying above

your head, you move me

for as long as I keep holding

on to you. Relentless, I dress

myself to impress you and seeing

you smile is priceless. In heavenly

places where there are no traces

of your existence, I stay confined

to my thoughts and listen to the

rain. Hate has left a very visible

bloodstain on your pew, who knew

your absence would be so unbearable?

I never knew you had it in yourself to treat

me wrong and to make me feel less strong.

You look at me in disgust and my biggest

secret regret is I forget to express my

grief and frustration out loud. Distrustful,

You are rogue and you paint my soul

a different tint,black and blue. Selfish, you

then walk all over me like chalk giving

me a reason to never talk to anyone

especially you.