Please leave me alone,

no, I am your muse. I

am a hopeless case because

I am victim of your verbal abuse.

For no apparent good reason,

you hate me although I did you

no wrong in the first place. I am

strong and confident enough to resist

the temptation to bleed crimson. You

can't erase your mistakes and I don't

have a magic wand that will make your

life to be less tragic. You live to follow and

chase me, therefore you must love to tease me.

I am your problem, a disease that will never

get cured unless through drama. You are starting to

annoy me, but I refuse to allow you to put me down, keep

a frown on my face. Violence is not the answer for making

my world to be full of innocence again, therefore I try my

best to ignore and avoid you at all times. Merciful, I release

you into the hands of God who will provide justice for me.