Chapter 12: The Final Battle

"CHARGE!" Kronos roared at his troops, who responded in kind by following his order.

Even when the demons were charging, they still held ranks. The roars and the pounding of charging footsteps were so powerful; I could feel the ground vibrate.

"Stand ready!" I shouted, and drew my sword. The emanation of death, and the sight of the Stygian Iron caused a few demons to slow their pace in fear, but they kept going.

"Back to back?" I suggested to my brothers.

They nodded, and we stood back to back, making an awkward triangle.

We all stood in an awkward triangle, with our weapons drawn, ready for the worst. The goddesses, including a few minor primordial gods, guarded the tent.

As the demons approached, all of us shifted in our greaves. The thundering of footsteps was overwhelming, and we could feel the vibrations in our feet.

When we met the force, we were nearly overwhelmed and trampled under the feet of the oncoming army.

Even though the massive force slammed into me and my brothers, we managed to steady ourselves and stay back to back.

I slashed and stabbed while keeping my feet firmly planted. I watched as monsters vaporized around us as I slashed and stabbed with my sword, Poseidon swung his trident, and Zeus electrocuted monsters with his master bolt.

As my brothers and I vaporized monsters, only more took their place. We were severely outnumbered.

The Hekatonheires tossed boulders and the Cyclopes used torn-up trees as clubs, bashing monsters and vaporizing them on the spot.

The battle was raging all around us; and the roars of monsters and the clashing of metal was overwhelming.

I could hear my father and his army roaring in believed triumph. We eventually broke through the waves of monsters, to our father.

He stood tall in front of us and said: "You dare to face me, boys?"

"We do." Zeus said, and we all charged. We slashed and stabbed with our weapons, and parried and blocked when necessary.

Kronos was extremely skilled and powerful. Every time I blocked one of his strikes, I staggered from the impact.

Finally, I had an idea. When Kronos did a horizontal swing at my head, I caught the scythe, and whirled around, to break his grip.

I kept on turning and swung the great blade of Kronos. I heard a Thuck! And a gushing noise. When I looked again, there knelt Kronos' headless body, with golden ichor gushing from his severed head.

I walked over to the severed head of my father and lifted him by the hair. I raised it to both armies and shouted with all my might: "The Titan Kronos is DEAD!"

The gods and goddesses cheered. We put down our weapons, and the monsters ran for their lives.

We had won.