Every night he lays down and cries. He wants to be loved yet no one is there to give. Thinking of how alone he is, he begins to sob loudly. Crying out to no one at all. "I am here William, I always will be." A voice says.

He looks around and then he sees her. She sits on the floor, her small legs broken and useless. The little girl that he knows. She wears a frilly pink dress, her blonde hair tied into pigtails with ribbons.

"I know you're there...but you...you're not even real." William says.

Her blue eyes fill with sadness, "I am real...because of you I am real."

"You may have been at one time, but not anymore." William looked to the girl with bitterness and anger, he blamed her for everything. She was the reason for his misery and loneliness. "I understand you are here to make me suffer."

The young girl tries to get to her feet, but instantly she falls back down, "No William, I'm here to help you, I am here for you."

William gets up from the bed, angry tears in his eyes, "We both know why you're here... stood and watched you be beaten and raped! You're here to punish me and nothing more!"

"You did not help me...but still, I forgive you." the girl tried once again to stand, but again fell right back down.

"No you don't, if you did you would not be here." William stood up and grabbed the lamp next to his bed. "You are bitter and have made me bitter." William raised the object, his eyes filled with rage.

"No William please!" she screamed.

He brought down the hard base of the lamp, crashing it hard in to her skull. She is so fragile she cannot crawl away. William with bitter tears falling from his eyes, hits her again and again. "There is no forgiveness!"