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Chapter 1

Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it's enough – Robert Heller

A green planet stood in the sky along with the sun. The sun shined upon a clear meadow with an enormous marble castle glimmering behind it. The stones of the castle were enchanted with powerful light magic by the Goddess herself which caused the castle to glow in the sun. The castle stood on a large hill overlooking the main city.

"Mama! Look at all the flowers!" yelled a little golden skin girl around the age six. She wore a light pink dress that went just below her knees. She had long brown hair that was in two braids that went past her shoulders. On her head was a beautiful silver circlet decorated with pearl flowers.

It was springtime so many of the flowers were in bloom and covered the field with vivid colors. The little girl ran around gathering flowers as the mother sat on a blanket smiling and humming a tune. The woman had golden brown skin and long curly chocolate brown hair that went down her back. Silver combs were place along the sides of her head to hold her hair away from her heart shaped face. Her eyes were a light purple. She wore a strapless cream silk gown which was long and hit the ground.

"Bell please be careful remember what happened last time," cautioned her mother.

"Oh mama I told you that was Gabe and David fault I fell in the lake," Bell sighed before running back to her mother with a bouquet of colorful flowers. "For you mama,"

"Thank you Bell they are really beautiful," Bell's mother smelled them. Bell sat down next to her and watched the clouds pass by. "Bell I have something for you. Something you must promise to keep safe."

"I promise mama," Bell impatiently looked for the gift. Her mother held out a necklace with a silver skeleton key on it.

"This is for you. It is the key of Aura. One day I fear you may have to use it," said her mother placing the necklace around Bell's neck.

"What does it unlock?" questioned Bell while studying the key.

"It will help unlock what you have forgotten," whispered her mother while hugging her daughter.

"But mama I have not forgotten anything," said Bell. Her mother simply held her tighter not wanting her to see her running tears. The key grew warm against the young girl's chest.

Izzy woke up by falling out her bed and grabbed her neck feeling for the necklace but nothing was there. She had the same dream over and over every night about a girl, the girl's mother, and some strange looking sliver key. It all felt so familiar to her though. She rubbed her neck while looking on the opposite side of the dorm room hoping she did not wake Linda up. However no one was there.

Linda was completely different from Izzy. Linda was a party girl who came from a rich family and always seems to be meeting random "hot" guys. While Izzy likes the quiet and is always trying to keep the peace even if it did not involve her. She was always on time for class, unlike today. She had only ten minutes to get to her first class.

After putting on a random pair of jeans she grabbed her bag and books and hurried out of her room. She bumped into someone causing her to drop her books.

"Sorry," said a familiar sounding dark husky voice. Izzy looked up to see a fair skinned man much taller than her 5'5 height. His hair was short and jet black. Dark sunglasses framed his chiseled face. He wore black jeans with a white V-neck shirt covered by a leather jacket. For moment Izzy felt like she met this man before.

'Maybe if I could just see his eyes,' thought Izzy. She was about to reached up and yanked those glasses off when he bent down reaching to pick up the books off the floor.

"No it was my fault," said Izzy reaching for the books as well, but stopped when her fingers slightly met his hand. His hand was as cold as ice and it was if he was playing in snow.

'He should not be that cold it was only October.' Izzy thought.

"You have nothing to be sorry about," smiled the man handing her the book. Something about the man's smile threw Izzy off. Her stomach started to hurt. She hadn't eaten breakfast yet and didn't have time at the moment.

"Um, I really have to go." Izzy hesitated before walking away. She turned around to take a second look at the guy and saw he was still there staring at her. With his left index finger he pulled his sunglasses halfway down his nose and winked at her with a smirk before walking the opposite direction. Izzy could feel her face warming up as her stomach once again started to hurt.

'I really need to get some food.' thought Izzy as she rubbed her tummy before looking at her watch.

"AH! I only have a minute!" she yelled thinking out loud and ran to class.

Meanwhile the man stared at Izzy's dorm room door grinning never in a million years did he think she would be on these poor excuse of a planet. But then again she was smart and a challenge. He could see powerful old magic was protecting her room but chose to ignore it. He was a powerful being and no silly light magic could stop him. He tried to open the door only to get a shock of electricity throughout his body freezing him for only a moment.

He frown at first before seeing a flyer for a masquerade party on the wall next to her door that his smile came back. He always did enjoy a good party. Everyone would be drunk and a lot easier to manipulate.

"Excuse me but you're blocking my door." The man looked down to find a woman with a horrible orange tan. Her light brown hair was pulled in a messy ponytail. She wore a jean mini skirt and her top barely covered her. Her high heels were in her hands. She was instantly bewitched by the man beauty.

"I'm terribly sorry but I was looking at the poster." He moved out of her way so she could unlock the door.

"If you need a date let me know. I'm Linda by the way." She winked at him before closing the door behind her.

"I will finally have you princess." He mumbled. He took his sunglasses off and knocked on the door. Linda opened the door and was under his spell within seconds after glazing into his eyes.