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Chapter 3

Hiding the love we feel for somebody is like trying to hide an elephant- unknown author

Isabelle was in a hedge maze and her feet were leading her somewhere. She turned a corner and saw a man and woman in a lovers embrace. The man looked familiar to her but she could not place who he was. His hair was a reddish brown and was shoulder length that was brushed back. He had a chiseled aristocratic face. He wore a white tunic and brown pants. The woman he was kissing was in a plain brown dress and had an apron.

"David!" Isabelle heard herself say. The woman broke away from David when she heard Isabelle.

"Princess Isabelle I was…" Uttered the woman while bowing and trying to explaining what she was doing.

"Whatever you were doing is between you and David. Miss Sawn is looking for you and you know how she gets when kept in the state of waiting." Isabelle voiced and the woman ran off. David just stood there smirking and leaning on a white marble statue of a woman.

"Mother told you…."

"I know what mother told me."

"Then why? That poor girl could lose her job or worse be killed cause of you."

"Does it look like I care?" shrugged David.

"You should. We are royalty David. We are the face of Aura and must act in a proper manner."

"You are one to talk. You are the one who throw water in Prince Darren's face at Samantha's birthday party."

"He insulted me."

"Trying to kiss you is not an insult."

"I did not want him to kiss me. He cannot seem to take a hint that I do not like him."

"Poor Isabelle there are things between a man and woman that you would not understand until your wedding night." he chuckled.

"David I am not as dumb as you think I am." she said.

"BELL!" yelled Auntie before David could say anything else. Once again Isabelle's feet began to move as if they were following Auntie's voice.

"Coming Auntie!" yelled Isabelle running out of the maze and to Auntie. Her face looked the same but yet she was dressed different. She was in a brown dress that went to her feet. A white mop cap covered her hair.

"You need me Auntie."

"Come on child. I told you not to run off. Your parents wish to speak with you." she said holding out her hand. Isabelle took her hand and walked with her throughout the halls of the castle. They passed by a mirror and Isabelle stopped for a second to fix her appearance. Her brown hair was in two braids coming down her back. She was dressed in a dark yellow dress. On her neck was the necklace with the silver key.

"Auntie why does mother and father wish to see me?" asked Isabelle as they walked closer to the king's study.

"I do not know dear." she said before they reach the study. There were four guards standing outside the doors. One of the guards announced Isabelle was there before opening the doors. Isabelle walked in while Auntie waited outside. Auntie gave her a weak smile before the door closed sending a cold chill down her back.

"You call for me father." said Isabelle. Her father had fair skin and short and reddish brown the exact shade of David's hair color. A golden crown laid perfectly on his head. He sat behind a large desk reading something. Her mother was also there dressed in all black. She was sitting down and skimming through a book. Instead of a smile was a frown on her face.

"We called for you ten minutes age." said her mother not even looking up at Isabelle.

"I am sorry mother. I was out in the maze and I lost track of time." Isabelle whispered looking at her shoes. Her mother scared her nowadays and Isabelle longed for the days when her mother had been warm, friendly and soft spoken. The woman by her father's side was not her mother. This imposter was mean, cold, and just plain horrible to Isabelle.

"Do not be late for your birthday ball this weekend Isabelle. Samantha and Lilith spent months planning it. Be grateful for all they are doing for you. And no throwing drinks on people even if they insult you." Her father ordered while looking down at some papers.

"Yes Father." Isabelle whispered nervously. She wanted to speak her mind and tell her father she never asked for a ball. Instead she bit down on her tongue to prevent her and continue to look down.

"You better. I will not be made a fool in front of the entire kingdom again. Prince Darren will be there as well .I expect you to be nice and not to turn down a dance from him." barked her mother.


Izzy woke up in a hut on a thick brown blanket. So many questions were flowing throughout her mind. Who was Prince Darren? What happened at this birthday party? And why was it so important? What the heck did this friggin key open? That and more continued to conjure in her head.

"Oh you are up." said Auntie when she walked inside the hut. She had changed into a tan brown dress and her hair was in a bun.

"Where are we?" asked Izzy as she tried to sit up a sharp pain went through her skull making her grip her forehead.

"Lay down Izzy." Auntie put a cool cloth on her temple. "We are currently on the planet Silva, in the kingdom of the shifters. Silva stands between the planets Aura and Caligo. Right now we are in the village known as Augur." she tells Izzy while she was lying down. On the wall and ceiling of the hut were different pictures of stick figures, animal and symbols.

"Auntie, what was my family like?" Izzy asked.

"Well before the change your family was kind and loved you very much."

"What do you mean before the change?"

"Your family started to change. They started acting as if someone was controlling them." said Auntie. Izzy wanted to know more however Auntie gave her a cup of steaming hot tea. The tea tasted like honey and peppermints making the pain go away but also transitioned her to a sleepy state. The key was growing warm against her skin.

Auntie made sure Izzy was tucked in after she fell asleep and then went outside to watch the sun set. It was slowly setting painting the sky orange and purple. Soon creatures of night would come out and try to lure innocent people to their death.

'Hopefully Izzy will sleep the night through.' thought Auntie.


"Like I told you before behave yourself." whispered Isabelle's mother bitterly before her and the rest of her family entered the grand ballroom. Isabelle bit down on her tongue fearing she might say something she would regret. After entering the room filled with live music and people dancing Isabelle hurried away from her family to a comer where no one was at.

"I knew I would find you here Princess Isabelle." said a dark husky voice beside her. She looked to her right to see a boy a few years older than her. He had shoulder length black hair and his eyes were a shade of dark red. He was dressed in a dark blue suit.

"Good evening Prince Darren." Isabelle said slowing moving away from him. She wanted to keep a distance from him.

"No need to be formal Isabelle."

"I would like to keep it formal Prince Darren of Caligo. I promise my mother I would." she answered watching people dance.

"Would you like to dance with me then Princess?" he asked bowing and holding out his hand. Isabelle was about to refuse him when she saw her father staring at her and soon her mother was too. More and more people started to watch them.

"Take his hand." mouthed an older girl behind Isabelle's parents. The girl looked very similar to Isabelle but the girl had violet eyes. Isabelle could not turn down his offer now without hearing her mother and father complaining later on if she did not. She decided to endure it so she took his hand. She could feel it shaking as they walk to the front and center of the dance floor.

"It seems not only have you grown more beautiful but also very mature since the last time we saw each other." he whispered softly in her ear as they dance. Isabelle tried to not stare into his eyes instead she watched the other dancing couples around them.

"Thank you Prince Darren."

"You can call me just by my name."

"Excuse me." said a boy who was much taller than Darren. He had short golden brown hair and his skin was the color of honey as if he spent his days constantly in the sun. He wore a simple dark green suit.

"Oh, Prince Gabriel how may I assist you?" asked Darren with a sigh of irritation.

"I would like to ask the Princess for a dance." said Gabriel politely.

"I think you should….."

"I would love to," said Isabelle pulling her hand away from Darren and smoothly offering it to Gabriel. They started dancing and Darren walked over to a woman with blonde and black hair.

"I probably shouldn't have done that." Gabriel told her truthfully.

"Who cares I rather dance with you than Darren any day." she said. He smiled down at her making her heart beat faster.

"Even though I always tend to step on your feet," teased Gabriel.

"You have not even stepped on my feet yet. Have you been practicing?"

"No. No one in the village dances like this."

"What do they dance like? Maybe one day I could visit your home."

"I would like that."

"You know Gabe you are one of my dearest friends. I just thought you should know."

"And you are mines as well Bells." he said before kissing her forehead.