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Chapter 4

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; though you are the one who gets burned - unknown

Izzy woke up to the sounds of howling. The key was cold but was vibrating against her chest. It sounded more like a child crying in pain than an animal. Even though it was dangerous outside Izzy got up anyway. Auntie was asleep on the other side of the hut.

Izzy seized a knife that was near a container of water and putted it in her back pocket. She looked back at Auntie before she opened the flap to leave. The full moon shined down at her like a spotlight making her stand out. Izzy followed the howls until she saw a white wolf pup stuck in a bear trap. When the pup saw Izzy it started bearing its teeth at her.

"Hey it's okay I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to try to help," she said calmly holding up her hands showing the pup she did not have anything. The pup did not try to bite at her when she walked closer to it. Izzy got the trap unlocked and then ripped off a piece of the bottom of her shirt and wrapped it around the pup's injured leg. Before Izzy could do anything else someone grabbed her.

"Well look what we have here, a hominum helping a wolf. Did you set this trap?" said a male voice from behind her.

"No I was only trying to help," said Izzy frightened. What was a hominum? Something about that word sounded familiar.

"Humana includi," said a female walking toward the pup which was now an unconscious little girl with white hair that looked just like snow. Izzy could have sworn it was a wolf pup but she saw the bandage on the girl's leg she knew she was a shifter.

The female was a lot taller than Izzy who was only 5'5. Her light brown hair was cut in a boyish fashion. She wore a buckskin dress that came down her thighs with a blade strapped to her leg. The male turned Izzy around and started to tie up her hands. The male had tan skin like the female and his hair was same shade as hers as well but it was slightly longer and curly.

He only wore a pair of buckskin pants and his arms were covered in tattoos of different symbols. One of the tattoos looked like the less than sign from school.

"She doesn't smell like a normal hominum," said the male smelling Izzy's hair. "She actually smells pretty nice," The male licked his lips while the female shook her head while rolling her eyes. She picked up the little girl and began to walk away.

"Look the only reason why I'm here is to help," said Izzy as the male forced her to walk.

"You homines are all the same. What were you going to do to her? Make a fur coat for your regina or just feed her to your staving familia? Trust me hominum I heard them all," said the female.

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Where are you taking me?"

"We are taking to see the alpha. He will decide your fate," said the male.

"Homines are so disgusting," said the female continuing on her rant on her distaste for humans. Izzy kept quiet and ignore the woman rude comments. She had finally figured out they were saying some words in Latin.

'Maybe that latin college course was actually useful in the end,' Izzy thought.

The sun began to rise as they made it to the village. People were already awake and beginning their day. Tall watch towers overlooked the village and every dark green hut lined up with each other. Izzy could not believe her eyes.

Another woman ran up to the female and took the girl from her. The male and female processed to walk Izzy to the Alpha's hut which was the biggest out of all the huts. It was the same color as the other huts but stood in the center of the village. People watched silently as she walked pass looking at her with angry eyes. There were two male warriors that guarded the entrance to the Alpha's hut.

"This hominum was found near the missing pup. The pup was caught in a human made trap and she was near it. We also found a knife in her back pocket. We believe she was going to kill the pup," said the female.

"That's a lie I was only trying to help!" yelled Izzy.

"Shut up humana cunnus," said the female about to slap Izzy until a familiar male voice told the female to stop. Izzy looked up to see Alpha Kingson and knew who he was instantly. He was very tall like all the wolf shifters Izzy suspected. His hair was a golden brown and went passed his shoulders. He wore a headdress of colorful feathers and was clothed in deerskin robes. Everyone around Izzy soon was on their knees bowing and she was pulled down to her knees by the male beside her.

"What is your name young one?" asked Kingson. Izzy stood up she knew she had to tell him who she was.

"I am Princess Isabelle of Aura Alpha Kingson," said Izzy. As soon as she said who she was felt the key around her neck vibrate against her chest. Izzy could hear people slightly whispering around her.

"So the missing princess has finally returned," mumbled the male behind her.

"Whatever those two are saying are lies. I wasn't trying to hurt or kill anyone. I was only trying to help,"

"Gerwulf untie the princess and then have her come inside," said Kingson before walking back inside the hut. Gerwulf untied her and she went inside the huge hut. Inside sat Alpha Kingson and his four sons Nathaniel, Luke, James, and Gabriel. Nathaniel was the oldest son. His hair was shaved off his head which was covered in tattoos as was the rest of his body. He was tall and was very muscular built. He wore only a pair of tan-colored pants and had a necklace of ears from different species.

Luke and James were twins. They both wore black mohawks but one had the tips of their hair covered in red paint while the other did not. They were not as tall as Nathaniel and were slightly thinner but had long slender limbs.

Gabriel looked just like he did in Izzy's memory but instead of looking glad to see her he looked furious that she was even there.

"What is that doing here?" asked Nathaniel pointing at her with disgust.

"Excuse me but my name isn't that. It's Izzy." She said before she caught herself. They looked at her as if she grew a second head. She was sick and tired of hearing people calling her offensive names and was not going to stand for it anymore.

"How are we sure she really Princess Isabelle?" mumbled Nathaniel as they all studied her. Izzy stared at Gabriel who would not even look her in the eyes. He wore a chain with a green key on it that looked much like hers. It was the first time she notice this.

"Father she has the key," said James looking at Izzy's necklace. Izzy quickly went for her necklace and hid it under her shirt.

"The key that will unlock the light," said Kingson.

"You know what my key supposed to do. So what does yours do?" said Izzy.

"That is none of your concern hominum. Why are you here?" growled Gabriel angrily. His eyes were changing to a dark golden color.

"Look minter your warriors brought me here after accusing me of hurting someone. So why doesn't someone just tell me what the heck is going on,"

"Maybe you haven't notice humans are the number one enemy now," said Nathaniel.

"So I'm the enemy? You know good and well I have never done anything to you or your people,"

"It doesn't matter. Um what's that saying human say? Ah one apple ruins the bunch," said James.

"But you allow human rebels to stay on your planet," said Izzy.

"Dear child we do not own Silva. She and all of us belong to Caput Mater," said Kingson.

"Father we shouldn't be talking to her like old friends. She is the enemy. We should be taking her as our prisoner. The Darks won't dare come near our lands if they thought we would harm the princess," said Gabriel. Izzy was shocked and hurt at the same time. Wasn't Gabriel supposed to be her friend? She felt a pain in her chest and her eyes were watering up.

'No you will not cry in front of these men,' thought Izzy.

"Or give them a perfectly good reason to actually attack," stated Nathaniel.

"Um whatever a Dark is I don't think I'm going to be the reason they would come here," said Izzy.

"Prince Darren controls the Darks and you are his bride remember," said Nathaniel.

"Bride? When did that happened?" asked Izzy trying to recall but was only getting a sharp pain on her forehead.

"You don't remember?" asked James.

"Well only certain things. My memories are kind of messed up at the moment,"

"Father this is a waste of time if we're not going to take her as a prisoner. She should just leave," said Luke finally saying something.

"We will not keep Isabelle as a prisoner and I'm letting you leave here with a warning. If you were ever to enter our lands again I fear what my warriors would do," said Kingson.

"You should do what you feel is right for your people. But your hate will blindly lead to your destruction," she said even though she had no idea where that came from.

"A few of the guard will lead….."

"You have done enough for me. I don't need your wolves I can find my way," she said before exiting the hut. The sun was high in the sky and Izzy knew she needed to get back to Auntie. She was worried sick. Everyone was standing in a straight line watching her walk out of the village. As she was walking she saw the little girl from earlier was now up and limping around on one leg. Before Izzy knew what she was doing she was in front of the girl.

She stood on her knees so she could be eye to eye level with the girl. Izzy bent down, took the bandages off the girl's leg. Izzy wiped a tear from her eyes and place it on the girl's wound. The girl's leg started to glow and within seconds the wound was gone.

"Be careful next time little one," she said standing up. The little girl hugged Izzy shocking not only her but the entire village. Izzy turned to look at Gabriel who had walked out of the hut with his father and brothers to watch Izzy departure. He already told her how he felt by his actions. It was amazing how a few years can change someone. Izzy turned back around and walked into the forest.

Humana cunnus – human slut

Hominum – human

Homines – humans

Regina – queen

Familia – family

Humana includi – shut up human

Caput mater – head mother