Introduction : Meeting Each Other

September 5th, 2005

Lindsey Johnson stared out the window of her car and gazed at her new school. She was entering elementary school now, in Kindergarten. She had just graduated from Oakdale Nursery School. She clutched her Dora the Explorer Backpack's handle. Mikey, her baby brother, tugged on her jean skirt. "Wista's new school," He said, pointing his little finger at the big building.

Lindsey sighed nervously. "Yeah," She bit her lip as they parked alongside the sidewalk. Dozens of other kids were arriving and taking photographs in front of the school. Lindsey pushed open the door of the car, her mother helping her brother out of his car seat. Her father turned his camera on. "Go stand by the big sign, sweetie." He said, motioning toward the big Oakdale Elementary School sign.

Kayla walked to the front door of her new school. All of her friends from nursery school had sadly moved away, she wouldn't know anybody here except her sister Jessica and Jessica's friends. None of Jessica's friends had siblings the same age as Kayla. Jessica held her hand as the two walked inside the building.

Inside, the principal greeted all the students entering the building. "Welcome back everybody, and welcome to all of the new students! I hope you all had a wonderful summer vacation!" Ms. Brooks said. She waved to passing students. "Please go to your classroom and wait outside the door. The bell will be ringing in a few moments, and then classes will start."

Ms. Brooks noticed Jessica pass by. "Jessica Williams, is this you're little sister?" She asked smiling. "Yeah, Kayla, she's in Kindergarten." Jessica smiled back, introducing her little sister. Ms. Brooks held out her hand. Kayla shook the woman's hand.

"Nice to meet you." Ms. Brooks said warmly. Kayla murmured hello. "I'm going to bring her to her classroom." Jessica said, grabbing Kayla's hand. "Okay, see you two around." Ms. Brooks said, walking to her office.

Rachel Timmons had just moved from Dallas, Texas to Oakdale, Ohio. She hadn't made any friends yet since moving in the day before the first day of school. She fidgeted in her car seat as the car approached the school.

"Honey have a wonderful first day." Her mother kissed her forehead as she led her into the building. She walked over to Ms. Brooks. "Could you please walk my daughter Rachel to her classroom, her teacher is Mrs. Murphy." Rachel's mother asked.

"Of course," Ms. Brooks said, smiling. She held Rachel's hand. "Hi Rachel. Nice to meet you!" She greeted. "Hi," Rachel sputtered nervously. "I'm going to bring you to your classroom, okay?" Ms. Brooks said, leading Rachel through the hallways. Rachel nodded.

Amanda stood outside Mrs. Murphy's door, waiting for her best friend from nursery school, Lindsey. She finally spotted Lindsey's butterfly shirt from across the hall. She ran up to her friend. "Amanda!" Lindsey cried happily, hugging her friend.

"I love your shirt!" Amanda said, pulling away. "Thanks, it's the shirt you gave me for my birthday. I'm also wearing your necklace." Lindsey said, revealing her best friend necklace Amanda had given her on her birthday. The two girls talked about the past week. They hadn't seen each other for two weeks, since Lindsey's birthday party.

The bell rang through the hallways of the school. Mrs. Murphy opened up the door and greeted her students with a warm smile. Amanda and Lindsey chatted along as they walked inside. They both found their tables. They were unfortunately separated.

Amanda found her seat next to Rachel's. She put her Kim Possible backpack down on her chair and unpacked. She hung her backpack on the hook labeled "Amanda Simons." Lindsey found her seat next to a girl named Kayla. Kayla smiled, her two front teeth missing.

Lindsey waved and muttered a hello, and went back to unpacking her supplies. The morning dragged on as most first days of school do, meeting your classmates, labeling and unpacking supplies, etc. Finally at snack time Lindsey and Amanda were able to play again.

Amanda told Lindsey all about her new friend Rachel. Lindsey walked over to Rachel and introduced herself. Rachel was talking to Kayla. The two seemed to have become friends over the past few hours.

By the end of the day, Rachel, Kayla, Lindsey, and Amanda had all become best friends. The first day of school here at Oakdale Elementary is a day they truly will never forget.

Okay, now you know briefly how Amanda, Lindsey, Kayla, and Rachel met each other. Sorry I didn't really expand more on them meeting each other, I really want to get to the present day, 6 years in the future, the girls are in their last year at Oakdale Elementary, and they are facing new problems like normal teenagers. They have to deal with leaving their school and moving on to yet another new one, oh and I kind of said they are starting kindergarten and just left nursery school. I completely skipped pre k, so sorry, but in this story nursery school and pre k were in the same school, and known as a nursery school. Sorry if there was any confusion. Please rate and review this story, Ill try and update it ASAP.