Chapter 9 : Rollerblading

Amanda watched TV in her living room, waiting for her friends to arrive. She heard the doorbell ring, and ran to answer it. "Hey Mandy," Lindsey said, walking in. "Linds, my mom said we can go rollerblading later!" She exclaimed.

"Cool, I saw Kayla walking over with Rachel." She said. "Okay, they'll be here soon then. Let's watch TV till they get here."Amanda said, lying back on the couch. They watched Wizards of Waverly Place until the bell rang again.

Amanda told Kayla and Rachel about rollerblading later, and they all were excited. They couldn't wait. They all went downstairs to the basement. Amanda turned her Wii on and Kayla, Rachel, and Lindsey played against each other. Amanda was checking the YouTube video to see how many views and comments.

"208 views!" Amanda screamed in joy. The girls cheered. Their music video and Amanda's song were going to be famous. They continued playing Mario Kart Wii until Amanda's mom called them up to go rollerblading.

"Do you girls have your helmets?" Mrs. Simons asked. "Umm, no…" Lindsey said, staring at the ground. "Why don't you all go home and get them and meet back here? Ok?" She suggested. "Okay," The girls agreed.

Lindsey, Kayla, and Rachel ran home to get their helmets. They all arrived shortly after. Lindsey and Kayla sat in the back seat and Amanda and Rachel sat in the front row of the van. They arrived at Roll-A-Rink.

They all rented their rollerskates and paid for admission. They got ready and Lindsey dared to go first. She wobbled onto the rink, using the wall for support. Rachel followed her, and then Amanda and then Kayla.

Rachel and Amanda were really good skaters. When Amanda was four or five, she learned ice skating, which was similar to rollerskating. Rachel practiced a lot on her own rollerblades but forgot them when getting her helmet.

Rachel helped Lindsey and Amanda helped Kayla. All of them eventually got the hang of it, and were skating in the center, going clockwise. The DJ played music and the lights flashed on and off, rainbow colors.

At around 3 they decided to get something to eat. Lindsey and Rachel got a pizza and split it, and Amanda and Kayla got hamburgers and fries. They all enjoyed their meals and Sprites and then went back skating for a little while.

"It's time to go home," Mrs. Simons said at 6 PM. They had been at the rink for 5 hours, that was more than enough time. They drove home and went back to Amanda's house for dinner. "Mom, can we please have a sleepover?" Amanda begged her mom.

Her mother said no, and that she was lucky that they got to go rollerblading. For dinner there was tacos, Amanda's favorite. Rachel had a hard time keeping the meat on her plate, everybody burst out laughing.

After dinner, they all made ice cream shakes using milk, ice cream, and cookies. Amanda, Rachel, and Lindsey had oreo shakes with vanilla ice cream. Kayla had a chocolate chip cookie shake with chocolate ice cream.

At 9 PM, everybody had to go home. They all waved goodbye to each other. They would see each other again on Monday.

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