They'd only been hiding for an hour and Lisa had a headache.

She had to admit that this was the dumbest plan that Joseph had ever concocted, "This is ridiculous Joseph. How long do you expect us to hide in here? "

"Long enough," Joseph told her as he walked around the room. Two battery powered lamps were the only thing that lit the small panic room on the sixth floor. There was no power in the building which reduced Able's ability, until he could see them and send an EM pulse to destroy their machines. If they used light then they'd give themselves away and so until Jane returned with an accurate readout of who was in the warehouse, all he could do was hide here and hope that the modifications they made to the room hid both the door and their heat signatures for as long as they could stay in here.

"We should be planning our escape," Lisa said, "Not holing up and then attacking once they get close enough. All of this is material goods; we can find another hideout, just point to a spot on the Riverview map."

"Not like this place," Joseph said.

"Hey Joseph," Able interrupted, "The Guardians know where we are. I say it's time we call it a job well done and move on."

"No. This is our home and we will treat it as such. We can't simply run away when this place…our rooms are just an extension of who we are and they learn from that. And if they learn too much then running and hiding won't save us."

"It'll postpone the inevitable for a little while longer," Lisa muttered.

Joseph ignored her, "I'm tired of running, it's time we stand our ground and let the Guardians or the Facility or the other Superhumans or whatever other threat of the week continuously drive us away from the closest thing to normalcy that we have."

"Inspiring," Lisa said, "But we won't win this. We don't have a chance. You have to know that. They'll send more, or they'll burn this place down or turn us over to the Facility."

"True," he stepped forward, "All that could happen. It could be that by sunrise tomorrow, we'll all be dead. But we will make our stand anyway. "

Lisa looked at Able, "What do you think?"

Able didn't look at her, "There are too many variables, and I don't want to risk the life of myself and my family because of what you want Joseph."

"There you have it," Lisa said.

"C'mon Able," Joseph snapped.

"I said that I didn't like it," Able told her, "Not that I wouldn't do it. Joseph's the leader now Like it or not, and I don't believe in going against him when I don't like his decision. I've had to trust him in the past when we were partnered in the Facility and I'm going to trust him and follow him until he gives me a reason not to. No matter how suicidal I think it is."

Lisa opened her mouth to protest but she was cut off. Someone knocked on the door; three short knocks and then one. It was the code that they'd given Jane when they sent her out to scout their little uninvited guests.

Able lifted a gun, Joseph quickly teleported over to the door and opened it.

Jane walked in, "I'm glad I'm light on my feet, I'd never have made it up here in one piece."

"How many?" Joseph asked and locked the door.

"In total; five in the building, four on each exit, and there are a whole truckload of vans that are blocking any chance of exit by automobile."

"Where are they?" Joseph asked.

"Still sweeping the first floor, they're trying to hack into the computers; I think that they might have an electrician because they already made it past the first five firewalls. I wonder what they'll do when they find out that we cleared out all the information."

"They won't get that far," Joseph said, "I've changed my mind. Start arming up, I don't want them reaching our rooms and destroying everything we have."

Naomi fingered the blanket on her bed and looked at the ventilation shaft, "My father thinks that my brother and the others have abandoned me."

"So you've told me," she heard her new 'friend' say from the other side of the wall.

She laid her head back down and stared at the wall, she was still too weak to stand and everyone refused to come into her room now. Despite her instinct to not trust anyone, she found solace in this person. "Do you think that's true?"

"From what you've told me, your brother made plenty of risks when he came back to get you and pulled you into this little…ragtag group of misfits."

She stiffened at the term, "Misfits? Really?"

"Isn't that what they are?"

"They're a bit more than that."

"Whatever; all I'm saying is that he made quite a risk in coming back for you. The evidence is in favor of your brother coming to rip the fence down and pull you out of here, why do you doubt him?"

"Because he's not here yet."

"Patience. It's hard enough to get OUT of these places, just imagine how hard it is to get in, dear."

She blanched at the term but didn't say anything, "He knows the security protocols better than anyone in this place. If anyone could get in it'd be them, but he's not here yet so I have to wonder."

"Trust me; we've all heard about your little family including your brother. There's no way that he'd ever willingly leave you here in this place. From what I hear, you'll be rescued much sooner than later."

She sat up, "What have you heard?"

"Oh, nothing, just rumors."

"What rumors," she struggled to her feet and leaned heavily against the wall. She tried to walk forward but only slid back to the floor.

"The word around the guard tower is that an elite team was sent on a mission to the Riverview District. I wouldn't know why but everyone thinks it might have to do with your brother. If I were you, I wouldn't give up hope yet dear. There are truths to every rumor."