Life was boring and repetitive as I saw it. Before any misunderstandings, I want to clarify that I am not one to advocate suicide. In fact, I enjoy living and the visceral sensations associated. The paradox just established was intended, by the way, since human life is a paradox. We may wish for change on the surface but unconsciously be perfectly content with stasis because the prospect of something foreign invading the familiar territory of the brain scares us. The unknown scares us yet we constantly try to uncover the unknown so that even the known scares us; yet another paradox of life.

Digressing from the profound revelations of life, I would like to introduce my life, or what was my life. I would love to begin by saying that I was just an ordinary high school student or something along those lines. However, too many fictions pieces involve an "average" character that turn out to be not so average. Thus, I hereby break that pattern by introducing myself as above-average. I am aware that self-descriptions are always subjective and biased and since I am the sole narrator, I might as well go with it. I look above-average, have a height above-average, have an intelligence definitely above-average, and have very average athletic abilities (saying average athletic abilities may be even a stretch). I attend a prestigious high school that was above-average and had a group of friends who were also above-average. Yep, I was well adapted to the above-average life. Yet I felt I still lived an average human life because of that ever-so-familiar daily routine of getting up, going to school, eating, and sleeping. Every day, I wished for something big, something unexpected, something unusual to happen around me and as with all wishes, were probably better off not wished. My current feelings can be described by that clich├ęd saying: "be careful what you wish for".

In my defense, I did not wish for time travel, just for some humble interruption. I also did not wish for my best friend Mei to time travel with me, but hey, unforeseen implications happen. Most of all, I did not wish for death to come by a hoard of screaming fans. Actually, I'm not sure I died but nine out of ten betting I did. Why else would I be here? Anyways, Mei and I were walking back to our rented apartment from a dreary day of class when we were bombarded with piercing screams of other adolescent girls. Despite being above-averagely intelligent (it had been a LONG day of classes), we were drawn to the commotion. After calming a girl down, we found out that some popular boy band was living in the area and had just been spotted.

"Oh my God! I just saw [insert the name of a boy band you like] cross the street!" cried someone from a direction behind Mei and me.

At this point, Mei and I were standing on the edge of a crossroad and without warning, we were shoved forcefully backward onto the oncoming traffic. Surprisingly, all the other fans halted as they saw the red light turn green but no one bothered to pull Mei and me back to the safety of the sidewalk. Then, everything went black. Hold on, that's not quite right, blackness came after excruciating pain and that irritating screech of car tires on pavement, trying to stop.

It would probably disturb you terribly if I told you I woke up inside a coffin or inside a body-bag, so I will save you from that grief. Instead of waking up at my funeral, I woke up on a braided bamboo sheet over an excessively stiff surface. After struggling to a sitting position, I found myself in a small wooden shack. Except for the primitive stove in the corner, there were no other furniture. Seeing nobody around me and still in a state of shock, I stumbled to the sheet of bamboo hanging over the opening of the shack and exited. I had to squint as the stinging rays of sunshine stuck my eyes and temporarily without sight, I collided with someone, sending me butt-first into the ground.

"Sh*t!" I swore as I landed painfully. As my eyes gradually adjusted, I found myself confronted by a man over six-foot tall with handsome features that implied an age similar to mine.

Rather than help me up, he peered down at me as if looking at some inferior being. "Watch where you are going, peasant."

I was sorry I thought he was handsome. "Excuse me, who are you to call me a peasant and to knock down a girl?" Before I could challenge his authority more, someone clung onto my arm and lifted me up to a standing position. It was also a sign that I should restrain myself.

"I'm sorry, please forgive us. My daughter has just woken up from an illness and her head is not properly adjusted yet." The old woman holding my arm apologized, bowing to the arrogant guy blocking my way.

"Humph," The guy snorted and turned his back to us. "I'll let you off this time because the old woman apologized for you. If you don't fix your head and realize your position in life, you'll be executed."

When he was a safe distance away, the old woman released my arm and stared at me with disbelief. "Little girl, you cannot talk to that lord like that. Do you see his clothes? Those are only worn by royalty and those who serve the royalty. We are just rural farmers. We cannot show them disrespect if we want to live."

The confusion gave me a major migraine. "Who are you? Wait, first tell me where I am."

She hesitated and wore a look of doubt.

"I woke up from an illness, you said? Obviously the illness has complicated my memory so I would appreciate it if you could recount what you know for me?" I urged in a more polite tone.

She shook her head. "No, no. You were not ill. You were run-over by horses. I found you on the road just outside of this village. There was a lot of blood but I patched you up best as I could. I am the village healer."

What? I was definitely hit by a car in an urban center. What is with the "village healer"? What happened to doctors and surgeons? What did she "patch" me up with? Who the heck was "royalty" and why am I a peasant farmer?

The answer with which I consoled myself at the time was that I was dreaming. The answer I gave myself now is that I travelled back in time to ancient China.