I can still remember how
Your eyes deep-set beneath your brow
That were more like melted bronze than hazel
Would always-without a doubt-always twinkle.

Your smile a little lopsided;
The pockets your hands would hide in;
The way you were never scared
Of death arriving out of nowhere.

You were so very young when you had to go;
I was so very young when you left me alone.
I couldn't face the world without you here;
Why couldn't you make it through the year?

We made a memorial for you by your favorite tree.
Can you see, up in Heaven, can you see?
Do you know how much I miss you?
Do you wish you were still here? Well, do you?

Even after all these years, nine to be exact
I can still remember my foolish, childish pact
You must have been sick for a while 'cause when I met you, it wasn't there.
So I wanted to know, as a little kid, what color was your hair?

You'd be fifteen by now, if your were still alive
And if you were, would you still be by my side?
I can barely remember those times we had
But you yourself, I'll never forget. You: Jonathan.

A/N: I wrote this, maybe a year ago for a dare: Write about something you've never shared with anyone before. And, of course(though you wouldn't know) poetry is my forte, so it's a poem. I still miss you more than ever, Jonathan. If you can see this up in Heaven, I hope you like it. I love you, RIP.