& you, oh you were so
much more than i thought;
you captivated(m/u-txi.l;a't\e?d)
me and i couldn't have picked
a worse person to

(you were perfect and no one
could have wrecked me any
more precisely and poignantly.)

your hands discovered the
most hidden depths of me and
brought me back to life.
your words strengthened me
and gave me the confidence
i should have had all along.
your arms held me steady,
kept me safe and made me
feel superior to myself.
your eyes showed me a
brief picture of how amazing
i was capable of being.
your lips spoke words of
promise, kissed me into a
whirlwind of love, hurt and longing.
and you, you built me up, b/r/o/k/e
me down and set fire to the ruins.
you gave me myself back, and
that's better than i asked for.

so i guess what i am saying is…
thank you for everything you did to me.

[i always should have
let you touch; speak;
hold; look; & kiss me.]

"we'll be fine, okay?"