I hear the silence in the thunder
I breathe in this ocean I am under
Clues and mysteries uncovered
No place left to discover

I have found the place my soul thrives
You're not here but I'll never say goodbye
I turn from the truth that I'm living a lie
It'd be painful to leave so I won't even try

And why would I go?
There's so much out there I don't want to know
I feel warm here even when it snows
The wind carries your name to me as it blows

I remember the day we were forced to divide
Only for a moment I believed I had died
Then I realized this place you did provide
This haven where entrance of anguish is denied

My heart pretends you are here
I am able to live without a single fear
I close my eyes and see you clear
Every lost word of yours, I can hear

Outside, storms may rage
Others perish to the grave
Yet I survive in this place
Saved by your soul's embrace