Chapter 4; Chocolate, Vampires & Cheesy Puff's.

Once we got through the front door we dumped the bags in the living room and headed to the kitchen.

'What's the time A?' Lauren asked.

'It's around 3ish, what do you want to do now then?' I asked sitting myself on the bar stool checking my BBM updates.

'Don't mind' I laughed, why does everyone always say that when you ask them 'what, I don't.' She laughed

'Ermmmm, how about we to my room choose some DVD's for tonight and go on facebook and stuff.' I suggested.

'Coolio' She replied and we headed up stairs. My house was quite big but not huge. When you walked in the front door you had the living room to your left and my dad's office to your right. Then you had hallways to your right and left which lead off to the sides of the house. To your right was the kitchen and dining room and to your left was the spare guest room and the big bathroom (the bath was big enough for 10 people). The back garden was quite big but full of flowers as gardening was my mother's hobby. Upstairs were my bedroom with on suite bathroom and my parents with the same. We also had my mum's office and another spare room and games room.

Opening the door to my bedroom I grimaced at the mess. I had forgotten to clean it before I left so there were clothes everywhere. I quickly gathered up all my dirty washing and chucked it in the hamper and hung up the rest and told Lauren to look at the DVD's. Quite impressed with my 5 minute clean up I went and joined Lauren who had picked up a selection of 5 DVD's.

'You know, I was kind of hoping to sleep tonight as have a hot date tomorrow' I winked at her.

'Very funny' She rolled her eyes 'I can't choose which one' She pondered.

'Well, what are they?' I asked.

'We have ... Mamma Mia, Twilight, Angus, thongs and perfect snogging, X-Men and Bride Wars.'

'Is there really any questions ... Vampires all the way' I said shocked and Lauren laughed.

'Of course, it's your lifelong dream to become a Vampire, how could I forget.' Lauren said sarcastically.

'Very funny! But seriously, who can say no to Edward Cullen?' I said.

'Nope just you' she laughed. We grabbed the DVD and headed down the stairs.

'So what shall we have for dinner tonight? Chinese, Pizza ...' I asked opening the kitchen draw and fishing out the menu's chucking them on the counter for Lauren to look at while grabbing 2 coke's out the fridge.

'How about pizza.' Lauren asked after surveying the menu. 'It's only 4 so order it in a couple of hours or something.'

'Cool' I replied grabbing my drink and walking into the living plopping down on the sofa and grabbing the remote turning on the T.V. I channel hopped until I found an old re run of friends and turned to face Lauren.

'Soooo ... What do we need?' I said with a serious voice, she smiled back at me.

Me and Lauren have been friends since our first day in year 7 when we were put in the same form. Even through our up and downs, arguments and tears we have always stuck together. We may have drifted and become best friends with others but have always ended up with each other again. This is where out sleepover traditions come in. Our first sleepover together was in the Easter of year7. From then on we have to have all the same things for one of our sleepovers. We always order in food or have readymade Pizza's for dinner and bowls of magic star's, toffife, haribo and cheesy puffs placed around the room ever since we decided to see how many we could eat in 30 seconds. We always watch a movie and actually sleep so we can go out the next day usually (tomorrow being an exception!). Lauren and I are so close we even have a draw of each other's clothes in our bedrooms for sleepovers.

We both smiled and ran to the kitchen at the same time.

'Cheesy Puffs' Lauren called and I ran laughing to the cupboard that had all the junk food. I grabbed them and shouted check, it carried on for the other 3 necessities. We chucked them all into a pile on the counter along with 3 bottles of diet coke and the pizza delivery pamphlet and the home phone. Happy with our work we went back into the other room to finish watching friends.

After watching 3 episodes of friends and laughing very loudly at our favourite parts it was getting closer to dinner time so we headed upstairs to get changed because what would be a sleepover without pyjama's and fluffy socks. I lay back onto my bed while Lauren grabbed her clothes and went into my bathroom to freshen up and get changed. I closed my eyes and smiled at the thought of what tomorrow would bring. It was going to be one of the best days and dates of my life! My memories went back to last night as I remembered the way he looked and smiled which made my stomach flip and fill with butterflies.

'A, what is this for?' Lauren asked holding up a bottle in my bathroom doorway. I got up and came closer and looked at it.

'It makes your feet soft' I said after studying the label which had been a gift from one of my mum's friends. I mean I get so many bathroom gifts' you would become so self conscious that you smell.

'Cool' Lauren said undoing the lid and pouring some onto her hand and then started too massage into her feet. Only Lauren I thought would search through my cupboard feel comfortable with using my stuff but I guess that's when you know your true friends. I turned around and went to choose my nightwear. I choose a black top that said 'In your dreams' in a red swirly print and some red shorts with black polka dots. I hated chemises.

'L, hurry up I needed to use the bathroom!' I shouted as I was pulling out some fluffy socks.

'I'm done' She said emerging from the bathroom in a white top that had a picture of the effile tower on it that said 'Oh La La' in a fancy script down the bottom with long white bottoms.

'Nice PJ's' I commented walking past her as she gave me a twirl into the bathroom shouting behind me for her to grab my phone charger for me. I closed the door behind me and stripped off my clothes and threw on my PJ's and glanced in the mirror and cringed, I really looked a mess! I grabbed a make-up wipe and started to scrape off what little powder and mascara I still had on and threw some water on my face giving myself a refreshing. I grabbed some potions from my counter out of hope of waking up tomorrow with glowing skin that will make me look like a princess to be, yeah right! I grabbed my brush and started to pull my hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of my way while I slept. I washed my hands and brushed my teeth and exited the bathroom, to find my bedroom empty.

'Lauren?' I shouted.

'In the kitchen' I heard her shout back.

I grabbed a cardigan from the back of my desk chair in case I got cold and took out my earring's and placed them on my dressing table smiling at my outfit for tomorrow which Lauren had hung up on my wardrobe with shoe's underneath all ready and waiting. I turned my light off and closed my bedroom door behind me and skipped down the stairs. I saw Lauren in the kitchen singing to the radio which she had on full blast while pouring cheesy puff's into bowls. I silently crept up behind her and grabbed her shoulders making her scream loudly and give me evils while I doubled over laughing.

'A! That was really mean!' She sulked at me turning the music down, going back to her job of pouring out cheesy puffs.

'I know but it was really funny' I laughed and she scowled 'Ok, I'm sorry' She rolled her eyes and still gave me evils 'Love you' I shouted as I walked into the front room to get my phone. I stepped over the pile of pillows that had been chucked down in front of the sofa to my bag which had been moved onto the coffee table. I searched through my bag until I saw a red glow and almost tipped out the contents of my bag to find my phone. I quickly unlocked it and read...

4 New Messages.

Jeannie xx

Mum xx


Jess xx

1 Missed Call.

Jeannie xx

OHH SNAP! I forgot that Jeannie was going to ring! I quickly read her text

Jeannie xx – Annabel! Pick up your phone or ring me back as soon as you get this message or I will be coming over! X

I quickly hit the call button.

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring...

'Finally, I told you that I would be calling! Where were you? You had me worried!' Jeannie rambled over the phone.

'I'm so sorry Jeannie, I promise it won't happen again, it's just me and Lauren were upstairs getting changed into our PJ's and I left my phone down the stairs, I'm sorry I got you worried' I soothed her 'we are going to go order pizza and watch a film, I will call you tomorrow morning, love you'

'Love you too, be careful' with that she hung up. I quickly got back to my other messages.

Mum xx – How's your evening going? Mum x

Reply – Great thanks, will call you tomorrow, love you xx

I quickly typed as I wanted to get onto the next text.

Harry - Hope your having a nice night, cannot wait to see you tomorrow

Reply – I am thanks, how about you? Me too

AWWW! He was thinking about me! This is amazing!

Jess xx – Hey! How are you? X

Reply – Hey Good thanks, you? Xx

I exited all my texts and locked my phone again and walked back into the kitchen to find Lauren looking through the menu again phone in hand.

'You took forever! What were you doing in there trying to figure out the square route of pie?' She said rolling her eyes 'what do you want because I'm starved?' She handed me the phone and told me she wanted the chicken supreme. I dialled the number and waited. We ordered a large chicken supreme to share with some potato wedges as sides. A proper girl's night in!

'So come on then' She said as we sat on the sofa curled under blankets with our glasses of coke while waiting for the pizza's to arrive with Twilight all ready and waiting. 'Who were you texting and on the phone to?'

'Oh, my aunt called and I missed it so had to call her back so she knows where not out clubbing' I joked 'and I got a text form my mum and jess' I said. She just raised an eyebrow and I admitted 'and Harry' I said, a smile coming to my face when I said his name.

'Aww! How cute! What did he say?' She asked.

'Oh, just hope your having a good night and can't wait to see you tomorrow.' I replied.

'Has he text you back?' She asked. My eyes widened, as I quickly got up almost knocking over the bowls of food at our feet and ran into the other room to find my phone. After searching everywhere I found it next to the fridge in the kitchen flashing.

2 New Messages.


Jess xx

I squealed like a little girl and wait for the text to load up.

Harry - I'm good thanks and that's good I will talk to you tomorrow, goodnight miss Annabel x

OMG! He put a kiss, a kiss!

'LAUREN!' I screamed and she came running into the room fully alert.

'What! What?' She said looking around everywhere.

'He put a kiss' I said loudly, Lauren looked at my confused so I explained 'Harry – he just text me and put a kiss on the end of the text!' I shouted smiling like an idiot. Lauren suddenly clicked and smiled a huge smile and screamed with me (what are friends for?). Just then there was a knock at the door and Lauren ran and got the money of the counter and went to get the door. While she went I read my other text.

Jess xx – Good thanks, give me a call when your next free, got lots to tell you xx

Reply – Will do xx

I then replied to Harry.

Reply – Yeah, see you tomorrow and goodnight to Mr Harry x

I could die a happy girl now! I started happy dancing around the kitchen as Lauren came in with the pizza and change and joined me as we started doing 'big fish little fish' like idiots ending up laughing.

'A! This is amazing' Lauren smiled at me.

'I know' I said biting my lip 'tomorrow is going to be amazing'. We grabbed the pizza and headed into the other room. Laying the box in front of us and grabbing some slices and wedge's we started to play our traditional sleepover game. The name game.

'Ok, Stuart Broad' I started

'Ben Affleck'

'Aaron Johnson'

'Joe Jonas'

'Jack Whitehall'

'William Windsor'

'William Shakespeare'

'Steve Jones'

And on and on it goes. Our record was 2 hours. We played until we finished eating and I gave up on Mitchel Musso! M's are a serious problem almost as much as W's. We tidied up a bit and put box's and sauces back in the kitchen and got ourselves snuggled on our sofa's with chocolates and cheesy puffs at the ready and hit play on 'Twilight'. I don't get how people can hate Twilight I mean its fit people, who are vampires and love all in one movie it's just amazing. I mean I made my dad watch it and that was a bad idea as he slated it but I mean how can teenagers hate it! It's everything I would want to happen except the bad bits of course. Me and Lauren quotes are favourite lines to each other.

'So the lion fell in love with the lamb' I quoted perfectly in time with the movie. Lauren laughed at me.

'I think you've seen this too many times' She said with accusing eyes. I laughed and admitted maybe. 'Maybe, Harry's your lion?' She said in a sing song voice. I bit my lip and said maybe. I mean that would be amazing but I don't know it still feels like a dream. How am I going to sleep tonight?

After Twilight finished we settled down with some more 'Friends' in the background to try and send us off to sleep.

'Well, goodnight A! Sleep well, no bag's under eyes for tomorrow please' Lauren said while I laughed 'do you want me to set an alarm?' she asked.

'Maybe set one for 10 or something so if we do sleep in we have enough time to have brunch and then get ready' I said.

I could hear Lauren starting to doze off and snore quietly and I smiled she was always the first one asleep at sleepovers. I started at into the darkness above me and tried to imagine what tomorrow was going to be like but it was like entering the land of the unknown. Would he take me to some posh, remote restaurant where we would be the only people there, or would he take me to Nando's I mean I highly doubt it but I mean keep all options open.

Then you have the press. Does he want to keep us secret? Do I want us kept secret? He was hiding from them this morning, I assume he will keep doing that I mean I would hate to have my whole life over the front page of the newspapers. Would that be what my life will be like if they find out about us? Is there even and us, I mean we met under 24 hours ago. 'It was love at first sight' like anyone will believe that, I'm not exactly royal material and isn't he meant to be having some on and off relationship with that girl Chelsea?

All those question's spun round my head like a spinning car ride in a fairground as I tried to let sleep overcome me.

I could feel the darkness eventually cloud the edge's of my mind and let it take me.

'Annabel Carter & Prince Harry!'

I was sitting in the living room watching the T.V. with the morning breakfast news on in my school uniform to catch the headlines before I went to school. The titles went down and the news reporter was sitting on her desk with a giant picture of me...


Behind her!

'The papers today are reporting that Prince Harry has found himself a new girlfriend. Miss Annabel Carter a girl from Romford, Essex was snapped with the Prince at lunch yesterday. The two were seen being very friendly and together. The press are claiming they saw this girl leave a hotel were Harry had gone to the night before to escape from the royal mania surrounding him over the wedding in just a few months time. Miss Annabel Carter is yet to comment but Clarence House released a statement saying:

'Prince Harry is not in a relationship with Miss Annabel Carter, they are just friends who met at a party.'

But could this be another girl on Harry's list or is this the next Kate Middleton? Whoever she is it will be the first Essex girl to be part of Royalty.'

Well that's quite offensive I thought...

'It's Capital Breakfast with Jonny and Lisa here on Monday morning. Good Morning London!'

I groaned and slowly opened my eyes wiping the sleep from them with my hand.

'Lauren get up' I said loudly while trying to hit the off button on her phone. I heard her groan and say 5 more minutes. 'No Lauren, up ... now' She stayed still 'do you really want to go there' I said threateningly 'I will go get a bucket of water' I sang.

'You wouldn't dare' She said raising an eyebrow at peaking at my from behind the covers.

'Oh, I would' I said walking slowly towards the kitchen.

'I'M UP!' She shouted jumping off the sofa and collapsing back down again. 'Eurgh, why did we even set and alarm to get up this early?' She asked half asleep.

'I'll give you 10 seconds' I said and walked into the kitchen to make a cup of tea to wake me up as I hate coffee. As soon as I pressed the button to boil I heard the pounding of feet and screeching as Lauren came running into the kitchen hair everywhere nearly sliding on the lino in her fluffy socks.

'Ahhh! You are going on a date with Harry today!' She screeched grabbing to mugs and plonking in tea bags and sugar. 'Wait what's the time?' She asked turning to the clock on the wall and stopping dead still as a turned and glanced at the time. '11:05' it read. I could feel my eyes widening of their own cause. The click of the kettle snapped us out of our haze as we turned to each other.

'Shower now, I will make tea and breakfast, what do you want toast, eggs, cereal?' I was already half way up the stairs before the end of sentence I shouted toast 2 slices peanut butter down the stairs, running into my bedroom slamming the door behind me closed. I glanced at the outfit on my wardrobe door and ran into the bathroom, stripping of my clothes as I went and turning on the shower to hot. I wait for 5 seconds for the water to warm up and jumped in. The hot water loosened all the tensed muscles relaxing me for the day ahead of me. I shampooed and conditioned my hair till it felt silky and smooth and lathered my body in mango bath scrub until it stunk out the bathroom. I turned off the shower and jumped out grabbing a towel and started drying my body while putting my hair up in a turbie towel. After I was partially dry I grabbed my dressing gown and ran back down the stairs to Lauren who was finishing off her breakfast with mine next to her.

'You took forever' she complained, I shot her a confused looks 'you where in the 30 minutes any longer and I would have thought you would have drowned'.

I laughed and apologized quickly eating my toast trying not to burn my mouth off on the tea. We finished about 12 after eating a couple of biscuits with our tea and gossiping about some facebook status that a girl in our year had put. Me and Lauren move upstairs. I sat down on my vanity chair while Lauren got to work on my hair while I sat reading the latest issue of 'Look' and checking facebook.

'Oh my god, look at this – Annabelle 'Violet' Vickery is in a relationship with Reece 'Afro' Jones' I said quoting the newest news feed on facebook 'Isn't Reece Jess' ex and Annabelle one of Jess' old friends.'

'Yep' Lauren said with a sarcastic edge 'so much for friends over guys, what a bitch, I wonder if Jess has seen it yet, is she online'

I checked 'nope, I hope she's ok' Lauren agreed.

'I will give her a call today and see if she's seen and then text you what she say's' She told me.

'Thanks, how's my hair looking?' I asked

'Almost done' Lauren said smiling, obviously pleased with herself. I felt her hand put the last piece in place and the hairspray chocking me to death. I swear she just used a whole can! I looked up at the mirror and smiled. She did a great job. My hair was done a lose curls that looking amazing, the front parts of my hair including my fridge where pinned back with bobby pins so my face looked more sophisticated. Overall it looked stylish and fun but sophisticated and that it didn't take an hour to do. I swivelled on my chair and gave her a big hug and thanked her a thousand times till she told me to shut up.

'Ok, next we have to beautify, paint nails, do make up and put the outfit on with jewellery.'

Lauren went and got out all the necessary items, while I went over to the CD player and picked out a CD. I choose 'The Wanted's' new album and started dancing when the first song came on – Glad you came.

'The sun goes down and the stars go out' I started singing loudly along with Lauren while we party danced while we beautified. I shaved my legs, moisturised, painted my toe nails bright red and my finger nails a clear that made them shine, put some light bronzer on my legs so I had that tanned gleam. I then started on my make-up. I put on a normal base of foundation along with powder and blusher. I put a light brown on my eyelids to make my eye's shine and heavier eyeliner and mascara. Then for the finishing touch bright red urban decay lip gloss. It look natural but well done and matched my hair perfectly. I stepped out of the bathroom and gave Lauren a smile and she nodded impressed with my handy work and put down the magazine she was reading.

'Go get dressed' she told me handing me the dress. I slipped back into the bathroom and shrugged of my bathrobe and took a big deep breath and slid the dress off the hanger and over my head. It fit as well as I remembered. I looked in the mirror and the finished work and felt like jumping up and down I was very happy. I looked like I had got ready in under an hour but looked perfectly ready. I opened the bathroom door and ran into my bedroom giving Lauren a twirl. She jumped up and down clapping and squealing.

'Oh A you look a-maz-ing!' She said dragging out the word. I thanked her grabbed my shoes off the floor and started chucking a purse, my phone, lip gloss and all the other essentials into my red shoulder bag that had a big heart and said 'Amo-Te' on it (I love you in Portuguese).

'Time check' I shouted as I ran into my mum and dad's room to grab some money just in case.

'10 minutes' Lauren shouted back and I felt my stomach drop, was I actually ready for this, what if he doesn't show? What if I trip? What if this was all a joke? 'Annabel?' Lauren walked into the parents' room interrupting my inner turmoil. 'You better not be having second thoughts!' She gave me an accusing eye and saw doubt in mine and came over and gave me a big hug. 'He's going to love you' she said with confidence and went back downstairs. I took a big breath and nodded my head. Lauren was right, she was always right and if he didn't then screw him... I think. I walked out of my parents' room closing the door behind me and turning off all lights on the floor and closing all doors. I walked down the stairs my heel's clicking against the floor. I walked into the kitchen and smiled a big smile at Lauren, who nodded.

'There's my girl' Lauren said, we both laughed.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

Here goes nothing.

Wish me luck...