"Go on then," He panted, out of breath as I sat on top of him, my hand gripping the wooden stake as if my life depended on it. In this case, it did.

He winced as he felt the sharp tip push a little into his flesh just over his heart.

"Do it. Kill me. Get rid of me for good."

I blinked, my whole body shaking, bottom lip trembling as the steak remained over his heart. I gripped it tighter, my knuckles white as my knees rested on his wrists, my weight baring on them as I lifted the steak high above my head.

His eyes closed as he waited and waited for the blow to come.

I looked at him, the only person who I ever truly confided in whilst I was here and looked at the high cheekbones, the strong jaw, the sharp chin and then following down his torn shirt where the buttons had come undone during the fight where traced and defined abs and pecks were embedded in his smooth chest. And then my eyes moved to his own violet ones which were now open.

"I can't do it," I whispered, shaking my head, the stake lowering to my side. "I can't fight against you anymore. I care for you too much."

He continued to stare at me before I was suddenly on the ground below him, his mouth on mine forcefully as he entwined his hand into my hair.

His hand moved to the stake as he grabbed it and threw it to the side.

"You don't need this anymore," He whispered, his lips attacking mine again hungrily as my hands carressed the silky black softness on his neck. He purred a little as I tugged on a few strands. "Jade how could I ever fight you?"

He locks my mouth on his again and hitches my legs around his waist, my hands exploring his chest, earning a few growls as my nails dig in and run up and down his arms.

"Well well," We suddenly heard a familiar voice hiss. "What do we have here?"