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Right, so it is now approaching the Summer and Diego now knows that Jade knows about him and the Emerson coven... BILLIE KISSED HER! *gasps and chews nails* Now will their families be brought into their forbidden romance?



"So," I smile at him as I play with my glass, drawing circles around the rim. "You thirsty?" I grin in amusement.

Diego chuckles behind his Ray Bans, but I know for a fact that his eyes are the brightest violet, his skin flushed with a slight rosy tint from the recent hunt. Even his hair appears the be healthier and shinier, almost glossy in the sunlight

His leaps crease at the corner as he smiles back at me in the way I love. I know that his eyes are crinkled in the same way as they always are when he smiles.

"No. But the heat is affecting me."

I nod, rolling my sleeves up slightly as I eye his body that is heavily clad in clothing, remembering how weak his kind are to sunlight. His sunglasses alone seem to take over half of his face.

Even the sunny weeks that approached the middle of May could not be stifled by the constant cover of clouds that usually smothered the sky. It had not rained for at least three days and everyone had been spending the most of it. Even walking along the beach with Billie to get ice cream had seen more flesh of a quarter of the population of Aran than most would probably wear inside their homes.

It made me glad that I had a reason to clutch onto Diego's arm as we walked to the coffee shop that rested upon the beach for the sake of being too warm rather than having to stifle the fact that I just wanted to hold onto him.

It also made me guilty to think that I enjoyed the lack of Alec, Chuck and Jack's presence around our home in order to spend more time with Diego and Billie. I felt guilty for leaving Grace at home alone all day, but she did not seem to mind my lack of company either and had spent most of her time in the last few days lounging on a chair in her bikini in the small part of greenery at the back of the house.

I leant back in my chair, fanning myself slightly as the sun reappeared behind the single cloud that rested in the sky that seemed intent on hiding the globe of fire and looked at Diego, flushing slightly as I realised that he was watching me.

"Would you like to go inside?" I asked quietly, looking at him apologetically. "I didn't think that it would be this hot."

He smiled lazily again and shook his head.

"No thank you. I am quite content to sit here and watch." He turned his head as he looked at the sea that continued to roll over the sand.

I smiled and leant back, closing my eyes as I soaked in the sun's rays when a happy voice called my name.


I open an eye and jump slightly when I see Erin Andrews grinning at me, her hair in pigtails as she stands in a yellow bikini with hot pink polka dots, her hair this time black as she stands in board shorts and smiles widely.

"Oh... hey." I blink.

She tinkles as a greasy haired boy wearing glasses grins and stands behind her as he eyes me and Diego and stands in a posture that obviously makes him think he looks cool.

I hold back a snort.

Erin smiles happily as he winds an arm around her, her bubbly mood and aura seemingly lifting my spirits slightly.

"Would you like to come over to my house tomorrow? A sleepover!" She grins, her laugh bubbly.

"Uh.." I blink, her mood surprisingly shocking.

"Of course she would," Diego fills in for me, a smile on his face as he looks at Erin. "I see no other obligations to make her refuse."

I shoot him a glare which he smiles away, his eyes twinkling with amusement... and something else.

Erin is laughing too much to notice.

"I thought you were taking me out to dinner tomorrow." I frown suddenly, the sudden thought popping in my head.

His smile falters as he shakes his head and looks at me apologetically.

"I am sorry... something else crept up."

He looks at me steadily, something obvious in his eyes as I blink at him and then frown slightly and then force a smile at Erin.

"Great I guess... I'll be over at about five."

She smiles widely and gives me a scrap of paper with her address and phone number as her boyfriend starts fidgeting impatiently and bids goodbye, shooting a grin at Diego and skips off.

"She is a lovely girl," Diego smiles at me as I glare at him again. "Very happy. You will have fun with her tomorrow."

I frown at him.

"What is so sudden that you need to change our evening?"

I don't mean for it to come out so catty and possessive, but it does.

He sighs and takes my hand under the table, his fingers cold as he draws circles on it with my thumb.

"I am sorry, I promise I will make up for it another time."

I frown and pull my hand away.

"That doesn't answer my question."

He pauses and looks at me.

"No, it does not."

We are silent for a moment before he stands and clears his throat.

"If you are ready we shall go?"

"Go where?" I ask, standing and grabbing my shoulder bag.

"Our secret place," He smiles slightly and then adds low. "I have much to explain."

I know that he is only trying to distract me from wondering where he is going but my heart seems to lift at the thought of him trusting me with something as complicated as this, but guilt still eats at my stomach knowing that this is the kind of information that The Stakers, the leaders of the Vampire Hunters around the world having been trying to gain for centuries to give the Vampires utter peril.

But I don't see it like that, I see it a getting to know Diego with his whole heart.

The thought of The Stakers getting Diego suddenly puts a whole protective streak inside me as I stand and wrap an arm around his waist, receiving a look of surprise as he smiles widely and then takes my hand, squeezing it reassuringly as we walk back to his car.

I still know he's hiding something from me.

The car journey feels long as we stay silent with our thoughts, Diego letting the convertible roof open to let the wind blow free as he continues firmly looking ahead, wearing his glasses as I blink at him and then blurt out..

"Why do you have so many cars?"

He looks at me and then chuckles.

"Even vampires cannot stand being with others in a stuffy car."

"If I had known that I would of walked." I poke my tongue out playfully.

"Oh I make an exception for you sweetheart." He grins, pecking my cheek chastely that makes my face flush the deepest pink.

He grins again and chuckles, driving and parking by the edge of the forest and helps me out of the car, picking me up on his back as I squeal and smile, wrapping my arms and legs around him as he walks me through the woods, past that familiar track that I see whenever we pass this place that always gets me wondering and through the clearing to our lake that seems to sparkle despite the sun that is just covered by the trees. A few hours more and the sun would be in full view.

Diego smiles and puts me down as I walk and sit by the bank of the lake, gently smoothing my fingers over the ripples as he sits beside me and brushes my hair out the way as he inhales my scent and presses his cold lips to my neck.

"Diego..." I breathe, shivers rippling through me as he smooths his lips over my skin of my neck and shoulder.

He smiles lazily and chuckles, his breath blowing across my skin, leaving goosebumps in his wake and lies me down, lying on his side, his head on his elbow as he pulls off his sunglasses, his violet eyes gentle and warm as he smiles down at me again, his eyes crinkling.

"I am sorry," He murmurs softly as he strokes my hair and smooths his fingers over my cheek and jaw. "You are just... lovely."

I flush the deepest shade of pink and bite my bottom lip to hide a wide smile that spreads my face

and whisper.

"It's OK..."

"Jade," He mumbles, his eyes on mine. "May I-?"

He stops mid-sentence, his eyes wide as I press my mouth to his, pulling him on top of me as I wrap my arms around him, a soft breath escaping from me as he kisses me tenderly. His hand began to stroke my side, a shiver escaping me as he chuckles and pulls away slightly, smiling down at me.

"I was actually going to ask if you minded me borrowing your jacket but I have no problem with this." He smirks.

I flush and swat him, personally enjoying his smirk and kiss him again, pulling him down to me as I wrap my arms around him tightly.

"Jade," He whispers against his mouth. "We need to talk."

I shake my head and continue kissing him.

"Later." I mumble.


"Later." I huff against his mouth and pull him closer.

He chuckles and kisses me back, his arms winding around me.

It seems he has no problem complying.

After a few minutes of kissing, he pulls away with a reluctant sigh and smiles down at me, holding my hand and strokes my fingers individually.

"What's the matter?" I frown at him in concern.

He chuckles and smiles back as he kisses my fingertips and shakes his head.

"Nothing... I just wondered if you had any questions... we have strict rules on this kind of thing so I am sorry if I am not able to answer them all." He smiles apologetically.

I blink at him, the surprise prominent on my face as I sit up and look down at him.

"You would tell me that?"

"Of course," He smiles, playing with my hands. "After keeping it quiet for so many years, keeping it from you, you deserve to know."

There was that sudden twinge of guilt again.

"OK," I smile, feeling incredibly sick all of a sudden at how the others would look at this advantage.

A sudden question pops into my head. "How old are you?" I ask.

He chuckles nervously.

"Old. I could be your grandfather by many generations."

I pout and roll on top of him.

"Please tell me?" I play with his hair and pout again.

He lets out a groan of resign and kisses me chastely and sighs.

"I will be 323 years old on August 24th this year."

I blink at him and then break out into a wide grin.

"You mean you're my sugar daddy?" I suddenly break out into a fit of laughter as he narrows his eyes and mutters under his breath.

I halt my giggles and smile down at him, trying to hide a laugh.

"You don't look a day over..." I eye his body and smirk. "Eighteen."

He chuckles and grins down at me and trails his eyes down my body in response.

"I could say the same sweetheart."

I blush and swat him and giggle again.

"When is your birthday?" He smiles. "So I can be prepared for the day."

I cock an eyebrow.

"You really think we are going to be together that long?"

He chuckles and looks slightly embarrassed.

"October 31st. Halloween." I sigh and roll my eyes.

"You do not like Halloween?" He says in surprise. "It is quite the occasion as far as I understand."

"No... I hate dressing up, and I hate make-up. It wasn't celebrated in our family, they didn't like the idea of trick or treating. Said it was only looked upon in a way to gain sweets. It was OK though. We used to make Halloween cakes at home and do crazy dances and things when I was little and then just watched films when I got older. Ever since my family died..." I pause. "Me and my brother, we just sort of phased it out..."

I blush when I realise how long I have been talking for and then meet Diego's eyes and am surprised to see him looking at me attentively.

"Is it OK if I ask how and when they died?" He looks at me in concern as he strokes my hand in comfort.

I blink at him in surprise.

I had never spoken of my family's death before. The subject was not even a available topic with Jack, and we had both stubbornly shook her heads to talking with my school psychiatrist. Our family's death and sudden introduction to The Stakers' circle had disrupted our education.

That was where Jack had met Grace, Chuck and Alec, all with their own troubled past with the kind who I was lying on top of now. I had never met the leaders of the Stakers before, or been introduced to their circle.

"T-They died three years ago. Jack was seventeen, I was fourteen. They died in a house fire. My brother was found dead after being missing. It was kept quiet. We did not want the news on us. There was the newspaper clipping of course, but other than that..."

Diego suddenly frowns, though his hand still strokes mine.

"But you are sixteen now... would you not have been thirteen?"

I blink and grow nervous of my sudden mistake of identity and shake my head as an excuse pops in my head.

"I was kept back a year... the deaths affected my education. It was too late for Jack, he didn't go to college. Now he works in Jenson decorators with Chuck, my cousin Grace's husband."

My confidence suddenly begins to grow again, my nerves disappearing as a gnawing emotion suddenly chews at my stomach when realisation dawns on me.

I lie easily. And I lie well.

"Oh," He murmurs and flicks his violet eyes to mine. "Jade I am so sorry."

I smile sadly and wave a hand in the air.

"The past is the past."

"So you are in fact... seventeen?"

I smile and nod.

"Eighteen this year."

I make a whooping noise and he chuckles.

"That is not so bad," He smiles back. "Almost 305 years different."

"Though I'm still dating a grandpa." I grin and poke him playfully.

He groans slightly and glares at me as I laugh again.

I frown suddenly and sigh, pressing myself against him.

"Where are you going tomorrow? You never told me..."

He sighs and strokes my cheek.

"It is nothing of your concern."

I narrow my eyes.

"That's rather rude Diego."

"But it is true." He says stiffly, his movements on my cheek halting though his hand still remains by my cheek.

I push away his hand.

"I'm sick of all these disappearance acts of yours, I don't know what to think of them. So tell me. You said you would answer my questions."

"Only if I could," He narrows his eyes. "Do not accuse me of the guilty one Jade."

"What? And I am?" I say sitting up, raising my voice slightly.

He looks at me agitatedly.

"I am not going to have this discussion with you Jade. It is over."

"Listen to me Diego, if you cannot talk to me about this, I can only assume it is because you are doing something behind my back. Talk to me or this really will be over."

He stares at me in surprise at my words, me just as surprised as I stare back until he narrows his eyes again and rises to his feet.

"I suppose that means I should drive you home."

I blink at him, my frustration slowly turning into anger, flushing my cheeks a dark shade of pink as I stand and begin walking in the direction of his convertible.

"Fine." I say through gritted teeth.

I walked quickly, not wanting him to catch up but his stride kept him in time beside me until he helped me into the black convertible and got into his side and started the engine.

My guilt and embarrassment at my actions tilted my head uncomfortably towards the trees that passed by just to avoid his gaze.

The drive was long and silent until Diego finally pulled up on Montagne Road and looked at me expectantly.

"Thank you." I said, slightly coldly and began to get out when he stopped me and took my hand and sighed.

"Jade... if I could tell you, I would."

I breathe slightly raggedly.

"Can't you try?"

He paused and pursed his lips and then shook his head and swallowed.

"No... I am sorry."

"I know." I whisper.

He smiles slightly sadly, his eyes meeting mine full of relief as I lean down to kiss him tenderly, a small sigh releasing from him.

"I shall see you in a few days." He smiles slightly after we've pulled away.

I frown and cock an eyebrow, my heart heavy.

"Oh," I sigh, slightly sadly. "You're not coming to school either?"

He smiles sadly and shakes his head.

"No... heatwave will be rising during the school week. We will be hiding inside our home until it finishes," He smiles sadly again and leans forward. "I shall see you soon."

I swallows and nods, leaning forward and kissing him once more, my hand cupping his neck as the familiar electricity crackles through us until he pulls away with a small smile as I get out of the car and then frown.

"I've been meaning to ask you, how do you get away from being away from school so long?"

He chuckles and smiles wickedly, rearranging his sunglasses.

"My father is the mayor. When he says that we have a medical problem, they do not question it." He chuckles again as smiles as I lean forward and kiss him again before I pull away and begin walking down the road when he stops me and clears his throat.

"Jade uh.." He eyes me in embarrassment. "I am your uh... boyfriend?"

I think for a moment and smile slightly and then nod once.

"Yes Diego, I suppose you are." I smile and wink at him and then walk to the house.


"Hey," Grace says in surprise as I head out into the so-called 'garden'. She looks at me and lifts her sunglasses, lowering her magazine. "You're back early. Did," She purses her lips at the name. "Diego not turn out to be the wonder-boy that he is?"

I didn't like the way she looked when she said that.

"No," I interject coldly, sitting cross legged on the overgrown grass opposite. "He had to go home. The sun affects him."

"Oh," Her face suddenly looked slightly let down at that and she clears her throat. "And Billie, you are having dinner with him tonight?"

She looks at me expectantly.

"No," I say, my gut churning as I hear another one of my lies. "Something came up."

Grace watches me as I take off my jacket in the sun and pull out one of my books.

"Listen Jade," She says slightly harshly. "I've known you for a long time. I know when you are lying. I know you were supposed to have dinner with Diego tonight. What is Diego doing tonight?"

"That is none of yours nor my concern." I narrow my eyes, standing and beginning to head into the house.

"It is my concern if it involves risking the lives of innocent people, and it should be yours too!"

I huff and turn round, glaring at her.

"What do you have against Diego? You have never met him!"

"He is a Vampire Jade! Our kind and his kind do not mix!"

"Maybe because we are trying to kill them all the time!"

"Jade! They killed our families!"

"But Diego didn't!" I glare as I turn around and face her. "Do you want to know something?! Diego told me that he is a vampire, he knows about mine and Jack's past, he knows that the Vampire who killed the reverend killed my brother and most of all, he knows that we are all in grave danger!"

Grace stops, her mouth parting slightly as she breathes raggedly and then whispers.

"You are not to see him again."

I widen my eyes and begin to shout.

"You don't have the authority to-!"

"WHILST JACK IS NOT HERE, I DO! YOU ARE NOT TO SEE HIM! THIS DISCUSSION IS OVER!" She glares back at me and storms up to our room and slams the door shut.

I swallow, tears filling my eyes and pick out the piece of paper in my pocket and my mobile and dial the number on the slip of paper.

"Erin? Can we move the sleepover to tonight?"


Erin smiles at me as I turn up at her porch, my legs aching, my feet killing and my neck crooked from hoisting a shoulder bag filled with my belongings for over an hour.

"You walked?" She blinks at me.

"My brother and his two friends have the van. They're away on business." I explain, tears filling my eyes again as a croak sounds before she widens her eyes, wrapping her arms around me as I burrow into her shoulder and begin to cry, her scent surprisingly comforting.

"Oh Abi! It will be OK, I promise! Come on, let's go up to my room."

She smiles at me as she soothingly strokes my hair and leads me into her house which is twice the size of my 'home' at the moment.

I blink as I look at the panelled walls and wooden staircase as she leads me up to her room.

"It's a benefit when your father is in the Police Force," She grins. "He's working nights now and my mum lives on the other side of Aran. I have to admit, I had to tweak my plans tonight." She suddenly giggles, her face flushed.

I blush and suddenly smile for the first time in a few hours when my phone suddenly bleeps.

I will see you in a few days.

Missing you sweetheart.



Erin grins widely as my face lights up at the text and giggles as we enter her bedroom.

Like Erin, it doesn't seem to fit into the whole decoration, but it tries.

I look at the purple walls and the few rock and pop band posters on the wall as make-up splays over her dressing table, but other than that, it's surprisingly tidy.

"I receive enough attention from mum and dad at the moment, what with their divorce." She explains as she wriggles back on the bed.

I nod in understanding and look around the room at the dresser and the belongings and objects of the room.

For a moment I'm suddenly tweaked with jealousy.

Her situation is just so... normal.

"So," She grins, suddenly breaking me out of my thoughts. "How do you feel about karaoke?"


Sarah stood on the porch of the house, the drone of girls voices and the cheesy music clogging her mind as she let out a loud groan.

Really? Must she be subdued to this?

She sighed and brushed back a lock of her blonde hair and smoothed her hands over the porch as she gently tapped her fingers against it, making a resounding thudding noise.

She had kept Marcus busy tonight with her work, had told him to tell his daughter that he was working nights at the station... how else was she going to kill this Jade girl? And now, with Diego and the Emersons out of the way, she could.

She had watched Jade for a few weeks ago, maybe even a few months, when exactly she could not remember, but she was always there, watching her actions, her strength and weaknesses.

She had watched Diego and Jade by the lake, and it had been dangerous. She knew somewhere in the back of Jade's mind that the lane that separated the clearing of the woods that led into a denser woodland was familiar to Diego, but she did not know it for certain.
She could not read her mind, and she knew the others could not either.

And that pissed her off.

But no more.

That evil glint crossed her eye.

True, it would be rather sad to see the Vampire court not punish Diego for having a human mate, or even be willing to interact with one, but she could have a little fun of her own when she got her hands on her. And Reximus would be even more pleased to have his old son back... but he could never know the truth about Jade. Not what Sarah had learnt.

Oh Reximus.

The thought of him, it made her mad with want and need for him. To hold him tight with her claws and never let go.

But it would not be long now. As soon as this Mariette impersonator was gone, he would be all for her...

With a sigh, she leant back against the porch and looked up at the stars in wonder.


"This is OK. This is good," Diego thinks to himself as he drops the Deer's corpse to the ground. "This is good to spend time away from her. Won't be long till I see her. It's not as if it is forever... though it feels like it."

Diego rises to his feet and looks around, hearing the off distance noises of his fellow coven members as he looks around and then looks up at the moon.

It would be full in a few days. Leticia had promised that this would keep Jade safe until the phase of the moon had ended. Besides, he should focus.

"I hope you have fed well," Reximus's smooth voice glided through the air as he moves towards him. "It will at least take a day of running until we reach the devastation."

"And then we still have to fight." Aldophus says casually as he comes forward, Leticia by his side.

"That is only a precautionary measure Aldo." Reximus frowns, Leticia frowning at Aldo too.

"Do you think it is a possibility that the vampire who caused the devastation is the same Vampire who killed Jade's family?" Diego asks hopefully. He would like nothing better than to beat the pulp out of the vampire who hurt Jade.

"It is a possibility... though there is a chance that the Vampire is still in Aran..." Reximus trails, everyone looking at Diego carefully.

Diego's jaw tightens but he does not say anything.

"I will take the chance," He swallows. "If this coven of vampires is headed towards Aran, it is the closest chance of protecting Jade I have. You are most certain that they have been sent by the court?" Diego looks at Aldo.

Aldo shrugs.

"There is gossip amongst the vampires that it is a possibility, what with no further action. But we shall soon find out."

A sudden sound suddenly stopped their conversation as they disappeared from view in the blink of an eye.

And Diego watched as he saw familiar green eyes.



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