Name: Martin Kore

Age: 16

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour/Style: Dark curled hair with patches of dyed blonde

Physical Features: Average height, athletic build. Has a very dark and brooding air about him

Class: Omega Variation

Race: Human

Allegiance: Allied to the Seekers

Powers/Skills: Martin has had twelve different martial arts downloaded into his brain and has a targeting system integrated into his left eye as well as perfect coordination

Weapons: Carries two Electro-Plasma Katana Swords and a wrist-mounted pulse cannon

Affiliates: Xandra Shadrach ~ Seeker, Jan Weste ~ Seeker, Alfinso Rymen ~ Seeker

Additional Information: Martin believes that in order for the equality of all the races of the planet to unite as one they must be brought under the rule of one man

His story so far: Martin was born of two regular humans in the outer regions of the Fourth Province. His father specialised in the enhancement of humans with bionic features. When Martin was twelve the village was attacked by Rogues from the Exalted Province. Martin and his father were badly injured and his mother was killed. In order to save the life of Martin, his father replaced Martin's damaged body parts with bionic replacements but was too late to save himself. Martin left his village that day and joined the organisation known as the Seekers. To this day he fights for the rights of humans to have equality with the Exalteds.