Name: Xandra Shadrach

Age: 23

Eye Colour: Unknown

Hair Colour/Style: Unknown

Physical Features: Because of the specificity of her powers she must keep her entire body under a thick black suit of tough unknown material. Her head is covered by a forcefield of black energy.

Class: X Variant

Race: Human

Allegiance: Seekers

Powers/Skills: She has the ability to manipulate dark energy by means yet unknown

Weaknesses: Her powers have made it impossible for her to interact with any other living beings or else she will infect them with her powers which will rapidly degrade their bodies. Her powers also degrade her body very slowly. They are the only thing keeping her alive.

Weapons: She can generate weapons from her dark energy

Affiliates: Martin Kore ~ Seekers, Ramon Hood ~ Seekers

Additional Information: She is a ruthless woman with virtually no emotions

Her story so far: Xandra was born with her powers. They slowly began to degrade at her body and her parents immediately abandoned her when they realised she was a Variant. An Exalted found her and was going to kill her but she discovered the true depths of Xandra's power. She made a suit for Xandra which contained her power. The Exalted trained Xandra to use her power against other Exalteds. When Xandra turned sixteen she was approached by a man named Ramon Hood. He convinced Xandra that the Exalted was only using her because of her powers. Xandra turned on her Exalted master and killed her. Ever since then she became Hood's number one supporter and quickly elevated to his second-in-command when she turned twenty. Among the Exalteds she is feared above any other. She is one of the single most powerful beings in the Realm.