To the person who broke my heart,

He was mine,
And you knew it
So why do you pretend that
Love is fair and just?

We were together,
And you ruined it -
Changing everything between
Him & me into dust.

Before that day,
You tried to get me talking
It was easy
Cuz I didn't know you at all

But now that he's yours
And I know what you're about
I wish I had something to have
Foreseen my downfall

Maybe I'm blaming the wrong person
Maybe it was him all along –
The guy who owned my heart from
The moment I saw his eyes.

But how can I blame him?
How could he be at fault?
For I saw him as an angel –
In hindsight though,
He was probably a devil in disguise.

So here I am deciding
With too many moments of hesitation
To whom do I make out the letter?
To whom do I write the dedication?

All I know is that
My heart is broken for sure
And one of you should be held responsible
But more than that – I need a cure!

Maybe I shouldn't be telling you this
For you might hold it against me
But the pain in my chest won't leave me to rest
So how do I decide – you or he?

From, the girl who's heart is broken.

© HalfPast12

Friday September 9th, 2011