Grade 9


World Water Day

The Butter Battle Book

The battle continued through nights and through days

And for every contraption we carried away

Those Zooks made another to wage in the fray.

Little by little we all stopped our caring.

We no longer had much love left for sharing,

For, you see, this was war that had us preparing!

And out in our pastures and out in our fields,

Our Cowaloos called to all Cowaloos near.

They yelled 'cross the wall the one to the other,

"Enough is enough! Come along, father, mother,

We mustn't stay here with the Yooks or the Zooks

They're all much too busy, building their Nukes."

Neither Yooks nor the Zooks did notice them gone,

What with so much warring left to be done,

But soon the reserve of Cowaloo Butter

Did dwindle, diminish, and go down the gutter.

It no longer mattered the side bread was buttered.

So the Yooks and the Zooks both went back to their homes

And ate each their bread quite glumly alone.

Then, the President Yook called the President Zook

And they climbed the great wall where they had a long talk

About buttering bread and which side should go up.

They decided bread and butter where quite overrated

And not being in style was a thing they both hated.

Though the Zooks and the Yooks had their sorrows to pay,

I am glad to announce, by the end of the day,

That the wall was torn down and carried away

And the now-called Ook children did come out to play,

And share with each other a breadless buffet.

(We were learning about nuclear weapons and the Cold War in US History when the student teacher read the Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss in class to us. Believe it or not, after all the craziness I've had to put up with for that class, I'm going to miss those moments when everything was okay. When things slipped back into a comfortable familiarity and the hype of high school didn't seem to throb in our heads each second. We were okay with being kids, listening to our teacher, and just learning. I already miss that. Anyway, he read halfway through it and then we got to write an ending to it. I chose, naturally, to write it in Seussian style. I never did find out what happened…)