Natalee Benedict, a teenage girl with a bit of history as a delinquent, transfers to a strict, Catholic high school where just being an individual is frowned upon. So, how will she manage to date the hottest guy in her grade, pass her insanely difficult History class, and shooting secret music videos for her YouTube page, and just being her usual somewhat delinquent self, without getting into serious trouble? By thinking outside of the box!

[Natalee ; Point of View]

Holy crap. These were the first two words that came to mind after I had gotten an eyeful of the St. Marybeth Academy's library. I mean, just looking at their freaking library you could tell that this school was designed for rich kids who had nothing better to do then be snobs. I mean, for crying out loud, there were stone columns. Apparently this library must have a lot of information on Ancient Greek history, because it looks like it was from Ancient Greece. "Wow. Breathtaking. Isn't it Natalee? I can only imagine what your dorm room must look like. It must look like a stone palace." My mother gushed. I rolled my eyes. How the hell could anyone take this building as beautiful, nonetheless breathtaking. Ugh. That's what my mother does sometimes. Just makes me want to barf.

"Can we just get to my stupid dorm so I can put my crap away." I slightly snapped. She was really getting on my nerves right now. First, she sends me to this goody-two-shoes Catholic high school, then she acts all cheery and crap. What is next? Buying me dumb clothes with the school's logo on it? Mother sighed. "Alright Natalee." She pulled away from the sidewalk and drove down the rest of "Main Road." Gosh, they couldn't even come up with a more original name for a street. And who says Main Road? Shouldn't it be Main Street?

We made a left onto Left Avenue. I laughed at how pathetic the name was. Mother stared at me, confused. "What's so funny?" She asked, glancing back down at my paperwork to find my dorm address. She rounded the corner and drove up to 18 Park Lane. "Nothing." I said, turning away from her and looking out the window at my dorm home. It was a skinny-looking, one-story home. There wasn't a drive way because cars weren't exactly permitted into the dormitory town, except for dropping off and picking up students in the beginning and end of school year. Mother parked the car and I walked out of the passenger seat, slamming the door. "Natalee, more gentle please. You will frighten even the birds." Mother said. I slightly chuckled. The birds didn't have radar hearing, so I doubt that they could've even heard that last remark.

"Can you just help me get all of my crap out of the trunk then leave?" I asked, pulling the trunk up. She sighed. "Are you sure that you will be alright here? You won't get homesick?" I desperately wanted to yell back, of course I'm not going to be freaking alright here, you're sending me to this strict new school away from all of my friends, how the hell do you expect this to be alright, but I bit my lip to keep my mouth shut. I shook my head. Mother didn't look too convinced, which was weird, considering she knew I wasn't the type who would get homesick. Especially when you live in a home with parents that always push you to do your "best" and take action whenever you do even the slightest troublesome act. Like, really? They sent me to this school that could easily pass for a form of a juvenile detention center just because I got suspended. I mean, kids at Seagull Road School were so bad and troublesome, a day wouldn't go by without somebody getting suspended. Someone got expelled at least once a week. It wasn't my fault I grew up like this, it's technically my parent's fault that they sent me to one of the most ghetto schools in the entire district.

"Alright then. Remember, you can always call home or e-mail us if you feel lonely and miss home." She said, her tone seemingly sympathetic. I rolled my eyes and just started to chew my gum louder, to further imply how I didn't give a damn about leaving home. It's not exactly like my home was one worth missing. She sighed again, unloading my numerous suitcases out of the trunk. There were about ten in total, at least 7 of them were of just my clothes, which I just learned I'm only allowed to wear on Fridays and the weekends, because, of course, this school, ahem, hell, has uniforms. She wheeled three of my suitcases up the pavement and to the front door of the dorm home. She grabbed my house card and swiped it in the slot to open the door. I followed her, wheeling two more suitcases into the main hall of the dorm.

From the outside, you would never have been able to tell how wide the dorm actually was. Since it was only one floor, the dining room, living room, master bathroom, and kitchen were all on this one floor. I walked through each of the rooms. The dining room was a large room with large french doors leading you into it. The walls were painted a deep burgundy, and there was a giant oak table in the center of the room. Cabinets full of ornate china lined the walls. Past a long island and a window that resembled that at one of the drive-thru McDonald's windows, was the kitchen. The kitchen was a bit smaller than the dining room, with bright yellow walls. I couldn't tell if the walls were painted that color to make the room look cheery or to hurt someone's eyes. All that I am saying is that in the future when I can afford to buy my own home there is absolutely no way I'm painting my kitchen yellow.

I walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway. On the other side of the large hallway was an enormous light green living room. A giant crystal chandelier was hanging over the mahogany couch. The chandelier was in quite an…interesting place. Usually in most homes the chandelier is placed over the dining room table. But of course, the dorms in this school are just the opposite. Inside of the living room was a small pool table, a large office desk with three computers, an okay-sized TV, and a large bookcase. If in each dorm there was the same amount of books as in this bookcase, then I could only imagine what the library must look like.

As my mother and I were walking throughout the large living room, a lady with short blonde hair and bright green eyes walked in the room. Her glasses were falling slightly down her face. "Hello, I am Ms. McHue, and I am your dorm advisor. Do you have any questions about the dorm house so far?" The lady asked. I shook my head. "Where are the bedrooms?" My mother asked. "Ah, they are in the basement, follow me." Ms. McHue said, proceeding out of the living room and back into the large hallway. She led us to a white door at the end of the hall and led us down a set of stairs. We found ourselves in another large, but noticeably smaller, hallway. There were five doors. Ms. McHue gestured to the first door on the left side of the hallway. "This is the second bathroom." She explained, leading us to the door right next to it. "This is the office. You can complete your homework and projects in here if you would like, instead of the Homework Hall or the library." She said, leading us into the room. The room was a small wooden room with even more books, six desks, and another, larger computer. It looked like a mini library. Ms. McHue then lead us back into the hallway and directed us to the door at the end of the hall.

"This is my room, feel free to come inside anytime if you'd like to talk." She said with a warm smile. I nodded, glancing at the other 2 doors. I really just wanted to see my dorm room. "Here is your room. Your roommate is another girl your age, Tatiana. She's also knew to St. Marybeth Academy, so I thought it'd be nice for you two to meet considering both of you are new. She opened the door and we all walked into a large, bright room. The walls were painted a pretty nice shade of lavender, the floors were hardwood, and there were two beds. Both of them were empty, just plain mattresses. However, one was on a platform sort of thing, and the other was right next to the closet. "Choose whichever bed you'd like. Tatiana hasn't arrived yet." Ms. McHue said. I picked the bed on the platform. Mother placed all of my suitcases next to the bed. "Well, I will be in my room." Ms. McHue said. She walked out of the room, leaving my mother and I alone.

"Well, its already 3:00 in the afternoon, so I'm going to leave so you can settle in." Mother said, her voice kind of shaky. She walked over to me and hugged me. I squirmed to get out of her iron grasp. She let go after another thirty seconds. A tear rolled down her cheek. "Bye Natalee, please e-mail your father and I. We're really going to miss you." She said. I stared at her confused, theywere going to miss me, yeah right, the reason they obviously sent me here was to get rid of me. Mother walked into the hallway. "I'll see you at Christmas time." She said, waving goodbye. "Whatever," I mumbled, my attention focusing on the number of suitcases I had to unpack. She closed the door behind her, and I could hear her footsteps as she walked up the stairs. I sat down on my bed, unpacking my first suitcase. So, this is what it feels like to live on my own…

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