It was hotter then Hell and Peggy Dawson was starting to feel like the Devil himself. She was bored out of her brain and she wanted to take her shovel and crack a few people's heads open with it. Why in the name of God's fluffy pink pyjamas and matching bunny slippers did she agree to this stupid archaeology course? Maybe if she pleaded temporary insanity they'd let her go home and jump in a bath of ice. Peggy sighed and swiped at the sweat on her brow. It was a nice idea but then her friends would be on her back and she really couldn't be bothered with that in this heat. It was their fault anyway and it had been their idea. They had all picked different courses and had decided that doing one altogether would at least mean they could hang out every once in a while.

"It's not worth it. I'd rather be home with the plague" muttered Peggy. She threw her small trowel aside and stomped away from the group of students, scooping up a bottle of water as she went.

Peggy flopped onto a dry patch of grass in the shade of a very dry looking tree. She patted one of roots as she sat.

"I know how you feel mate" she muttered. Peggy opened her bottle of water and drained it in two gulps. A short, plump blonde girl with bright green eyes wearing muddy jeans and a blue t shirt jogged over and threw herself to the ground beside Peggy. She was smiling and almost glowing with enthusiasm. Or sweat.

"What's up, Peggy?" asked Tabitha Wren. Peggy felt the words coming and she tried to stop them but she couldn't, it was too hot and she was too tired.

"What's up? Are you fucking kidding? I'm hot, dirty, I stink to frigging Hell and I'm bored out of my mind? There's nothing here to find! Whose stupid fucking idea was this anyway?" Peggy managed to stop when she realized she had to breathe. Tabby was staring at her, green eyes dull and full of tears. Peggy swallowed and felt her face grow hotter. It had been Tabby's idea to do a course together but they had all picked archaeology.

"I'm sorry Peggy" she whispered. Tabby staggered to her feet and was about to walk away when Peggy threw herself forward and grabbed Tabby's legs.

"I'm sorry Tabby! I plead for forgiveness!" she cried, putting on a Shakespearean accent. Tabby laughed as she looked down at her friend.

"You're a miserable little pleader" she said. Peggy grinned and stood up. A sudden shout from over a small hill made them both turn.

"Finally some excitement!" cried Peggy. They took off at a run towards the sound of the shouts.

It wasn't an important historical find as Tabby hoped. It wasn't even the mummified corpse Peggy had been wanting. It was just a fight between a couple of douche boys. Peggy groaned when realized one of the douche bags was her boyfriend. Daniel Underhill was well over six feet tall and heavily muscled with black spiky hair and eyes that flashed violet when he laughed.

Dan wasn't laughing now. He wasn't even fighting really. He was dodging the other guy's fists and laughing like a fog horn. Peggy giggled but tried to hide it behind her hand; she didn't want Dan to think she was encouraging him. Besides, Dan was getting enough of that from another guy opposite.

"I'm so embarrassed for him" muttered Tabby, she covered her face and tried not to look. Peggy laughed, this time she didn't bother to try and hide it. Gary Ballard was just under six feet tall and very thin, almost to the point of emaciation. His hair was a mixture of blue and green and hung down his back in a long plait.

"Go on Dan! Kick his teeth in! Go for the knackers!" Tabby blushed and hurried around the fighting duo to put a stop to Gary's mouth. Dan turned as Tabby passed and the other guy managed to land a fist on his lip. Dan staggered back a few steps as Gary and everyone else went deathly silent. Dan's eyes flashed a deep purple and he crossed the short space between them in two strides, he grabbed the poor guy by the front of his shirt and head butted him. There was a sickening crack as forehead met cartilage and Dan let go of his opponent and watched as he slumped to the hard packed dirt.

"Motherfucker" muttered Dan. He wiped his moth and flicked his hand, blood dropped onto the ground.

"What was that about?" asked Peggy. Dan was about to speak when there was a loud crack, it sounded like thunder but the sky was still a clear blue. A low rumble followed and suddenly the ground began to open up. There was screaming and students running, lecturers dashing about to pull people back and then, suddenly, it stopped. In the packed dirt was a perfect circle about four feet across, grey bricks ran around the edge. Peggy edged closer with Dan holding onto her waist, she peered over the edge and raised an eyebrow. She couldn't see the bottom so she picked up a small stone and threw it in. They all listened but they didn't hear it hit anything. A sound did come out of the hole, however. It was a long, drawn out scream. Peggy felt the air forced from her lungs as Dan yanked her backwards.

"It's just air coming -" began Peggy. She stopped when another scream echoed up and then another. Peggy gripped Dan's arm, she was cold for the first time that day. Now voices were discernable and words.

" . . . It burns . . ."

". . . Please make it stop . . ."

" . . . I want my mummy . . ."

Peggy felt the tears running down her cheeks. What the Hell had they just found? The lecturers began herding people back to the mini bus. Only Peggy noticed what looked like a thick, black shadow slipping from the hole.