Peggy didn't remember much of what happened. There were vague shadows and voices; the girl in her arms was suddenly yanked away. Peggy could hear her screaming as Peggy herself continued to fall.

"NO! You can't do this to me! You're mine; you do as you're told! NO!" There was a horrible, wet ripping sound and then the only thing Peggy could hear was the wind in her ears. The air blowing past her face was getting hotter and hotter; it was soon unbearable and she could feel her skin tightening in the heat. Peggy looked upwards as small fingers wrapped themselves around her larger ones; the little girl from the dream was smiling at her. Peggy was hauled upwards, slowly at first but soon other hands were gripping her. Stronger hands and she flew faster and faster until all she could see was Dan's face filling the opening of the well. He held out his arms to her and she smiled. There was a dazzling white light behind him, Peggy closed her eyes against it and then she felt the Earth under her back.

"Dan?" she called, her eyes still closed. Slowly, Peggy opened them and looked around. It was night and a full moon was shining above her. She blinked and sat up; Dan was lying on the mud a few feet away. Peggy crawled to him but he was cold and still dead. She sniffed and let the tears run down her face until the ground began to tremble again. Peggy screamed and cowered close to Dan's body, she saw the Well to Hell closing as a long mist was drawn upwards and slowly formed itself into lots of people. Dan was at the front with the little girl, Flora.

"We done good, Peg. See you in another life." He blew her a kiss and then they were gone. Peggy placed a kiss on Dan's chilly cheek, she staggered to her feet.

"Next time, I take art class" she muttered. Peggy heard a light laughter float around her ears, she managed a smile as she limped towards town.