Here's another poem from me. Don't really know how to describe it so I guess I'll let you decide. It's based on my true life, as are all my FP poems. :)

It Overcomes Me

I've seen joy and,

I've seen pain

Felt my heartbeat,

So damn quickly.

I know the feeling

It overcomes me

Something I can't change

It overcomes me

Like an unbroken chain

Strong and cold

Waiting for someone

To see past the rust,

Past the cold,

Look at only it

Just like me.

Here I am,

Waiting for you

Can't you see?

Compatible on so many levels

Don't know how to shout it out

Scream at the world

Sometimes I want out

It only lasts a little while

I'd never give up

I just want you

Do you want me, too?

Am I just dreaming,

Or is that a smile on your face?

Seems like years

Since I've been this happy.

Trying to give you room

Your space is important

Don't want to intrude

But never want to leave.

Do my eyes give me away?

Can you see it now?

Could you always?

I think everyone else knew,

Except us.

Feel like everyone's staring at me

Waiting for a reply

Wanting to know what I'll do

If I'll wait for you

They don't have to ask

Even if it takes years

I'm patient, understanding

She still means that much to you

So you're blind, too

If it were up to me

I'd be by you in a heartbeat

Never to say 'bye

Only hello.

Can't get this smile to leave

Until I have to go

Then I think about you

And I think about her

How you're not right together

You just don't see it yet.

I'll be patient

Wait until that day

You'll call me up

Ask me what you mean to me

I'll tell you the truth

Always did, always will.

As I drive away

It overcomes me

My smile only fades

Because you're not near

So I sit in silence

On the verge of tears

Waiting to see my prince

The one I've known for years.

Hope you liked it. Things are looking up so my poem does the same. Mostly... Okay, sort of. ;)