I can physically feel my brain

Melting inside my skull.

I guess it's a good thing

My hands are cold.

Such pain... Abstain!

… I really shouldn't complain.

After all, I'm cold because I'm





Aren't I?

A sigh.

A single breath...

I'm slowly going insane.

How can I still feel a burning

In my head when the rest of me

Is frozen? I feel...


I think it's trying to make sense

Of what you did.

And why you did it.

And maybe it's trying to say

That life cannot end here.

And that there's more than just you.

But I just can't understand...

So maybe I'm undead.

A zombie, if you will

At least for now.

And who knows?

Maybe one day, I will find a cure

For Zombieism.