"We're going to play a game, Mary. It's called masters and servants. I'm the master and Toby and you are the servants. And the master has the power to punish his servants in any way he wants."

Masters and Servants, Captain and Crew, How long will it take Mary and Toby to cry. Same game, different titles, the game Chase "played" with my brother and me. His game would go on to scare me beyond a physical sense when he destroyed the definition of family love.

Mary 4, Toby 6, Chase 8

Davis Family Reunion, 1999

The story begins on the day I found out how violent and sadistic my cousin Chase could be. I didn't know that back then, I was only four years old, how could I? Reunions weren't fun for Chase, he was less enthused to be there than Toby or me, we were young and easily amused. You probably think this is when we started his retched game, but it's not. That wasn't started for another year and a half.

Chase had dragged my brother and me into the dark downstairs region of my grandma's house in hopes of finding something fun. What we found was my mom's cousin Greg sitting on a chair watching the news. Greg was the nerd of the family, with huge glasses that covered his nearly blind eyes. He was weak and small enough that even I could tell. That was when Chase got an idea. Chase ran at Greg, not even giving the older man time to think or see my cousin. Chase's fingers wrapped around Greg's glasses forced them off and then threw them at Toby. Chase sat on Greg's chest laughing hysterically while Greg tried to move after getting over his shock. Greg tried to speak, but Chase quickly put his hand over the man's mouth.

"Hey M, get some duct tape will you?" Chase yelled back at me. I didn't want to, but Chase was older so I quickly ran to my grandpa's work table and grabbed his duct tape. I handed it to Chase and then stood back to watch what he was planning. First he placed the tape over Greg's mouth so he could remove his hand from where it was positioned. Then he motioned for Toby to come over to him.

"Hold him still," Chase said sternly, his eyes had a nasty glow I had never seen. I could see Toby's reluctance but he did as Chased asked and held Greg around the neck in a sitting position. Greg didn't move anymore, I don't really know why he stopped fighting us, but he did. Chase laughed as he tightly wrapped the tape around Greg's body. I could see that Chase was hurting him; in fact Chase could easily see the Greg was being hurt, but he just continued. Soon Greg was tightly wrapped up. Greg's eyes were watery and tears were beginning to well over.

"Big baby's gonna cry?" Chase mocked Greg in a sing song voice that sent chills down my spine. Chase leaned over Greg bringing his mouth close to Greg's ear. "Cry baby," he whispered, "I want you to cry." Greg cried and Chase laughed while Toby and I cowered at what Chase was doing. When Chase was done with his fun, he led Toby and me away from the scene. Greg was found ten minutes later by my aunt and my mother while they were searching the three of us.

Something neither Toby nor I knew, and Chase did: Greg could barely breathe out of his nose. When Chase had covered his mouth he had begun to black out because of lack of oxygen, and that was why he had stopped fighting us. When Greg was finally found, he had almost completely unconscious. This only made Chase laugh harder and harder as Greg was rushed to the hospital.

When Greg finally came to, he had no knowledge of who had done such terrible things to him. Nobody suspected us, we were only kids, and Chase was a good boy.

"Why did we do that?" Toby asked in a scared small voice when we finally were alone, after all the ruckus. Chase shrugged, still smiling and giggling every so often.

"Because he's weak, he deserved it." I shook my head. Even at four I knew that was wrong, but I said nothing. What could I say?

"What if we really hurt him?" Toby's voice grew smaller with each word. He was afraid, afraid of Chase. We both were. Chase stood up and stretched his arms. Turning to me he outstretched his hand and I took it without a second thought.

"That's his problem, not mine. Besides," Chase picked me up and turned to Toby, "it was fun."