WARNING: Religious themes. Dont like dont read. But come on! its an awesomeness angel love story!


I turned my eyes up as the sky burst into colors. The warm sun began to set, turning the clouds a sparkling gold as the dimming light reached the water vapor within them. In a breathtaking moment, all of heaven was engulfed in a warmth and beauty second only to the father himself. I continued to watch as the last of the glow dipped below the clouds, revealing the close stars. Raphael had finished his duties for the night. I got up from where I had been lying and spread my wings, allowing the few drops of moisture from the clouds to fall from them. But instead of taking flight, I walked along the gold path that stretched along the outskirts of heaven.

"Akavah!" I turned to see Neva, one of my good friends, walking toward me. Her silver hair and wings caught the light of the rising moon and sent tiny specks of starlight every which way.. She smiled as she reached me.. She and I had been close companions since we were created on the same day. We were both 16 years of age in earth time. It was our creation day.

"Are you happy to see me Akavah?" she asked. I smiled back and nodded.

"Happy creation day" she said.

"Its yours as well" I said. She giggled. Her laugh sounded like bells.

"Well I came to tell you" she said, suddenly turning serious "That the counsel requests your presence immediately." I nodded. I unfolded my wings and looked at Neva once more.

"Good luck." she whispered. I nodded and lifted off the ground. We both knew what this counsel meant. As a male minor angel I would be evaluated on this day. If the counsel of arch deemed me worthy, then I would become a front angel, and I would receive my first mission on earth. I reached the doors of the golden room in the center of heaven where the counsel of arch holds their meetings. I reached up to knock. I had barely touched the door when a voice, possibly Gabriel's came forth from the room.

"Come Akavah" I walked forward into the room. I could see the seven angels of arch sitting in their traditional order. On the end sat Cassiel, Saturn archangel, angel of solitude and tears, with his red armor and wings. Next in line was Zadkiel, angel of mercy, in his gray armor. Fifth was Samael, venom of god, then Anael, Heart Angel of graciousness. Next sat the three leaders of arch. Michael, the fathers favorite, prince of the archangels, in his polished bronze armor. Gabriel, the moon archangel, with his silver wings and armor. I had always considered him one of my friends, though he was my superior by far. He seemed to like me. He smiled slightly when I looked at him. Next to him sat the leader of the counsel of arch, Raphael. Sun archangel in his gold armor. He glared at me with a dislike in his eye.

"Step forward Minor." I stepped up and knelt on the ground respectfully. In truth my heart held no respect for Raphael. I didn't like the way he looked at me. It was because of what had happened I was sure of it. He blamed me for the failure. The failure had happened 26 years ago when an Angel named Kanae was created. The counsel had be so proud, he showed great promise. Raphael was the most proud. Kanae had been his own creation. Kanae was supposed to take his place one day. Sixteen years ago everything changed. Kanae became to proud, arrogant. He believed he was the most perfect of all heavenly beings. Even Raphael. He became uncontrollable. Raphael had no choice but to punish Kanae. Angered, he did the unthinkable. He left the gates for good. Raphael was devastated. He blamed me for a direct reason.

"Stand!" his voice broke my thoughts and I stood.

"You wish to become a front angel." Raphael said


"Do not speak out of turn!" he yelled. I shut my mouth.

"Do you think being who you are means you can be disrespectful?" I winced. Who you are. I knew what he meant. I had tried all my life not to think about it.

"Answer me!" Raphael roared.

"N-no" I stuttered.

"No what?" I lowered my gaze

"No sir"

"You will stand straight and respectful!" he said "We are here to discuss your fate. Act like it. I personally would not like you to become a front Angel." What?

"But some of the counsel" he looked at Gabriel. "Feels differently."

"However we must all agree. You must be tested to see if you have the heart to become a front Angel." Here I did something I shouldn't have, I spoke out.

"Why do you distrust me so much?" I demanded. Immediately Raphael's eyes narrowed. Yet I continued on.

"Is it because of what Kanae has done?" Raphael's eyes burned. I should explain. A year before Kanae became uncontrollable, Raphael created A second angel. Me. Technically, Kanae was my family, my brother. And in those terms, Raphael was also my creator. Like a father. Since Kanae betrayed all of us. He has looked at me like he expected me to do the same.

"You will not speak to me like this!" Raphael exclaimed, he was known for his firery temper, much like the sun. "I could out cast you right here!" I winced, it was the highest of threats, as heavenly beings do not die like humans or the creatures of earth.

"Calm down Raphael!" I heard Gabriel speak and I lifted my eyes. The moon angel was on his feet, looking from me to Raphael.

"Akavah has done nothing truly wrong. He deserves to be treated with some respect" he turned to me

"However, you will treat Raphael with a higher respect. He is your leader and creator."

"He is no creation of mine." Raphael said. I winced slightly.

"However" he continued "Gabriel speaks with truth. You have done nothing yet to prove yourself unworthy from becoming a front Angel. I do not like it, but I will give you a chance. You will be given a task on earth, as a sort of test. If you pass, I will have no choice but to make you a front angel."