~The Children's Laughter~

He sat at his desk all alone, he could not bring himself to do anything anymore. All his time seemed wasted, all his energy drained. Asher Thomas had never been much of an optimist but now positive thinking seemed impossible. Belle had been gone for only a month now. She had been murdered and despite the fact that it seemed to have been done by and inexperienced individual, they didn't have the faintest idea who the murderer was.

Belle had been found late at night by a pair of joggers in the park. Her body laid sprawled behind some bushes, partially unclothed and genitals mutilated. The words: angel, whore, cunt and various others had been carved in to her flesh. The guess was that the killer was a man with an extreme hatred for women. The cause of death had been slitting of the throat, the mutilation had been done after death.

Thinking of the murder, caused tears to fall from his eyes. Before he was able to wallow in his grief anymore, the doorbell rang. Hurriedly, Asher wiped away his tears and went to answer the door.

When he opened the front door, he was surprised to find two young girls, looking around the age of ten standing on the front porch. Asher didn't know their names, but he knew of them. A couple of troublemakers. They were both very thin and pale, with long black hair. He wasn't sure if they were sisters but it was a strong possibility. One of the girl's had a milky white filmed eye, Asher couldn't imagine how she got such a deformity. "Can I help you?" Asher said calmly.

The two of them giggled, "Do you miss Belle? Do you cry for her?" one said, the one with 'normal' eyes, eyes that taunted him. Asher was to stunned to speak, he never expected to be taunted about his murdered wife, not even by children.

"He has been crying, Angel look at his eyes" the one with the filmed eye said. Asher's eyes averted back to the other girl, "Your name is Angel?"

"What does it matter?" she replied crudely. Asher thought about the words carved in to his wife, 'Angel' had been one. It didn't seem to fit in with 'whore' and 'cunt'. "Why are you staring at me?" the one called Angel said.

"No reason...If you think your childish words will upset me, your in for some disappointment" Asher said, as calmly as he could manage.

"Stormy this one's weird" Angel said.

"Watch out bastard!" Stormy shouted suddenly, "We murder!" With that the two girls ran away laughing. Shouting, "Fuck you bastard and your dead whore too!" and many other vulgarities. Asher watched them run away, in his heart he was absolutely sure those two children, killed his wife.

The next day:

"No fucking way" the sheriff said. "Two little girls? Sorry Asher that's just not possible"

"They did it, I just know it" Asher replied quietly. Sheriff Marley was known in town for his no-nonsense take when it came to trouble. Though everyone found him to be reliable, he was not well liked.

"Look those two girls were just harassing you...their a couple of creepy little brats, get complaints about em' all the time" Sheriff Marley said. "I'd look 'em away if I could but their too young"

"They killed my wife" Asher said impatiently. "I know there just little girls but...I just know they did it"

"You think this simply because the girl's name is Angel and-"

"The look in their eyes, the feeling they gave off, it was them!"

"Well I can't take action because you feel someone did it. It'd be the same even if they weren't kids" Sheriff Marley wouldn't help, Asher knew that coming to him would most likely bring no results, but he felt he should try at least. The sheriff had his view of the world and in that world little girls could not be cold-blooded killers.

"Maybe your right, Sheriff" Asher lied, and walked out of the office.

When Asher got home he found a piece of paper weighed down with a rock on the front porch. He moved away the rock and picked up the paper. On the scrap of paper was written: We did it we killed belle watch out bastard. The writing was crude and childish. Of course he had no doubt that the two girls had left it. He wanted to confront them, Asher was actually hoping they would return. In the house he crumbled up the note and tossed it aside, no use keeping it. The silence of the house was heartbreaking. He sat down in the armchair, trying to forget everything... just for a night he would like his mind void.

Before he could even begin to relax, he arouse from the sound of a brick thrown through his front window. Immediately he ran for the front door, he could catch them. He didn't know what he would do when he caught them, his instinct just said go after them.

Asher was out the door quickly and already the two girls were running away. He hadn't noticed before but the one, Stormy, could not run as good. She appeared to have something wrong with her left leg. But still, neither of them were as fast as him. He caught up to them easily, grabbing handfuls of their dark hair. They struggled and clawed at his arms but he simply refused to let them go. "I just want to talk with you!" Asher whispered harshly.

"Fuck you bastard!" Angel shouted.

"You're going to answer to me...you will"

Thirty-five minutes later:

Asher never thought he would be going this far. But he had them. Both girls were bound to the kitchen chairs with heavy amounts of duct tape. Their mouths were free, of course. They had questions to answer. "You can't keep us here" Stormy hissed.

"Once you answer to me, then I will let you go" Asher replied calmly.

"What-" Stormy was about to say but was cut off by Angel. "We killed Belle! We did! And there's nothing you can do about it!" the girl shouted.

"I believe you..." Asher said. "But just to make sure, tell me how you did it"

"It's like we always do, we hide in the bushes when the right one comes by, Stormy goes for the legs and I jump on their back and cut their fucking throat!" Angel gave a wicked smirk, while Stormy sat listening. "We take them someplace no one can see us and carve in what we think of 'em. And then we cut 'em up between the legs, 'ole Jack the ripper style...that's the best part"

"What are you gonna to do to us?" Stormy asked.

"He won't do nothing! They never do, all they do is cry!" Angel shouted.

"I don't know...I don't know what I'll do" Asher whispered.

"You won't do anything!"

Shocking even himself, Asher smacked Angel hard across the face. He hated her taunting and boldness. A child upsetting him like this made him feel weak and ridiculous. "Is that all you got?" Angel cried, mockingly, "We did a lot worse to your whore!" Stormy looked over to Angel, a smile coming across her face. As if it were a reflex, he hit her. He wanted them to suffer... in someway. Balling his fists he began hitting each one of them over and over again.

Five hours later:

"You know Asher I never thought you were the type to beat the shit out of two little girls" Sheriff Marley stood across from him, "Well anything to say?" Asher remained silent, all he could think of was their mocking laughter, and no matter what he did, he could not silence them.

"You know you almost killed them"

Asher shut his eyes tightly but still tears escaped, his whole body quivered and suddenly he fell to the floor. Sobbing loudly, he convulsed and started screaming. "I'm sorry Belle! I'm sorry!" And still they laughed.