Aaliyah's P.O.V

I walked into the school, in search of my friends. Now, I'm not your ordinary black, ghetto girl. To tell you the truth, i am a hardcore oreo, but i do wear south pole and baby phat and sometimes listen to hip hop and rap. I continued walking, when i saw a guy with black scene hair with another with blue and white hair. I looked up to see the guy with the black hair and purple shirt looking at me and then started whispering to the gut next to him who looked at me also. I looked down, feeling myself blush.

"Aaliyah!" A group of girls yelled. I looked up to see Dominique, Shelly and JayLynn walking towards me so i quickly ran towards them.

"Hey girl. i saw one of them new guys scopin' you" Shelly said when i reached them. I looked down blushing...once again. I looked behind me to see that the guy in the purple shirt was staring at my back with a dazed look. The boy with the blue and white hair knocked him over his head and the boy returned to his natural state.

"Oh. I have to head home, my mom wants to tell me something. Bye!" I yelled at them as i left the school.

~At Home~

"Ma?" I yelled out once i got home.

"I'm in the Parlor! I want you to go dress up nice, we have guests coming over and then i'll tell you what i was going to, k?" My mom said. I nodded my head upstairs and went to put on my favorite dress.

/tag/yellow-formal-gowns/(its the halter like dress, it's above the Jovani Halter Top Homecoming Dress. the order is the dress and then the name of the dress)

~Zalek's P.O.V~

When i first walked into the school, the first thing that caught my eye was THAT girl who made it seem like it was just the two for us. I nudged Dymus and told him to look at the girl i was staring at. I heard somebody call Aaliyah. The girl turned around and smiled. *So that's her name...Aaliyah. What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl* While i had my eyes set on Aaliyah, Dymus has his view set on one of Aaliyah's friend's who had brown curly hair and brown eyes. I turned back around to watch Aaliyah walk to her friends...*damn, she has a nice ass...* I felt someone knock me on the head and i turned to glare at him, restraining to take out my fangs and bite his head off. I looked at her once again before she left

Zalek, you have come home, we have to go to a meeting and you need to be there, I heard my father say to me in my head. K I replied to him. I turned to Dy and said "My father wants me to come to a meeting with him, don't know what it's about" and left the school and ran to the place where the meeting was supposed to be. Hmm, the scent around this house smells familiar...

~Aaliyah's P.O.V~

I quickly put on my dress, did my hair, put on white and yellow eyeshadow, then put on black peep toe heels. I quickly rushed downstairs to the parlor to see my mom, two very young looking people.

"Mother, Father, sorry i am so late, i had to find the house-" i heard a boy say and then he stopped when he came into the room. I looked up to see the guy with black hair and a purple shirt. I could feel my eyes widening.

"So i see that you've already met Zalek. I am Mr. Zaituc and this is Mrs. Zaituc, Zalek's parents." the man on the couch said. *Well at least i can put a name to the guy that i met today...Zalek* I thought as i stared at him. come to think of it, I've always had a thing for scene guys in their eyeliner and skinny-jeans...YUM!

"Is that alright with you Lia? I'm sorry, this was the only way i could repay them." I heard my mom say close to tears. I jumped out of my thoughts and nodded my head, having no idea what the hell she was talking about. Zalek looked like he was trying to stop himself from laughing and said "Come on wifey, you have to move in with us and we've already bought clothes and other things that you'll need."

My eyes were wide in shock.