Hundreds of dresses spread out on thousands of hangers,

All calling, all saying "Wear me."

Beautiful patterns on soft fabric,

Colors bright and bold,

Pastel and paisley and perfect.

But which to choose?

What statement to make?

To be subtle or sonorous?

Seductive or stunning?

It's definitely not as easy as it might seem,

For a girl in a one size fits all world.

But with friends and a smile,

There are some good times made for a while.

To find the perfect dress,

One that is white and flowing with gold threaded patterns.

To wait on a dance floor for the perfect one.

What will your dress say about you?

And don't even get me started on shoes…

A/N: Guess what I did today? This was just a quicky I wrote after shopping with Mia and Aquia.