Creak. Thump. 'Someone is getting too close.' I think, as I look for an escape route, the tiny cabin now being filled with toxic smoke. The wind only fuels the swelling fire's hungry rampage through the small house. Eyes burning with smoke turn to back door still unlocked from my run inside that early morning. Creak. Thump. I no longer hesitate. I scurry as fast as I can to the closed door as the sound of the stranger grew close.

My hand grasps the handle tightly. Fumbling in my terror I finally manage to open it. I hear the sound again. Creak. Thump. And I flee into the woods on wobbling legs; dodging trees and aquiring scraps from branches. As my breath becomes short and ragged I stop for just a few seconds.

Snap. My eyes widen at the sound of the branch behind me breaking. Swift as a striking snake a hand gribs my own just as I move my foot forward to sprint away. I let out a high pitched scream as the stranger yanks me backwards.

I can see a ghostly figure floating forward. I struggle to break away. Just as my vision turn back I hear the figure shout, "Don't forget who you are!"

Crack. My eyes snap open as pain sends my nerves on fire. Head resting against the wall I knew that the dream has shaken something deep inside, yet I didn't know what that was. Eyes held tightly closed I wince as every movement of my breathing sends tears flooding down my face.

Shaking my fingers pressed against the cold stone floor in attempt to get support for my shaking legs. Opening my eyes a crack I welcome the darkness with open arms. Two weeks its been now and the pain had only gotten stronger.

Taking shallow breaths I focus solely on easing the pain enough to get up. As I fight to gain control, I drift slowly back to the dream. It wasn't a dream. I just knew it wasn't. I could still feel

heat of the flames against my skin. The sound of the stranger's footsteps still ring clearly in my head.

As I contemplate the signifigance of the dream I hear the faint clinking of metal keys. I didn't question how I could hear them when they were four floor above the dungeon which my makeshift "home" had became for the past six years. The past few weeks has left me with strange new abilities that I didn't understand.

"Bring me Adero." The Master's voice echos in from the garden at the far end of what I believe was the property. The cold tone sends shivers down my spine as I mutter, "Whose Adero?"

Sighing softly I walk past the rotten food scattered on the stone floor. Reaching the barred door keeping me in I frown. As I touch the cold metal my fingernails turn to claws. Fear swepts through me as the rusting door to the dungeons creak.

My face turns to the door and I let out a hiss of rage. I was most definitely not going to answer to that man. Tensing as the figure moves in I almost yelp as the pain suddenly grows out of my tight control.

"Adero?" A soft feminine voice calls into the room. Too dazed with pain I could only groan as a young teen rushes to my cell.

I growl at her as she unlocks the door while fumbling. The nervousness on her face was clearly visible while I stare at her hard.

"Come on. We have to get you out of here." She demands irritably as I yank my hand away from her reach. Glaring at this stranger I dignantly walk out and reply cooly, "I don't know who you are or who this Adero is, but I can handle myself."

Her eyes turn cold as she snaps, "You're Adero and I am Alexis. Don't you remember that day we met?"

I shake my head but I knew she was speaking the truth. She takes my hand and pulls me out the door. The sudden light blinds me as she continues to rush me along the twists and turns of the seemingly endless hallway.

As we reach the back door a voice shouts demandingly, "And what do you two think you're doing?"

My blood runs cold at the Master's voice. Yet, Alexis turns and stares him down boldly. "We're getting out of this hell."

Master moves forward, slow and menacing. I step back towards the wall in terror. Still Alexis stares him down. Her eyes flaming with rage as he reaches past her and grips me tightly.

"Leave her alone!" Alexis spats as she lunges. Just as her hand touches my arm she was sent flying into the wall by a blonde tail.

Startled I watch as the Master finally pulls up a black mask. My eyes widen as I fight to escape. Something deep inside me screams the mask was not just a mask. Now fighting for freedom my own black tails last out, but it wasn't helpful.

Pressed tighty against the wall I could only watch in helpless despair as the black mask slips to cover my face. Burning pain erupts from my face and my vision goes black. As I slip into unconsciousness I see the Master pull out a series of long chains.