Come out come out, wherever you are

She ran as fast as she could but they were catching up. She could hear them getting nearer and nearer. What chance did she have? As she ran the trees whispered encouragement, they didn't want her to get caught. As she ran past they moved out of her way. The branches bent so as not to hinder her, then moved back to block the path. But it wasn't working. Her pursuers were still catching up. It was no use. It was too late now. She should have run before, when she had the chance, when she actually could have escaped. But he had convinced her not to. He had convinced her to stay. "Running will only make you look guilty. Stay here, till the trial. We can fight this." And she had believed him. The stupid idiot that she was she had believed him. How was she to know that it was him, her own brother who had convinced them that she was guilty? It was him who had been their chief witness. And now all she could do was run. It was run or death and she didn't want to die.

Suddenly she stopped. This was not working. Her whole body ached and she couldn't breathe. There was no way she was going to out run them. There was a large tree over to her right. She scrambled up it as fast as she could. The tree moved its branches to conceal her and she waited. She hoped in vain that they would pass, hoped that they would not find her. Then in the dark she could really make her escape. Then she heard it. "Come out come out wherever you are. I know you're here little sister." She started to tremble. This couldn't be happening. It was a nightmare, a terrible nightmare. "Search the trees"

She waited, for minutes that felt like hours she waited until she heard rustling from the branches beneath her. No, no, no. She didn't want to die. A face appeared. She recognised that face; it was one of her brother's friends. She pleaded with her eyes, please, please don't do this. But he grinned before yelling to the others. "I've got her" Her ankle was grabbed and she struggled against him. But he was too strong. They pulled against one another until losing balance they both fell to the forest floor losing consciousness.

The brother bent over the pair and laughed. Finally they had her, his freak of a sister. He slapped his friend awake while the others tied her so that she wouldn't escape again. As his friends eyes opened he laughed again. "How are you feeling?" He asked helping him up. He rubbed his head and groaned. "I'm going to kill my brother" he muttered. They slapped one another on the back and laughed as they walked away. It was only later in the darkness of his room, after his sister had finally been disposed of, that he remembered his friend had no brother. It must have been a concussion he thought turning over to go back to sleep. That was when he heard it. "Come out come out wherever you are" He sat bolt upright and tried not to panic. "I know you're here big brother"