Jimin smiled at the kid in front of her and stuck her small chubby hand out for the child to hold. The kid looked up cautiously with head still lowered, but Jimin still adorned a grin.

"I will be your friend!" The small child smiled, glee filled him as he went to take the girl's hand. But, just as both of their hands touched, the little boy faded away. Leaving little four year-old Jimin all by herself on the playground. She stared at the place where the boy was standing a minute ago in confusion. Why did that always happen?

It was then from the side of the little girl, other children were watching her weary eyes.

"She's talking to herself."


"H-Hey, we better not stand around her or else we'll catch her weirdness too!"

Jimin frowned at all the kids around her. That's rude to say! What if the little boy was still here and heard them! She turned around with a pout on her face and stomped off the playground. She didn't need to play with other kids who act so rude.


Jimin sighed to herself on the memory. That was thirteen years ago, and how she wishes those people she talked to were real. The girl leans her head on her desk in class, barely able to keep awake in the period. Jimin has seen ghosts ever since, well, just ever. She didn't find out they were ghosts until kindergarten when she realized no one else could see them. At first the ability was cool was her, but it soon grew to be a pain as they would keep pestering her for favors. What's worse about the ghosts is that they can mess with Jimin, sometimes tripping her, moving her possessions, or just angering the girl 'till she starts to yell at them. That's when worse comes to worse as people would then think she's talking to herself.

It's still a plight to her even today. Two elderly couple were currently pulling on her long wavy black-hair and poking at the girl. She would sometimes turn around to glare at them with her brown eyes. Jimin groaned to herself and slammed her head on the desk gaining attention some attention from the rest of the class. These ghosts have been causing her trouble all day! Even in gym class they made her trip during the mile!

While the girl was wallowing at her current state she felt a small object hit her head. Jimin looked up at the side of her to see her friend Adele looking at her with an eyebrow raised. She then glanced at her desk to see a piece of paper on it, Jimin opened it to see a small note scribbled in by her friend.

U better not be going crazy on me

The girl let out a sigh at Adele's comment. It was still a mystery to Jimin why the blond and hazel eyed beauty was her friend, Adele wasn't the most friendliest person in the world. She had a bad temper and would speak whatever what was on her mind. Now that Jimin thinks about it that's probably why Adele hangs out with her, because no one else in the school would. Even though the girl was very rude, Jimin was thankful to have a friend who would hang out with her despite Jimin's random times of 'talking to herself'.

The bell rang, signalizing the end of school. Jimin got up from her seat and picked up her stuff, from the side of her Adele came up to the black-haired girl and hit her across the head. Jimin let out a small sound at the impact.

"God! What's wrong with you? You've been glaring at the air all day and it's freaking me out." Jimin rubbed her head with a pout and straightened back up.

"Have not!" Adele let out a scowl and started to walk out of the classroom. She then stopped at the door noticing that Jimin wasn't moving from her spot, the haughty blond raised an eyebrow as her friend didn't move from her spot. Her look of confusion soon turned to one of a glare.

"What are you waiting for? Let's get going." Jimin let out a smile and a nervous laugh.

"Um, you know what. How about you go ahead of me!" Adele narrowed her eyes at the girl before scoffing and walking out the door.

"Suit yourself."

Jimin continued to wave her friend goodbye until she was sure the girl was gone. That's when the girl finally snapped and started to shake her legs, trying to remove the ghosts that were clinging onto her.

"Let go! I'm not helping you!"
"Miss, please! We just want our children to know we love them!"
"Show some compassion!" Jimin groaned and continued to pull at the spirits who were now crying into her legs.

"Please Miss! It wont take that long!"

"That's what the murder victim told me last week!" The two ghosts were finally able to pull down the girl making her trip and fall face first into the ground. Jimin grew an irk mark and started to kick at them again.

"There is no way I am helping you ghosts again!"
"Um, is there something wrong?"

Her eyes widened at the new voice, no, there can't be other people! She then slowly raised her head up to see a hand full of her classmates at the entrance of the classroom. Jimin laughed as they continued to stare at her with blank expressions.

"No! There's nothing wrong! I was just, um, just practicing for a play! It's about a girl who is getting bothered by ghosts, what do you guys think of my acting!"

" . . ."

She let out another nervous laugh at their silence and monotone faces.

"Hahaha, I'll just be leaving now. . ."


Jimin let out a sigh of relief after helping the elderly couple pass on, she was now walking on the streets back to her house. Thankfully the couple's children didn't live that far away. But still . . .

Didn't they know they could still hold objects! ?

Jimin frowned at the thought, all they did was have her write a letter. Well, she should still be happy about them not giving her a huge errand to do.

It wasn't always like this, with ghosts asking her to do things for them. At first she just befriended them, but while playing with the ghosts they would sometimes talk about problems deep problems they had. Jimin helped them happily, but soon they started to swarm her. It used to be like she couldn't walk out into the streets without getting swarmed by them. Somehow, one day the ghosts stopped coming to her as much as usual. Jimin didn't question it though, she was just glad they weren't around her twenty four seven.

While in her thoughts, she felt a wave of pressure hit her head. Jimin stopped in her tracks and looked around herself frantically. They can't, they can't be here now! She was sure she scanned the area for any of those monsters! Jimin sprinted down the street without a second thought, she has to get away before one of them catches her!

She could feel her heart racing as she heard the monster start to catch up behind her. Jimin lets out a yelp as the monster's black claws grip her leg and lift her up to it's face level. Well, if she could call it a face. These monsters looked the same, but sometimes had different looks. Jimin gulps as she looks at it up and down. All of them sort of have the body of a human that is black, each monster had different red strips that cross-cross across it's body. Another feature these monsters have is it's long, black claws. It's last look were it's feet that were akin to a werewolves.

Jimin could feel herself sweat as she stares at it's face. They never had eyes, but they always did have a 'X' that slashed across and a huge mouth with a galore of teeth. It grinned at the girl in his claws.

"Looks like I grabbed a lucky one." Jimin began to stutter at it's now drooling mouth.

"I-I-I don't think y-y-you'll like me! I d-don't have any f-fat or m-muscle!" The monster let out a loud laugh at Jimin's stuttering.

"Dumb human, we don't feed on your bodies but your souls."

" . . . Well, I'm pretty sure that doesn't take good either!"

Small tears began to collect at the brim of her eyes as the monster began to lift her above it's mouth. She's dead! Her life's over! And what has it been wasted on? Other dead people who have already had their lives on Earth!

But before the monster could drop her in, a new voice came from the bottom of the ground.

"Disgusting." Both monster and girl's head turned down to the streets to see an, interesting person. Jimin raises an eyebrow at the male. One thing that really made him interesting was his red and black-hair, especially his attire. He wore black jeans with a loose buckle, the top part of him adorned a black trench coat that had a hood he was wearing, also why wasn't he wearing a shirt. And-, holy crap! Why is his hand black and his fingers long! ?
The monster still holding Jimin sneered down at the man.

"Get lost! This is my dinner!" The male lets out an almost taunting laugh with his head down before looking back up at the monster with a menacing smirk.

"I'm not the kind of guy you want to mess with." Right as he said that, another wave of pressure rand through the air. These waves of pressure would usually appear when a monster was in the area, the bigger the monster, the stronger the pressure. But this was a hundred times stronger than anything she has ever experienced, Jimin had to raise her hands up to cover her head. The pressure was so strong that it was giving her a head ache.

The monster released his grip on her leg, making her fall to the ground and let out a grunt at the impact. It backed away from the male with steady steps.

"I-I'm sorry! She's yours!"

With that said the monster ran down the street in fear. The wave of pressure in the air soon faded away, Jimin looked from the way the monster went then back to the mysterious person who saved her. As she turned to look at him she sees that he's now walking away from the girl. Jimin raises an eyebrow at that. What exactly was he? There was the possibility he was a ghost, but the monsters usually ate ghosts. It was then that Jimin's eyes widened as a thought came to her head. Wait! He just scared away that monster without even batting an eyelash! Which means that he could scare away any ghosts that come within' her space!

Jimin quickly got to her feet and began to run up to the male.

"Hold on!" She gripped onto his sleeve, only to have him jerk his arm back and turn to her with an ugly sneer.

"Don't touch me woman." Jimin faltered a bit at his cold reaction but shook her head before clutching at him again, only this time onto the back of his coat going onto her knees.

"Please! Just listen to me for one moment! I really need your help!"

"Crazy bitch! Let me go! Dammit, I should have let that Demon eat you!" Jimin looked up to the male with a blinking eyes before turning it back to a smile.

"Demon? Is that what they're called? See! This is why I need you! To also teach me these things!" The male could feel his patience breaking, he finally gripped the girl's uniform collar and pried her off his clothes before chucking Jimin down the street. She sits up as quickly as she can and looks up to see that the guy has disappeared.

Jimin huffs and hits the ground with her fist before folding her arms across her chest.

Dammit! He got away . . .


Jimin walked through her house entrance as quietly as she could. It was seven-thirty, and this is the third time she has stayed out late again without her parents knowing. She began to silently climb up the stairs to her room. So far so good~!

"JIMIN! Where you staying out late again? !" Jimin flinches at her mother's high-pitched voice. Dammit! So close! The girl turns around with a bright, fake smile.

"Hey~, mom! You know, I was just. Um-." Jimin looked down to her bag she held in her arm and saw a book, she takes the book out with a smile and shows it to her mom, "I was at the library! You know, gotta read to get smarter!"

Her mother also returns her daughter's smile.

"Really~? You were at the library? Well, guess what?" Jimin jumps as her mother's face forms to a frown and a dark aura starts to pour out of the adult, "I called the library today and asked if you were there and they said you weren't!"

She blinks at her mom.

"You called the library for me?"

"Sweetie, you have used that excuse five times already."

Jimin curses to herself, damn, she needs better excuses . . .

It was then that she saw her mom start to sniffle tears. Jimin sighs to herself, oh great, here comes her mom's melodramatic act.

"What have I done to raise my daughter so wrong!" Tears begin to form on her mother's eyes as she stares up at her daughter.

"I never thought my only child would be so rebellious!" The curly, short brown haired woman began to let out tears now wailing making Jimin shuffled uncomfortably at her position on the stairs. She then raises her hands up and tries to comfort her mom with a smile.

"Mom! You haven't done anything wrong in raising me!"

Jimin wished she could take back her words as her mother looks at her with the evil eye under hands. She gulps at the woman's changed air.

"So, you think there has been nothing wrong with your actions?"

"Uh, if I say 'no' will my punishment be lessened . . ."

Her mother then burst into tears again. Jimin blinks at the woman and glances around the room before slowly going up the stairs again, once she was sure she was fair enough up the girl runs to her room and slams the door shut.

She sighs as she was finally in the security of her room. Really, she should be used to her mother's moods and actions now, but the woman was just too crazy for her to get used to. Jimin's mother has always acted like that since she was little. At home it's only her mother and Jimin. Jimin's father passed away in a car crash when she was just a child. But, she doesn't really know what her father is like or how he looks like. Every time she asks her mother about it, she would just burst into tears about it and start to pray to God about how she wishes her father could be there with them.

Sometimes Jimin wonders if her mother just does that to ignore the question . . .

The girl walks to her desk in her room and sets her book bag down before taking out her books to start her homework. Jimin pauses working and taps her pencil against her head.

What she should really focus on is getting that guy to help her with the ghosts that bother her. Just by the male's looks she can tell that he's not the most kindest of people. Or the most patient. Jimin then pumped her fist with a confident face. Tomorrow, she's going to skip school and dedicate that whole day to finding the mysterious boy!


"Ugh, not here either." Jimin let out a sigh and seated herself on a side street bench. The girl watches as people pass her by. It's been two hours since looking for the guy and her feet are killing her! Maybe he moved down to another city? Jimin dreaded that thought, if she found out he actually did run off that would mean no normal high-school life for her.

"Hey! Hey, Miss!" Jimin blinks and turns to her side to the sound, but once she sees what is next to her the girl quickly closes her eyes and turns back.

"Hey! I saw that! You can see me!" Not another ghost! The worse part of this is that it was a little boy, ignoring him made her heart break.

"Hey! Help me out!" The boy then started to pull at the corner of Jimin's mouth.

She takes that back.

Jimin laughs and puts her hands behind her head with a carefree smile.

"Wow~! What nice weather!"

"Is that the girl that can see ghosts?"

"That is!"

This time her eyes shot open as she started to now hear the ringing of three different voices. Jimin quickly stands up and runs down the street trying to get ahead of the ghosts. Their voices continue to sound behind her, making the girl quicken her pace. She has to lose them!

But her prays weren't answered as one of the little ghost boys jump onto her back making Jimin fall onto the ground.

"I got to her first so she has to help me!" The boy says with pride as he continues to sit on top of the girl. From the side another little boy runs up and starts to pout.

"That's not fair! You cheated!"




Jimin groaned in pain as they started to fight on her back. Great, she skips school and this is what she gets, a line full of ghosts wanting her to help them. It'll probably take all night to help every single one! Which would also result in more punishment and bi-polar yelling from her mother.

"Hey, you little snots are annoying her." Jimin looks up and her face bursts to a wide smile as she sees the red and black-haired male from before. Yes! Her bodyguard has come to save her again! She then started to feel both little boys get off her back trembling.

"D-Do you feel that mana coming off him?"

"L-Let's get out of here!"

Without a second thought both boys run down the streets screaming in fear. Jimin smiles as she sees all the other ghosts run off too. This is definitely proof that this guy can help her achieve a normal life! She then stands up again and dusts herself off. Jimin looks up with a grin, expecting to have the male standing in front of her. But instead the guy is already walking down the street. Jimin frowns at this, there is no way he is getting away from her again! She runs up to the guy again and taps his arm, only to have the same reaction as yesterday. An ugly sneer.

"Fuck off, or I'll snap his neck."

Okay, note to self Jimin, keep appropriate distance away from mysterious male. Jimin let out a nervous laugh and backs away from the guy slowly.

"Hahahaha, funny! Well, can I just ask you this small little question? It'll only be a second!"
"Second. Now scram." She then started to panic as he was walking away from her, he's getting away again!

"C-Come on! It's not like you have anything else to do!" Jimin felt relieved as the male stopped his walking and froze in place. He then turned around with a glare.

"Talk fast." Jimin smiled at him and walked up to him, but whispered low to the male.

"Well, can we do it somewhere else? 'Cause people are staring." The guy looks up and around them to indeed see people staring at Jimin while whispering to each-other. He grunts before walking off towards the park direction. Jimin happily smiles to herself at how compliant he was now.


"Talk, fast, now." The girl across from him gulps at his harsh words and glare. Okay Jimin, don't mess this up! You can do this! The takes in a slow breath and starts to tell on what she wants him to do.

" Ever-since-I-was-little-ghosts-have-been-bothering-me-and-I-can't-take-it-anymore! So-I-was-thinking-that-since-you-could-scare-off-ghosts-and-monsters-would-you-please-always-be-around-me-to-ward-them-off!" He slaps his hand across her mouth and the other behind her head to stop the girl's chattering. Not that he needed to do that, just sending her one of his dark sneers made the girl shut up right away.

"I take that back, slow the fuck down." Once he releases his grip on her mouth Jimin takes in another breath and starts to play with her fingers.

"Ever since I was little ghosts have been bothering me, and I can't take it anymore. So, I was thinking that since you could scare them off along with the monsters, would you please hang around me to ward them off." Jimin rushes at the end and closes her eyes and keeps her head down. In case the guy decided to punch her lights out. She then patiently waits for his response. Was he going to yell at her? Beat her up? Calmly accept her favor-?

-Whoa Jimin, let's not start to get crazy.

What the girl wasn't expecting was for the guy across from her to start bursting out to a crackling laugh. Her head shoots up with a surprised look as he continued to laugh, and it wasn't a joking one but one that was mocking. She began to shift uncomfortably in her position before the guy stopped his laughter to send her a sneer.

"You gotta be kidding me. Like hell I would ever follow a human around. Do ya think I'm some dog?"

"N-No! Not like a dog! Just to-."

"Shut up." The girl automatically shuts up and puts her head down. Oh yeah, he is mad. The male then starts to sneer.

"You must really be a dumbass. Asking a Malum to follow you around."

" . . . What's a Malum?" His sneer increases as he now rolls his eyes at the girl.

"Shows how much you know. I'm not going to stick around a person who doesn't even know what an Malum is." He then starts to walk away, but briefly pauses and turns back to the girl, lightening her hopes.

"Tell ya what. If you find out what a Malum is, I'll stick around ya." He then turns around again and starts to walk off with a confident smirk. That should get rid of the meddlesome human. Ever since he saved the girl she has just been a pain in the ass, any other human would have ran away in fear once he let's out his mana. He better run out of this town before he runs into the girl again, she'll probably then bitch at him to give her a clue on what a Malum is.

"Hey! Hey! I know what a Malum is!" He stops in his tracks and turns around to see the human girl running up to him with that same sickly smile. No, there can't be any way that she figured out what a Malum was! A sneer came back on his face.

"Alright, what is it?"

"A Malum is the latin word for evil, misfotune, or calamity."



"Are you retarded or really just that stupid." Jimin smiles confidently and folds her arms across her chest.

"Don't say that all because I found out what a Malum was before you could run off." In a blink of an eye the male appeared in front of her and hit her on the head with his fist. Jimin lets out a yelp at the sudden hit and covers her head in case the guy decides to hit her again.

Well, he didn't knock her out so that's a plus!

But unknown to her that's exactly what he was thinking. His hands were still trembling, tempted to actually kill the girl on her stupidity.

"Listen here, don't you even think to-!" His sentence was then cut short as a wave of pressure rang through the air again. This time Jimin jumps as she hears a rip, the girl looks up and her eyes widen as a huge gate appears. The gates were black and white and had two skeleton hands, the hands release the door and they open. From the doors Jimin couldn't believe the sight as two of the largest monsters she has ever seen crawl out of the doors. These were the size of fricken' skyscrapers, what was different about them was that they didn't have any arms.

Then there was a loud laugh from the side of them, Jimin turns her head to see the monster from yesterday almost doubling over in laughter. It looks up and raises a finger towards the male next to her.

"This is what you get for trying to steal my meal from the night before! You try to stand up against those two Famulus!"

Jimin gulps at the situation. Two monsters over a mile tall and a single one on the side? She begins to steadily walk back and tug on the guy's sleeve. Her voice comes out in a small whisper.

"H-Hey, let's get out of here." She then begins to panic as instead of running off the male strides forward, stopping at a good distance in front of the monster but away from Jimin. A smirk plays on his lips before turning to the mammoth monsters.

"For choosing me to follow you around, you don't know how powerful I am." He then went to turn his head to face the teenager. "This is just a taste of my strength."

She holds her breath as he pulled out a sword from it's sheath, he then goes to grip the blade making sure to draw out a fair amount of blood. Alright, Jimin knew the guy was probably sadistic but this was too much. He goes to sets his feet and position himself as he lifts his hand, soon the air around Jimin starts to pick up. She puts her hands up to cover her face as debris starts to fly up, finally opening her eyes she's shocked to see that the guy now has a glowing red sphere growing at his hand. He let's out a menacing laugh.

"Eat this!" Jimin's eyes widen as she was blown back to the ground when the male releases the sphere. It fly's forward hitting both monsters, when contact is made they both disintegrate in a instant. Jimin eyes were still wide open looking at the scene in front of her. The sphere didn't only destroy the monsters, but practically everything else in it's path wreaking a large amount of the park. She was snapped out of her thoughts as the guy now started to walking towards the other one who now was trembling in fear.

"T-t-that nihil! You're apart of the Inferi!" Nihil, Inferi? Jimin blinks in confusion of all the foreign names, she finally gets off the ground to look at what's happening between the two powerful beings, the male had a menacing grin on his face as he continued to walk towards the monster. The thing kept on walking back trying to keep distance from the male.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't know a superior was in the area! Please have mercy!" The guy then laughed at the monster's frightened form.

"Then that means you still don't know who I am. Well, I'm going to let you know who ended your life." In a blink of an eye he flashed forward in front of the monster and grabbed it's head.

How was he able to lift something that big in the air! ?

"Daemon Reguis! Second heir to the Inferi!" Daemon then proceeded to break it's face making purple liquid splatter the ground, the monster screamed once more before disappearing into thin air. He then smirked at the now dispersed Demon. Daemon's now sure the girl will run off in fear of seeing his powers. It was an overkill for those two Famulus, but it was fun to release some energy. What came next shocked the male as he felt someone grab him from behind and arms wrap around his torso.

"You're absolutely perfect!" His head slowly turned around to see the same bright smile on Jimin's face which now held adoration. The scene practically made him wince.

"What you did back there was awesome! And your name's Daemon! That's a fricken' kick-ass name! Also what's the Inferi? Is it like a royal family or something? Oh my God! Are you like royalty since you said you were the second heir!" Daemon could feel his composer breaking.

"Shut up."

"God! I feel so lucky to have some one like you around now! You're so fricken' bad-ass! Hey! Could you teach me more about all of this, because it sounds like there's way more than I know!"


And the last thing the teenager saw was a fist to the face.


Pain. Head-aching, throbbing pain. Jimin moaned and turn over in her bed. Okay, maybe she should of calmed down and thought more thoroughly about her actions on hugging Daemon. The girl let out another groan and rolled in her bed . . . wait. Bed?

Jimin shoot up and looked around herself, she's back in her room? But, she doesn't remember walking back.

"Hey, woman." Jimin recognize that deep voice he couldn't have taken her back to her room! She looked to the corner of her room to see that Daemon was sitting on her chair with feet propped on the desk. A smile came on our face, he actually is going to help her ward off the ghosts! So much joy was welling up inside the girl that small tears were beginning to form at the corner of her eyes.

"You're going to help!"

"Touch me, and I'll break your skull this time." Jimin automatically brings her arms back to herself when Daemon growled that command. To be truthful, the girl is actually surprised a hit like that didn't kill her. Jimin then bring her head up to glance at Daemon who seemed to be inspecting her room. She coughs in her fist to bring his attention back.

"So~, what made you suddenly decide?" He scoffed and folded his arms behind his head.

"Listen here, the only reason why I'm going to stick around is because I have nothing else to do." She scratches the back of her head.

"Well, um . . . Is there anything you need? 'Cause I kinda feel bad that you're staying here without me giving anything back." He opened one of his eyes to glance at Jimin before closing them.

"As if a human like you could offer anything." The teenager frowns and stands up to retort back. But a loud scream came from another part of her house making the girl freeze up. Jimin gulped and slowly glanced to Daemon.

"H-H-Hey, how did you get me back in my room?"

"Che, I just threw you back through the window."

" . . . Oh, God." Behind the girl the door to her room flew open to reveal her mother, Jimin flinches as the woman was pouring out a murderous aura with a huge snarl.

"Uh, hahaha. You're probably wondering where I was. Well, I've actually been in my room the whole time and didn't go to school-." Her mother snapped throwing a punch to the girl's room wall making a dent. Jimin jumped letting out a small shriek.

"Don't give me that shit! You've been gone for hours! And what happened to your face? You're not getting into gang fights now, are you?" She quirks an eyebrow at her mother and touches her eye only to have her back flinch at the touch. Oh no, Jimin quickly goes to her drawer and pulls out a mirror. Her face falls at her reflection. That bastard! Not only did he punched her lights out (along with a few braincells) but also left a huge black eye. Jimin gripped the sides of the mirror and whipped around to face where the guy was.

"Daemon!-?" But the red and black-haired bastard left before the girl could scold him.

"Jimin, there's no one there. Oh no! Now my daughter is hallucinating! I fail as a parent!"

"H-Hey, don't say that! You are such wonderful-!"

"You're grounded! You can't ever step out of this room for another week!"

"What about school?"

" . . . Except for that!" Jimin sighs and hangs her head down while her mother kept on moaning about how she has become a 'delinquent'.


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