AN: This is my journal and musings of the heart. Once upon a time, this was my life before I moved. I was a shy girl at first but when the time was near for me to move, well, I became a bit of reckless. If you know what I mean.

Looking Back © Cora Vivian


I look back at my yearbook

I look back of how I packed to leave

Of how I lost and tossed everything in the backseat

Of how quickly I was fooled

And of how I am standing here today

New and alive


The joys of first love

The hurt of it ending

Foolish little girls and boys

Such curiosity of a young mind

Didn't even know it could hurt

I was a bit careless

I wanted to have the will to be rebellious

Look and see and where I am standing now


One, Two

How could I do this to myself?

Lies, lies, do not come out

For I fear that I will be justified to your wrath

I am cowardly and shy

I do not want to see you

For you only cause pain

Secrets they may be called for I did not tell them

Though the pain feels like it is more of lying than keeping a secret

I wish to tell them

I wish not to keep it

Though I know

I will keep this secret to the grave


Young, child-like

What were we doing?

Time to erase it and move towards the future

No more one and two

No more you