Deluded Altruists

I feel their presence on my skin; feel the blood flow within. Hear the roar of distant blast, feel the scrape of broken glass.

The steel is binding forevermore. Trapped in isolation, behind a locked door. To which a key was never made, and that wooden frame will never fade.

Thus is bears some comfort to me, I know I've lost my heart and will never be free; I may be frail and weak, or cunningly bleak, and still I'll be imprisoned, broken, and torn.

To be plagued with forever; tormented with care. I'll watch with weary eyes for the illusion of our world that screams and cries.

And so we must suffer through this life; where kindness is rewarded with cruelty, and people who believe otherwise are deluded altruists.

Hope you enjoyed, just a quick doodle I did instead of studying hehe.