Chapter One: The Evil Hitler Incarnate

Ugh! I can't believe this! I'm freaking late!

Never thought I would live to see the day when I would be late for anything, especially school. Why, you ask? Because I'm a goody two shoes and I can't bear to be late for school. Or late for anything for that matter.

I got to school only five minutes late, but to me it felt like twenty. I thought of sneaking my way to class, since the hallway seemed to be clear of students. I had almost gotten away with it when I heard someone say my name. I was so surprised that I must've jumped nearly five feet in the air. I grabbed my racing heart and turned around.

"Hold it right there Miss Stanhope!" Talk about yikes. Mrs. Wesley (or more commonly known as the Hitler Incarnate) stood in front of me, glaring down at me. She was a 30 year old prune with the discipline of an army general, or hell maybe even more. I was surprised she wasn't divorced yet. Maybe Mr. Wesley was blind and deaf.

"Yes Mrs. Wesley?" I asked innocently.

"Explain to me why you, of all people, are late today?" the she- Devil asked me.

I mentally gave an annoyed sigh. She was going to eat me alive. It probably didn't even matter that I was straight A student with a spotless permanent record. I knew there was no way that she was gonna spare me. So much for trying to sneak my way out of this mess, I mentally berated myself.

"I...Um...You see...—"

"No excuses Miss Stanhope. I'll see you in detention today after school!" The evil, old prune actually cut me off before I had the chance to explain myself. See, I knew it! But still it kind of shocked me.

"Detention?!" I squeaked.

I can't get detention. I'm the fucking role model for the damn ungrateful students that attend it.

"Yes, detention." The way that she spoke so damn calmly only added fuel to my fire. "Do you have anything to say about that Miss Stanhope?" She raised her eye brow at me, daring me to challenge her.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do! It's not my fault I'm late today Mrs. Wesley!" And it really wasn't. My older sister, Molly, was in town and decided to stay at home. She was an early bird and turned off my alarm clock, promising me she'd wake me up. I warned her she better not forget, but Molly, being Molly, forgot my ass in the bed. She made me so mad sometimes. She finally realized she had forgotten me when no one had cooked breakfast. She dashed up the stairs to wake me up and I dressed as fast as I could while trying to keep my eyes from closing. It was so damn exhausting.

"Don't you sass me young lady! Regardless of whose fault it is, you are late and just like every other student who comes through that door," She pointed to the main entrance, "you will get the same treatment as all of the other students. Now get to class before I give another detention for your attitude and back talk."

Ugh! What a bitch! Life was so unfair. I just hoped one day karma would come back and bite Mrs. Wesley in the ass. And bite her HARD. I grudgingly trudged to my next class which thanks to my unlucky stars happened to be Calculus. How the hell did I end up in Calculus? I sighed through my nose. I guess some things are gonna remain a mystery.

I arrived late in class and got a glare from Mr. Freeman. I quickly got into my seat and pulled out my books. For the next hour, I tried to focus on what Mr. Freeman was saying. Huh! Easier said than done. put it in plain English, the rest of my day sucked. I couldn't be more thankful that school was finally over. I wasn't sure I could take one more incident that would embarrass the hell out of me.

At lunch one of my friends, Lucy, had spilled ketchup on the seat and I didn't even bother to check that damn seat before sitting down. Lucy wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed but her heart was in the right place. And besides, if it was anyone's fault, it was mine. I should've checked the seat before sitting. So, I had a huge red stain on my ass when I got up to get a soda. I didn't even know until Cecilia Hughes, school's grade "A" bitch, snickered and very loudly pointed it out to me.

The whole cafeteria started laughing and pointing at me. They laughed even harder when the dumb ass jocks started to crack crude jokes. Thank heavens I had an extra pair of pants or I would've had to stay in those same ketchup stained jeans the whole frickin' day! I would've died of embarrassment.

Well school was over and I was headed over to room 121 to fulfill my detention. Only a few kids stay after school mostly nerds and kids like me who get detention for being five minutes late. Which I quite frankly think is unfair. I mean the dumb ass jocks don't even bother to arrive until second period and I don't see anyone giving them detention. This school was full of hypocrites.

I finished my walk of shame and finally reached Room 121. It was located in the West Wing of the building, in the opposite direction of Biology classroom, which is in the Science Wing. Since Biology was my last class of the day, I had to hurry up and haul my ass all the way here. The sooner I could get in that room, the sooner I could leave, and I needed to leave quickly because I needed to get to the library to study for my Biology test on Monday. I had a whole four days to do that but I like to keep my weekends free for my friends, whom all had the awful of habit of making impromptu plans. I went inside the room and grudgingly took my seat. Mrs. Gibbs was giving me the evil eye as soon as I took my seat. Geez! What was with the teachers and the whole 'evil eye' thing? They've all succeeded in creeping the hell out of me.

Deciding to ignore the creepy teacher giving me the heebie-jeebies, I looked around the classroom, taking in my surroundings.

Somehow I thought room 121 would be different; somewhat menacing. I mean this was the detention room, and with all of the weird rumors floating around about strange occurrences in this very classroom, I would have thought it would be dark, freaky, or something, not bright and open.

I didn't expect much, except the usual boring white walls and the same old boring desks. But somehow I thought that given this school's student population there would be at least a few dozen students here. I was wrong; I was the only one there.

Half an hour passed and I was still the only student here. Maybe the others didn't care what the teachers said or do to them as long as they get to smoke some weed or other shit like that.

Mrs. Gibbs finally left fifteen minutes ago telling me to stay put.

Man! I'm bored. I wish I had my iPod. Or at least someone to talk to. Anyone would be nice.

Since I was there for the next few hours I might as well get some studying done. I pulled my Calculus book out of my black and white checkered backpack and decided that starting with the worst of all subjects was the best. It took me a whole hour but I managed to finish my Calculus homework. Now for…..World History!

I was about halfway through my history assignment when I heard the door open. I didn't bother looking up, assuming that it was Mrs. Gibbs. I knew what I'd see if I looked up, an even older prune in an atrocious purple dress with totally retro specks glaring down at me like I just killed her puppy. No thanks. World War II and Hitler sounded much more interesting. I continued with World History, ignoring Mrs. Gibbs's presence.

I felt someone take a seat next to me. That was odd. Why would Mrs. Gibbs sit here? With that in mind, I looked to my left where I thought Mrs. Gibbs was sitting and totally regretted it. I stared, shocked, at the person sitting next to me. Christian Collins, unofficially titled "The School's Bad Boy", nonchalantly leaning back in his chair with his legs crossed on top of the desk in front of him.

Christian was not some you wanted to mess with. Not only was he a total "Bad Boy" and a player extraordinaire, but his father also happened to be the school's Trustee. Getting on his bad side was like signing your own Death Warrant. So unless you had a serious death wish, you didn't pick a fight with him.

But even with the whole dangerous aura around him, the female population and even few males fawned over him, and worshipped the very ground he walked on. Even I had a crush on him last year when I first moved here. I mean who wouldn't? This guy can put any male model to shame with his stormy grey eyes, which were often hidden by a veil of inky black hair, fringed by thick dark lashes. I also adored his high cheekbones and his amazingly kissable lips.

I wondered if they were as soft as they looked; how it would fell to kiss them.

Shit! I guess my crush still isn't over yet.

Christian was glowering at my desk which was piled with my books. Then, as if for dramatic effect he slowly turned his head towards me and I was startled by the anger radiating from his stormy grey eyes. Again, what was it with people today?

I felt like I must have committed some horrible crime while sleepwalking. First Mrs. Wesley, then Mrs. Gibbs, and now him.

"What?" I snapped. The word left my mouth before my brain could even process what my body was doing. Shit! Not good. Shut up!

Before I could apologize or take my words backs he replied in a deep baritone voice, "You're in my seat."

In his seat? Seriously? Now that was just stupid. I laughed out loud. He didn't own the damn seat. It was school property. I must have said that out loud because he gave me a strange look. I could've sworn that he looked amused.

He raised one dark eyebrow at my answer and replied "No, I don't own it but my dad on the other hand… I'm sure he won't like it when I tell him how you refused to comply with my 'oh so sweet and polite' request". He was smirking at me. That asshole! The nerve of this guy!

He was using his dad. Just because his dad was the damn trustee of the school didn't mean he could get everything he fucking wanted. Damn it! That smirk made him look a hell of a lot sexier than should be legal. I was itching to slap it right off that handsome face of his.

"So what, are you a Daddy's boy or something?" I replied in a snarky tone. I was so not taking any of his bullshit. His smirk quickly turned into a frown, the amusement in his eyes faded into a cold, hard glare. While I took the time to watch his expression, Christian got up in one fluid movement and loomed over me with bit ominous aura around him.

"Get up," he commanded, expecting to be obeyed. This was a matter of pride and I was not losing to this shit head no matter who his father was.

"No." I replied firmly. If I hadn't had such a shitty day I might have done the smarter thing and gave that smirking asshole his precious seat, but since I had lost my sanity due to the shittiness of my day, he could threaten me all he wanted. I was not moving my ass out of that chair!

While one side of my brain was determined to keep this damn seat to myself, the other was cowering in fear and screaming at me: Charlotte Stanhope have you lost it?

And maybe I had.

But right then I couldn't care less about my sanity. All I wanted to do right was tell him to go fuck himself and leave me the hell alone! That damn chair was mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

"What did you say?" He actually sounded surprised. What? No one denied him anything before this? I thought bitterly. What a spoiled brat.

"What are you deaf or something? I said no! Now get the hell out of my face before I ruin that pretty face of yours when I slap that fucking smirk off your face," I replied, my ugly temper showing its head.

"You're telling me no?" He asked bewildered. What is up with this guy? It's as if he was never been denied anything. Maybe he wasn't. With looks like that and the dangerous aura always surrounding him, who would?

"Yes, I did. Got a problem with that?" I replied, my patience wearing thin.

"No," He replied with bit of awe in his voice. This guy was just plain fucking weird. One second he was pissed, the next he was in awe of what I said. I mean what the fuck?

"Fucking weirdo," I coughed under my breath. Apparently he heard me because he turned around and gave me lopsided smile. I just raised my eyebrows. "You're so weird that I seriously question your sanity. What are you, bi-polar?"

This guy was just so fucking confusing. Maybe he was high or something. I wouldn't put drug use past him. He looked like just the type of guy who would screw his life over just for the heck of a good time. Maybe he wanted to rebel against his cold, unloving, filthy rich parents. I mean wasn't that what rich brats did these days?

Hmm… Who was I to judge him? It was his life. He could do whatever the hell he wanted to do with it. I had my own problems to deal with. Too busy with my internal musings, I hadn't even noticed the door opening and Mrs. Gibbs walking in. It wasn't until she stood in front of me, hands on her hips, glaring down at me that I finally took notice.

"Miss Stanhope, I hope I won't be seeing you here after today," Mrs. Gibbs stated in her thick smoker's voice. Damn, I could even smell the cigarette smoke on her. I hated those things. Why the hell did people smoke? Didn't they get it; it was bad for their health. And she was a teacher too, that's two strikes.

"You may leave Miss Stanhope," Mrs. Gibbs said when I looked up at her. Though I wanted nothing more than to strangle her, I was relieved when she told me I could leave.

I stood up quickly, grabbed my things, and left the room. But as soon as I took few steps away from that damn room, I heard the door open and shut quickly.

I thought it was Mrs. Gibbs leaving the room for another smoke or something so I kept going. I had enough quality time with her to last a lifetime thank you very much. I heard Mrs. Gibbs quicken her pace as if to catch up with me or something but was soon proved wrong when I caught a sniff of male cologne. It wasn't very strong, and smelled sort of light and airy with a touch of something musky and earthy. It smelled so wild and untamed.

What the hell?

Wild? Untamed? What was I thinking? I shook my head.

Turning my head, my crystal blue eyes caught the sight of black inky hair and the gaze of intense stormy grey eyes.

Christian Collins was staring at me with a huge grin on his handsome face. His grin was friendly and showed his straight, pearly, white teeth. His eyes were bright and he looked happy.

"Hey," Christian said still wearing that goofy grin.

"Uh...Hi?" My response sounded more like that of a question than a statement.

Was he talking to me? Or someone behind me? I turned around to find out if anyone was behind and was met with sight of red lockers. No one was behind me, so that must mean he was talking to me. But why? I turned back to him and raised my eyebrows at Christian, who was still grinning.

Maybe this guy had lost it. There simply was no other reason why he would want to talk to me after what I had done to him in detention, plus I was a nobody. It's not that I think that lowly of myself, but why would a notorious bad boy want to start up a conversation with me, a nerd who likes to keep to her own circle of her friends and books.

It made no sense. But then again, he hadn't made much sense in the brief time I'd known him.

"Are you lost or something?" I finally asked after standing there for three minutes of awkward silence. At least awkward to me, I wasn't so sure about Christian, especially when his grin just got bigger the longer we stood there. Christian's grin faltered and he looked truly confused.

I had to admit, a confused Christian Collins looked adorable. I wanted to pinch his cheek so badly, but I resisted the urge.

"Uh...No," Christian replied with confusion in his eyes.

"Okay. Well then, bye! It was nice meeting you," I responded quickly and turned on my heels walking towards the parking lot where my car was parked. I didn't hear Christian's footsteps behind me, so I felt it was safe for me to assume that he had stopped following me.

I was about to step out the school door when I felt a hand on my upper arm pulling me back.

I turned around to see Christian smirking down at me; that same stupid cocky smirk that I was itching to slap off his face. I liked his grin better. It made him look a whole lot friendlier and approachable.

"What the fuck? What do you want?" I asked with anger evident in my voice. After sensing the anger in my voice Christian's smirk grew even cockier.

"You," Was all Christian said. I raised my eyebrows, utterly confused.

"Huh? Excuse me? What did you just say?" I asked the confusion and apprehension clear in my voice.

Looking at his face I got a feeling that I wasn't going to get a reply. I tried to pull away. Tried being the keyword. I failed. I couldn't pull my arm out of his grip. He was just too damn strong.

"Let go of me, you fucking asshole!" I shouted at him but he just continued to smirk. That prick.

"Only if you agree to go on a date with me, Charlotte." My name rolled off his tongue perfectly. But it sounded like he was just testing it. Didn't matter to me.

What really mattered was that the weirdo was holding my arm in a tight but not yet uncomfortable grip. And he knew my name. How the hell did he know my name? I never socialized with him or any of his buddies and I certainly wasn't that popular.

"How do you know my name? Let go of my arm you crazy fuck!" I all but yelled still struggling to get out of his grip. I knew it was futile, but refused to go down without a fight.

He seemed to enjoy my discomfort. Again, that asshole! That annoyingly handsome, cocky, smirking asshole.

He leaned in a bit closer to me. He was so close to my lips that I thought he would kiss me. And something told me I wouldn't be able to stop him from accomplishing that feat.

But he turned his head away, towards my right side and huskily whispered in my ear, "I know a lot about you Charlotte."

His hot breath near my sensitive ear sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. I knew he noticed this because he grabbed my earlobe between his teeth and gave it a gentle tug, earning a gasp from me.

Liking my reaction, he pulled me flush against his body and began to play with my earlobe with his mouth. I was perfectly aligned with his body. I could feel the rumble in his chest. I felt, more than heard, the small growl he gave off. I shuddered completely against my will.

I felt his sharp teeth bite down gently and his tongue began to caress the outer ring of my ear. He licked the sensitive skin behind my ear. I almost moaned but caught myself at the last moment as I remembered how this little "encounter" started.

Quickly coming to my senses, I pushed him away from me or at least tried to. His strong and toned arms snaked around my waist and held my body so close to him that there wasn't even space for air between us. I started to struggle against him but my struggles started to cease as his sinful mouth began to suck on a sensitive spot below my ear. I couldn't pull away at that moment even if I wanted to.

I wasn't even sure if I really wanted to anymore. His ministrations were shooting waves of pleasure down my spine and straight to my core. I melted in his strong arms, never wanted to leave them. His hot mouth trailed down my jaw and throat and stopped at the juncture where my shoulder met my neck and sucked there. I never wanted him to stop.

Christian abruptly pulled away from me and I moaned in disappointment from the lack of contact between us. I wanted him to pull me back into his arms and continue where he left off. I almost told him to do just that, but Christian started swearing up storm.

I stared at him, confusion evident on my face. He looked like he wanted to kill someone. And looking at his amazing muscular body, he would be the perfect killing machine. The pure beauty of his visage to lure his prey to him and his strong to body to seduce the unsuspecting victim right into his trap and finish the job popped into my head. I began to wonder how he remained so fit. I wondered if he was blessed with washboard abs. Looking at his tight navy blue shirt, I would say so.

He must've sensed my eyes on him because he looked my way. He straightened up immediately and gave me a once over, smiling wolfishly at me. He was definitely appreciating my flushed appearance. My face felt as if it was on fire. He pulled me flush against his body once again and whispered in my ear, "Sorry, beautiful. We can't finish this right now. I have to get going. But don't worry; I'm looking forward to our next encounter." He finished huskily, sending shivers down my spine.

He gave a gentle tug on my earlobe with his teeth before pulling away and running out the doors of the school. I was glad for whatever caused that interruption between us. I wasn't sure how far Christian planned on taking that with me.

Feeling relieved, I watched his retreating figure with confusion and anger. My eyes trained his nice taut ass.

What the HELL just happened here? What the hell am I doing staring at Christian's ass?

I snapped out of my stupor and realized that I was standing alone in the middle of the hallway after a heated encounter with Christian Collins. That was defiantly not a good thing. And what did he mean by 'looking forward to our next encounter'?

And where was he running off to? Why didn't he finish what he had started? Did I seriously just think that? Okay shit. This wasn't good. Not good at all. Get yourself together Charlie! Snap out of it.

He's just messing with you. He probably just wants to have sex with you. You'd just be another girl with a broken heart.

I shook my head to clear all Christian related thoughts from it and checked my cell phone for any missed calls or texts. Just a few texts from Lucy about some party tonight and my presence there being essential.

Yeah right. Like I'm gonna waste my time at some party with bunch of drunk idiots slurring and humping like rabbits. I needed to study!

Study! Shit!

I had to go to the library to study tonight. And that's where I was headed before Christian- Stop right there brain! No thinking about Christian. Absolutely not! Not even a little.

Easier said than done. I groaned and started walking.

I realized that the library would close soon and I needed to get as much studying done as possible before then. Damn Christian and his charming ways. With those thoughts I jogged toward my car, a '96 Chevy Lumina, which was the only car there. I got in and started it up and headed toward my next destination, the local library.