A/N: We all feel depressed sometimes. My personal thoughts and feelings on the matter. Enjoy! :)


Sometimes, I wonder if I'll ever have a good day.
Sometimes, I wish things would go my way
Sometimes, I just want to let go of everything and be free
Sometimes, I wish I could be just a little more like me

Sometimes, I wish I had something more
Sometimes, I wish I could just quit it all and walk out that door
Sometimes, I set my expectations so low that it's almost impossible to get hurt
And still everything is somehow ruined by someone who thinks they can treat people like dirt

Maybe someday I'll have the guts to throw myself off life's speeding train
Maybe one day, there will be happiness from the pain
Maybe one day, I'll be able to hold back the tears and be strong
And maybe that'll be the day I let go and move on.

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