I put on my white lace dress, the bottom fluffing out at the bodice. Tying on the white lace mask, I turn to the mirror and cover my lips in a light peach lipstick. Coating my eyes softly with mascara, I look at my reflection and smile. I pin up some of my wavy locks of hair and leave the rest down. Putting a white feather in my hair, I grab my purse and pull on my peach lace bootie heels. After painting my nails a bronze color, I slip on my Cabochon peach Delilah ring. I hook on my Cabochon peach necklace and head to the front door. My mom squeals at how cute I look and wishes me luck.

"Have fun!" She calls out, her cheery voice sounding out after me.

I get into my black Lexus and drive to school, nervous and eager. My friends call me numerous times, but I ignore their calls. Upon arriving at the soiree, I park in the very crowded parking lot. I step out of the warm car into the crisp night. The full moon shines down and a few stars twinkle softly. Soft waltz music seeps out through the closed doors and I walk to the elegantly carved French doors. Two men standing outside in lapel long jackets open the doors, their hair slicked back and their shoes gleaming.

The music hits me and I look around the room. I see a few redheads, their grey tuxes clashing and light purple masks clashing wonderfully with their hair. I spot my friend's light blue dress so I sway over to her and tap her bare shoulder. She turns, her blue eyes peeking out from her silver mask. She smiles and hugs me,

"Hey! So, have you found your partner for the first dance yet?"

I shake my head, "I just got here. When's the first dance, Lil?"

"In ten minutes. After the first dance, we sit and try to figure out who the person is. You can't tell anyone if you do figure it out. Then we have dinner and following that, we can dance with whomever we desire, literally and figuratively."

I chuckle and walk through the crowds of people, looking for a white tuxedo with a bronze tie, and peach flower. I walk around and find a someone in a brown tuxedo facing a person with a white tuxedo. I walk over to them and smile at the tall male in white. He looks nervously at his friend and walks over to me.

"Hello, good sir." I say jokingly, smiling slightly.

"Good evening, good lady. Shall we sit?" He responds, his deep voice silkily enters my ear, making my stomach flutter.

"Yes we shall."

We both sit at the nearby table, beige cloth on top of white cloth. The dahlias and peonies are in the middle of the table. I turn to my 'date' and study him. Dark chocolate eyes and almost black hair. His hair is wavy and looks like he may be trying to grow it out. There are some freckles on his face and I find it a bit endearing. He grins and opens his dark pink lips to speak.

"Like what you see?"

I blush slightly and roll my eyes, "There's not much to see, is there?"

We laugh in unison, bass mixed with mezzo-soprano. I bite my lip as the music starts and the principal announces that everyone should get out onto the dance floor. He takes my hand in his and he pulls me off to the floor. His hands are a bit calloused and big. I feel short, seeing as he's at least five or six inches taller than my five foot three. The music starts and we waltz around, laughing at the other slightly less coordinated couples. He twirls me around and I feel like I'm flying. The smell pine trees and cinnamon fills my nose and I find comfort in it. I look into his eyes as we dance and they seem to be dancing as well. The playfulness in his eyes makes me smile and I find myself giggling. He looks at me curiously, his dark eyebrow raising and making me giggle even more. The dance finishes as soon as it had started and we sit in the seats we had been in before.

"So. Do you want to go first or shall I?" I ask, his eyes staring straight into mine.

"Ladies first." he answers smoothly.

I smile and lick my lips, a nervous habit I picked up from someone else.

"Well, I like the color blue, I like every type of music besides country. I'm not a big fan of rap, hip-hop or dubstep, but I'll listen to it. I love reading and drawing. My favorite subject is History and I have two brothers, both younger than me. I'm seventeen and I love England. That's all I guess."

He chuckles, his laugh sounding even nicer that his voice.

"Let's see. My favorite color is grey. I like all types of music and hate when people don't like a certain type of music just because they heard one bad song in that genre. I like watching movies and good grammar," I laugh at this and let him continue. " I have no siblings and I just turned eighteen. I want to visit my friend in England since he moved back just this summer but he might be-"

I interrupt him and I quickly ask, "Elliot right?"

He nods slowly, "You knew him?"

I bob my head, "I had him in two of my classes in Freshman year."

"I had him in my first period."

"Me too. So, now we know that we were in the same class for first."

"Yep. Let's see… Brown wavy hair. Dark chocolate eyes. You look Mexican but I can't tell because of the light…"

I smile softly, "I am. I think I might know who you are…"

He grins boyishly at me and proudly respond, "I know who you are."

I frown slightly, "Are you still happy with our partnering now that you've found out who I am?"

He looks at me incredulously, "Of course! You're really nice and cool."

I smile, "Thank you! So, who do you think I am?"

He smiles crookedly, "Quinn Evans. I know it's you."

Looking down, I nod and a blush forms over me.

"Sam, right? Samuel Pontius."

He beams, "The one and only!"

I snigger and bite my lip. As I open my mouth to speak, the principal grabs the microphone and speaks, his voice reverberating throughout the room.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen, the questioning is over. You may go to your friends and party. Be sure to at least talk to your partner at school if you see them. If you could please go to the other room, we will be setting up the food in here and we have brought a deejay for a while in the other room. After dinner, though, we will have the orchestra come back. Please stick around for that."

I turn towards Sam and tell him that I have to go to the bathroom. He nods and heads to the other room. I freshen up and reapply my lipstick. Once I'm finished, I open the door to the other room and find myself at a dark room with a pumping beat and neon lights. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn to a tall male wearing a dark grey tuxedo. I rake through my mind, in view of the fact that no one was allowed to wear that certain color since the principal was going to wear something similar to it. I wonder who this mysterious person is and why he chose to talk to me. His grey-blue mask brings out his beautiful light blue eyes. His odd sandy brown-slash-gold hair shines in the light. He's slightly taller than me and I know I've seen him before.

"Miss me?" he asks, his British accent noticeable.

I squeal and practically push myself onto him. I hug him tightly and sniffle in happiness.

"I missed you so much! I didn't know you were coming! You should have told me or called me at least!"

He chuckles and hugs me as well, twirling us around slowly, opposite the pulsing and loud music.

"I called and texted you at least three times but you didn't answer. I figured you were driving or were mad at me."

I slap my head, "I remember now! My phone kept on ringing but I was driving and I didn't want to crash."

He smiles crookedly, his eyes seeming to smile as well, "I wouldn't have wanted you to crash either! Especially not looking as pretty as you do."

I smile softly and lay my head on his chest.

"I missed you, Elliot. You should take me back with you. We can tour all over Europe and finish in England."

He smiles a bit sadly, "You know I can't. I'm in school as well."

I shrug, "So? We both have Christmas and Spring break. Well, Christmas and Easter holiday in your terms."

His eyes brighten at this and he grins once again.

"It's a date. Easter holiday it is."

"What's a date?" I hear a deep voice ask.

"Hey Sam! How've you been?" Elliot asks.

"Pretty good, bro! I see you've found my partner."

Elliot turns to me, his slightly darker eyebrows raising.

I feel my face heat up slightly under his gaze and I squeeze myself between the two.

"Well, I'm going to go find my friends." I say and quickly run away.

"So, what's a date?" I hear Sam ask from behind me and I practically run to Lilly and my other friends.

"Quinn! Some guy was just over here asking for you. He had a British accent! I know how much you love British accents." Julie squeals, her voice hurting my ears. She's wearing a bright pink dress with bright pink accessories. Lipstick, eye shadow, heels, etcetera, etcetera.

"I know. I just ran into him right now. He's one of my good friends. You remember when I wasn't with you guys? Well, I was hanging with him and his friends. Anyways, who were your dates?"

"Quinn! You know we're not supposed to say!" Julie scolds.

I roll my eyes and turn to face Stella, her black dress shining in the bright lights.

"I was with Marcus Letson. Of course." She scoffs and I laugh.

"Oh, stop it! We all know you like him!" Lilly smiles and Stella blushes.

"So, Lil, who were you with?"

"I was partnered up with Peter Glaskowe. Didn't know who that was until now. He's really nice. I invited him to sit with us during lunch. Quinn, you'd love him. Just your type. Redhead with blue eyes and freckles. He came from Ireland three years ago."

I sigh and shake my head, "It's kind of sad how you guys know what I like."

"So I don't have a chance now, do I? Apparently, I'm not your type." I hear Elliot say from behind me.

Turning around, I lay my hand on his arm, "Elliot, dear. You never had a chance."

I laugh at his fake wounded expression and hug him.

"You know I love you. Now, can you go get me some punch, love? I'm dying of thirst."

He grins at my bad British accent and leaves to bring some drinks.

"Do I have a chance?" I hear Sam ask and I feel my face heat up a bit.

"Samuel was my partner." I announce to the others trying to inconspicuously avoid the question and they all smirk knowingly at me.

The room seems to get hotter and, excusing myself, I walk to one of the opened windows. Staring out into the sea of people, the cool breeze hitting my back, I see Elliot heading back to the girls and Sam already there talking them something. Just as the room starts to get stuffy once again, the doors to the right open and the principal announces that the dining room is ready. I enter the room and gasp. There are lights twinkling and the whole room looks like a winter wonderland. The flowers in the middle of the table have been changed and Poinsettias are in their place. A few Christmas trees are set around and there are some Menorahs, dreidels, Kinaras. There are different games set around for people to play and mistletoe is hung on the ceiling for unsuspecting people. I walk to the table near the band stage and sit at the white and mint green table. I reapply my lipstick and place a coat of chapstick over it. Smacking my lips a few times, I hear Elliot say, "That's a turn-on."

I roll my eyes and blush for what seems like the hundredth time that night. Julie sits across from me with her boyfriend and Lilly sits next to them. She looks over at them and scrunches her nose in disgust and I giggle.

"I like that sound." Samuel comments and I smile.

"Don't you have friends, you loner?" I ask jokingly.

"Yeah. Why else would we be here?" I hear a blonde with green eyes in a brown suit say.

Lincoln Wolfe.

"Hey. Seat yourselves." I say.

Link his five friends sit down and chatter away to my friends. Sam sits on my other side and I shiver when he leans down and whispers in my ear, "Your friend Stella told me about your old crush on someone sitting at this table."

He sits up and looks at me with a look of triumph and something else.

I blush a deep pink and turn to Lilly quickly, not wanting to meet his stare.

"Where are Stells and Kat?"

"Kat went to the bathroom and Stella is under the mistletoe."

I turn to the farthest one only to find Stella and Marcus kissing happily. I look away in disgust and frown into the pure white tablecloth. All my friends had someone and if they didn't already, they were leaving with somebody. Elliot hugs me and lays his forehead on mine, forcing me to look into his concerned eyes.

"What's wrong, love? Turn that frown upside down."

I smile half-heartedly and answer quietly, "Everyone has somebody at this table besides me."

He shakes his head, "I don't have anybody special. Well, not for a while actually. We broke up last year. I forgot to tell you. And I'm a bit positive that Sam and Hayley aren't here with anyone."

My heart twinges at the though of either Elliot or Sam ending up with her. The idea of Elliot with her disgusts me, seeing as he's one of my best friends and almost brother. As for why I felt like that about Sam, I can't explain. Confused and hungry, I feel a bit better when the waiters come out and ask everybody what they would like to eat. I order the spinach tortellini with blueberry tea.

"Oh. Well I guess I'm not alone then, am I? Why'd you break up with Desiree?"

He frowns slightly, "She was cheating on me and I caught her. "

I gasp angrily and pat his arm, "I told you you could have done better."

Grinning, he answers, "I know. That's why I was going to her house that day, to break up with her. I didn't have to after that. Made it quite easy for me. It made it very awkward for her and her lover. She found out her lover impregnated her after that. Stupid girl."

I laugh in disbelief and hug him back.

"Oh Elliot, how I missed you so. Did you ask anyone else on our European trip?"

He shakes his head, "No. didn't know you wanted me to ask anyone else."

I shrug, "You don't have to. I just thought it would be even better. I'm fine with just us two going. We'd still have loads of fun."

We grin childishly at each other and Sam's soothing voice seeps into my ears and I take pleasure from the sound, "Can I go? I mean, you don't have to let me but-"

Elliot nods, "Of course! So now, it's just you, Quinn, and me."

I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn to Hayley in a light green mask and olive green dress with black lace.

"Link and Tyler are calling you."

I sigh and stand to walk to the other side of the table. Lincoln's slipped off his mask and his green eyes are watching me move. Tyler sticks his bottom lip out nervously and turns to look at his girlfriend. The sight of her, seems to relax him and he turns back, his maroon suit crinkling at the edge. I sit next to Lincoln and look at them expectantly.


Tyler smiles tentatively and speaks, "What're you guys talking about over there? I heard something about a trip and Sam asked if he could go? I'm in if I have the money. Depends on where and when."

I shrug, "European trip during Spring break. I've actually already been saving. So far, only Samuel, Elliot and I are going."

"I'm in too. Why are you calling Sam, Samuel? Don't you like him or something like that?" Lincoln asks loudly. I roll my eyes. How immature of him. Just because I declined his date request didn't mean he could blurt out personal things. It's kind of ironic; I liked him in eighth and ninth grade but I soon gave up on him. Tenth grade, I lost focus on him and started liking his friend Sam, who I was partnered up with for the dance. In eleventh, I lost weight and my slight acne cleared up a bit. I alternated between wearing contacts and glasses and I started wearing a bit of mascara. I started talking out in class more often and apparently, that was the type of girl Lincoln liked. He pursued me for a while but gave up until the week before the dance. He sent me flowers and chocolate. I said no and he's been bitter ever since.

"Fine. You guys can go. And Lincoln, if you really are going, please refrain from being such a douche. Just because I said no doesn't mean you have to be so mean to me. I actually think we could be good friends but not is you keep on acting ridiculous."

I smile awkwardly at Tyler, who looks as if he's going to explode into a fit of giggles. Walking away, I hear Amber, Tyler's girlfriend, say, "Damn, you got burned!" Tyler and Amber burst out laughing and Lincoln actually joins in. I sit next to Elliot again, relieved that Sam finally left to the bathroom or something.

"Tyler's going. If he's going, Amber will most likely be going as well. Lincoln is contemplating it but if he's going to be an asshole during the whole trip, I won't go and you guys can have fun by yourselves. I'm sick of him being so mean to me. Girls reject guys all the time. Don't know why he'd take it worse than any other normal guy." I say annoyed.

"He thinks he owns you since you liked him first. Us guys are weird like that. Don't worry. He'll get over it when you get a boyfriend." Elliot reveals and I roll my eyes.

"Men these days! I think I'd rather die a virgin nun now than ever have a boyfriend. I'd be a perfect nun too, because I'm apparently not attractive to anybody, besides you of course." I muse out loud, hugging Elliot brotherly.

He chuckles, "You are attractive, my beautiful friend. You would be the most beautiful nun there ever was. All the priests would regret becoming one."

I grin cheekily and let him run his hands through my hair.

"That feels nice." I murmur, falling asleep to the soft touch.

"I really do want you to go, Quinn. Just because he might be going doesn't mean you shouldn't go. Besides, I know some people will want you to go." he says.

"I know you'd want me to go. But only you would. Maybe we should have not invited anyone and just gone ourselves."

He shakes his head, "No. Other people would have wanted you to go. Not just me. Besides, it's much more fun bringing others on our trip. You said it yourself. Hell, you're the one who wanted to invite people in the first place. So, quit your whining, you baby."

I slap his arm lightly and sit up.

"Quinn, will you go to the bathroom with me?" Lilly interrupts. I nod and we both head to the bathroom. I smile at her and she grins goofily.

"Are you having fun?" she asks.

I shrug, "It's alright. I just wish I had someone. I just hope I don't grow up single. I mean, out of all of my friends, I haven't had a boyfriend. Ever. One day I'll get lucky I guess."

Lilly smiles, "I bet you will. I mean, did you see the way your friend was looking at you? He's totally in love with you."

I laugh loudly, "Trust me, he doesn't. We're best friends, practically siblings! I mean, I love him. He's the nicest person I've ever know. But not in that way. Of course I had a slight crush on him when he first moved here but I'm over it. Of course he's attractive but not for me. I am very overprotective though." I smile over at Lil and she shrugs.

"I don't know. He was watching you with such loving eyes. I think he likes you. Just sayin'."

"Okay. So, are you meeting up with Dylan after the dance?"

Lilly nods happily at the mention of her boyfriend. With hazel brown eyes and nicely cut mahogany hair, Dylan is a catch. He has a sweet smile and is perfect for her. They are going to be high school sweethearts, even if they do go to different high schools. They're madly in love. I sigh.

"Yep. He's going to pick me up after the dance and we're going to watch a movie he rented." she says excitedly.

I smile and we go into the bathroom. I fix my stray hair in the mirror and I put on more chapstick. Once Lil comes out of the bathroom stall, she washes her hands and we head back to the dining room. I see that the food has been served and I gulp down the blueberry tea. The cold drink wets my tongue and I start eating my food. After a while the waiters and waitresses pick up the plates and say that the dessert area is open. Kat and Lilly get up and make their way over to the large dessert room. Elliot pulls me up and we follow them. There's already a huge line so we stand behind a few people. I hear Elliot gasp and I turn to him. He mouths at me to look up and I do. The dreaded mistletoe.