Faces pressed against their palms
Tears watering the manicured lawns
Lungs screaming at the skies
These are funeral goodbyes

Sirens wailing with the weeping
Streets of red now are glistening
Shutting the image from their eyes
These are accidental goodbyes

Eternal judgment for doing wrong
Sitting in cells waiting far too long
Faces of shame as they pass by
These are criminal goodbyes

Slowly creeping, ever creeping
Waiting for souls sadly leaving
Praying for them every night
These are terminal goodbyes

Starving without any alms
Hiding in shelters from the bombs
Never had a chance at life
These are third-world countries' goodbyes

A/N: I know, I know. Another depressing poem. Sorry guys. But seriously, have you ever thought about this? Everyday, people all over the world say goodbye to someone they love. Have you ever thought about how? This poem popped into my head after watching the news. I had been to a funeral that day, then on the way home I saw a car accident, then on the news there was an execution, then my grandma called and said that the doctors said my aunt wouldn't survive this round of cancer, and finally, I read a book about people starving in third-world countries. Yeah, I know, I'm rather depressing. Oh well. If you want happier stuff, don't look to me. Haha...